Are Memory Foam Bath Mats Worth It? [Top 5 Memory Foam Bath Mats]

We often pay a lot of attention to our bathroom décor, fittings, toiletries and towels to the detriment of the bath mat. It is a pleasurable experience to finish your bath and step on a luxurious and soft bath mat that is very absorbent.

No type of bath mat gives you such feel and comfort as a memory foam bath mat. It doesn’t just only support your feet, but also helps you to relieve pressure points and make you feel relaxed. 

The best memory foam bath mats should be skid-resistant and anti-slip so that you don’t fall after a bath and sustain a horrible injury. Also, the dimension of your bathtub should be at the back of your mind when choosing a memory foam bath mat. 

In this post, we will be making a comprehensive review of the 5 best memory foam bath mats alongside the factors to consider when choosing one.

We hope you will find a product that will offer your feet the exceptional luxury and comfort that you have been craving after having a shower or bath. 

Are Memory Foam Bath Mats Worth It?

Using the memory foam bath mats in the bathroom is worth it for many plausible reasons. Stepping on a slippery, hard and cold floor could send shivers down your spine.

This is the kind of situation that can be prevented by having a memory foam bath mat because the mats are anti-slippery and prevent cold feet. 

Memory foam bath mats perform better than the other types of mats because they are highly absorbent, skid-resistant and supportive.

They are durable and can be tossed into the machine and dried with a dryer while the other mats can only be spot cleaned or hand washed and hung in the air to dry because of their delicate nature.

Memory foam bath mats help you to dry your feet after every bath. This prevents puddles meaning a small pool of water won’t be dropping all over your bathroom. It also prevents a slip as you are stepping out of the bathtub.     

From the medical point of view, other types of bath mats can release toxins because of too much heat and moisture in the bathroom.

They also smell harmful chemicals that could be dangerous to the body. This is not the case with memory foam bath mats because of the inclusion of microfiber to dispel smells and minimize toxins.

Stepping on a memory foam mat feels like you are standing on a cloud. It provides support for your feet especially if you have been nursing leg or back pain for a while.

This is because the mat is well cushioned to help you stand comfortably. It massages your feet to make them healthy and improves blood circulation around the feet.

Just standing on the mat can bring you instant relief. The memory foam component in the bath mat prevents fatigue and relieves pressure points around the knees and ankles. This helps you to stand up for a longer time.  

Memory foam bath mats are available in different colours and can add aesthetics to your bathing area. They are an insignificant part of your bathroom décor. 

Top 5 Memory Foam Bath Mats

Top 5 Best Memory Foam Bath Mats [Pros & Cons]

1. Lavish Home Memory Foam Shag Bath Mat

Value for Money 

If you have a good budget, this bath mat is bound to offer you exceptional value for money. The outstanding feature of the Lavish Home memory foam bath mat sets it apart from the rest.

It has a 1-inch extremely plush polyester chenille placed on the memory foam core to give it a luxurious and comfortable look and feel.

Its memory foam layer is thick enough to offer the right cushioning that your feet deserve. The mat has got a heavy rubber anti-skidding back to make it stay in place and prevent a slip in the bathroom. 

The mat is thin; and not bulky making it versatile enough to warm your feet and support them appropriately each time you come out of your bathtub.

It is easy to care for the bath mat with a machine wash but ensure that you use cold water and tumble dry low. The mat is dryer-friendly and can also be sun-dried. The care instructions will help the mat to stay fluffy and in shape for a long time.

This mat is available in 8 colours to complement your bathroom fittings and décor. The colours include orange, white, blue, pink, chocolate, purple, seafoam and light grey beige. 


  • Exceptionally cushioned for comfort and support 
  • Extremely thick and plush
  • Luxurious look and feel 
  • Anti-skidding and anti-slippery back
  • Very water-absorbent 
  • Available in 8 colours 
  • Machine washable  


  • A bit pricey

2. KMAT Memory Foam Bathroom Mats 

Best Water Absorbency 

The KMAT bathroom mats come in a 3-piece set with 0.8-inch of memory foam cushioning to make your feet feel good. The set has a reinforced rubber backing to ensure it stays in place and prevents slips.

The memory foam is thick and breathable alongside a velvety soft outer layer that combines to help extend your feet’s comfort and support.

The mats are highly water absorbent. They are able to soak up moisture pretty fast. Every time you step out of the shower or bathtub, the mats trap the moisture into the deep pile thereby helping the mats to dry quickly leaving them to retain their freshness.

They are able to make your floor stay dry at all times because of their high water absorbency design.      

These items are easy to care for. The bath mats can be washed using a washing machine or washed by hand. Do a cold wash, gentle cycle and air-dry them.

The products are made of durable, sturdy and high-quality materials to make them hold up after long use and won’t fall apart no matter the number of times they are washed and dried.


  • Great feet comfort and support 
  • Impressive water absorbency
  • Anti-skid and slip-resistant  
  • Durable and sturdy
  • It is odourless 
  • Soft and thick
  • Machine washable  


  • It attracts dirt and debris easily

3. ITSOFT Memory Foam Bath Mat 

Best Price

If you don’t have a deep pocket but want a quality memory foam bath mat that can support your feet adequately, you can go for the ITSOFT memory foam bath mat.

It is filled with extremely soft and thick polyurethane memory foam while the outer part is made of soft and tender velvety microfiber to always give your feet a good and comfortable massage. The memory foam component rebounds slowly and is very durable. 

The bath mat absorbs water efficiently and dries in a jiffy. This guarantees its reliable performance and also makes it suitable for frequent usage.

With a non-slippery back, the mat is able to have a proper grip on the floor to make it stay in place. This makes it extremely great for family safety.  

This mat is easy to care for because of its low maintenance advantage. It can be thrown into the washing machine without any fear of it getting damaged. Wash it with detergent without using chlorine.

You can put it in the dryer but use the delicate cycle. The colour won’t fade and its microfiber won’t also drop. The mat is versatile as it can be used anywhere including in the bedroom, living room, dining room, sauna, hotel, etc. 


  • Extremely supportive and comfortable
  • Superb water absorbency rate
  • Slip-resistant 
  • Durable and easy to wash
  • Very versatile and affordable  
  • Soft and highly functional 
  • Machine washable  


  • It is just one-piece; not a set

4. Gorilla Grip Thick Memory Foam Bath Mat

Best for Durability 

The Gorilla Grip memory foam bath mat is another affordable but durable option that can help you to live a spa-like life. This is an excellently plush mat that is designed to conform to the contours of your feet shape.

It is well cushioned with memory foam and the top layer is velvety soft to offer luxurious comfort and reduce pressure points while effectively absorbing water each time you step out of your bathtub or shower.  

With the PVC dots at the bottom of the mat, it is able to prevent slips. The dots are strong and durable. They will never break even after washing the mat many times. It is suitable for both hard and tile surfaces as it won’t slip. 

It is convenient to take care of the bath mat. Just use a mild detergent to wash the mat with a tumble dry low machine setting. It can be dried with low heat using a dryer or air-dried. Gorilla Grip offers 10 years warranty on this bath mat to give you peace of mind. 


  • Comfortable and durable 
  • Supports and soothes achy muscles
  • Absorbs water and moisture with ease 
  • Provides exceptional cushioning  
  • Machine washable
  • Dries super fast
  • Anti-skid and anti-slippery    


  • Every footprint leaves a mark that makes the mat look ugly

5. Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat

Best for Comfort and Support  

Enjoy the luxury of standing on the cloud with the Yimobra memory foam bath mat. The mat is thick with plush memory foam to provide your feet with the ultimate comfort and support that they deserve.

The memory foam eliminates feet fatigue and effectively relieves pressure points around the feet and ankles. It has a thick microfiber layer that makes the mat exceptionally absorbent and able to soak moisture quickly. The mat also dries in no time. 

The PVC at the back of the mat is durable and strong enough to help avert the risk of slipping at the bathroom that may lead to an injury. Cleaning the Yimobra memory foam bath mat is a breeze.

It is machine washable with mild detergent and cold water. Tumble dry low and hang it in the air to dry. Don’t add chlorine or bleach to make the colour remain vibrant for a long period. It won’t fade out even after washing it many times. 

The mat is available in a variety of colours to complement your backroom décor and fittings. Some of the colours include grey, black, blue, cream and dark grey. Others are lavender, lake blue, mauve, navy blue, olive green, peacock blue, pale green, soft pink and silver. 


  • Very thick with a cloud feel 
  • Strong microfiber to absorb water and moisture
  • Machine washable
  • Strong PVC backing to prevent slips 
  • Available in many colours to blend perfectly with your bathroom décor and fittings
  • The colour won’t fade
  • Extremely durable and sturdy    


  • Nothing noticeable

How To Choose the Best Memory Foam Bath Mat?

Care must be taken when choosing the best memory foam bath mat. Your option should literally be able to massage your feet; make you comfortable and give you the needed support. These are the factors you must consider when selecting a memory foam bath mat.

1. Size

This is one of the most important factors you have to consider when choosing a memory foam bath mat. Ensure that you have a measurement of your shower, tub or bathroom.

The mat doesn’t have to run from one end of your bathroom to the other. It can be small but big in serving the purpose it is purchased for. The bathing area that you step out on should be adequately covered for it to serve its purpose to the latter. 

2. Material

Ensure that the material used in making the bath mat is memory foam. Select a bath mat made with open-cell memory foam because it is exceptionally breathable, cushiony-soft and prevents smelling damp. This makes it better than the closed cell memory foam.

3. Adequate cushioning

Don’t overlook the importance of cushioning when choosing a memory foam bath mat.

The thickness of the memory foam should be between 0.5 and 1 inch to be able to make a noticeable impact in terms of comfort and support. Also, ensure the memory foam is hyper-elastic.

4. Non-slip backing

The bathroom is always slippery because of the splashes of water everywhere. As such, choose a mat with a non-slip back to help prevent slips in the bathroom. The product should have thermoplastic, PVC or rubber backing for a proper grip of the floor. This stops the mat from sliding or slipping to prevent possible injuries.

5. Instructions for bath mat care

Memory foam bath mats can either be spot cleaned or washed with a machine. Always check the instructions to know how the particular product you want to purchase can be cared for.

This is because the non-slip backing can get damaged if you do a machine wash too many times. 

6. Shape and color

It goes without saying that the colour of your bath mat should align with your bathroom décor, flooring and fittings. As for shape, rectangular or square mats are ideal for bigger bathrooms while the round ones go well with small bathrooms.                    

Comparison of Top 5 Memory Foam Bath Mats

If you are not able to decide yet, we brought you the comparison summary of the top 5 memory foam bath mats. Check the below details and select the bath mat that suits best for your needs.

Bath MatBest For BrandProduct DimensionsItem WeightNo. of Pieces
Lavish Home Memory Foam Shag Bath Mat  Value for Money  Lavish Home24 x 60 x 1.25 inches4 pounds1-piece  
KMAT Memory Foam Bathroom MatsBest for Water Absorbency  KMAT17.4 x 13.7 x 7.13 inches4.44 pounds3 pieces   
ITSOFT Memory Foam Bath Mat  Best PriceITSOFT24 x 16 x 0.01 inches9.6 ounces1-piece  
Gorilla Grip Thick Memory Foam Bath Mat  Best for DurabilityGorilla Grip24 x 17 x 0.01 inches11.7 ounces1-piece  
Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat    Best for Comfort and Support Yimobra2 x 16 x 10 inches15.8 ounces1-piece  

Final Words:

A memory foam bath mat is a must-have if you want to relieve pressure points and dry yourself after stepping out of the bathtub or shower. It provides great comfort and support as it massages your feet while absorbing water.

Our top 5 memory foam bath mats have thrown up some of the best products you can find in the market. Choose one that is able to meet your needs. They come in different colours to suit your décor style and any of the options will be worth the while since they are all durable and of high performance. 

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