When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress? [Months/Seasons/Holidays]

Have you started to think of a perfect time to buy a mattress? Welcome on board! This article is all about the perfect timings and the perfect mattresses!

Other than the manufacturing reasons and hygiene concerns, there is much to speak about the timing to buy a mattress. There are special seasons, days, sale periods, offers, and more to buying a mattress.

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If you have been wandering to different websites hoping for everything related to mattresses and timing, then we don’t disappoint you. In this article, we have closely focused on the best time to buy a mattress. Let’s get started.

When is the best time to buy a mattress & Why?

7 to 10 years is the ideal time to buy any new mattress and throw away the old one! Other than the mattress lifespan, Holiday Weekends and certain months are also to be considered.

Few other factors are responsible to buy a mattress. While buying one, you must also look at the comfort, size, and price.

We won’t dig deep to discuss the size and comfort as that may differ with people and their preferences. However, we can certainly discuss the various mattresses to help you sleep peacefully and at a good price.

The five major periods to consider for buying a new mattress are:

  1. Seasons
  2. Months
  3. Holidays
  4. All Year Long
  5. Special Reasons/Occasions

1. Seasons

Which Seasons are best to buy a new mattress?

Early springs or late winters are the ideal time to buy a mattress. Being the mattress season expected soon to arrive during early spring and winter, storekeepers wish to get rid of their old stick or showroom pieces to replace them with new stock.

Why should I buy mattresses in early springs or late winters?

It is because new stock arrives at the stores by this time. Those who are smarter on the budget may consider picking the older models from the store or online at economical rates.

If you consider the floor or display pieces from the store, you can save up to 50% on the mattress price. You know what to do here!

2. Months

Which months are best to buy a new mattress?

March or April are also the ideal months to buy a mattress as that’s the period when storekeepers are busy filling the new stock.

Why should I buy a new mattress in March or April?

If you notice the online shopping sites too, they come up with sales and discounts on mattresses during these two months. Be smart in selecting even the old stock, you don’t wish to end up buying a rugged or old useless mattress even at lesser rates that are of no good use.

3. Holidays

Which holidays are best to buy a new mattress?

Prominent holidays such as New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, Independence Day, President’s Day, and Memorial Day are some of the public holidays to note for buying a mattress.

Why should I buy a new mattress during a holiday season?

As per the marketing experts and mattress manufacturing industries, holidays are the prime time when widespread sales are announced. It is basically to hook people and get them attracted to the stores during their holiday season.

Major holidays as stated above can help you save up to 10% to 20% on the total cost of a mattress. Some even announce additional offers as holiday promotions.

4. All Year Long

Other than the above periods and occasions, you can buy a mattress all year long. The product is easily available at stores and online. There is one essential reason why people buy a new mattress any time of the year.

Reasons to buy a new mattress all year long:

When the mattress turns old in 7 to 10 years, it is essential to get a new one for hygiene and comfort. Old mattresses lack comfort, support, and good health. Thus, getting a new one is a wise decision.

5. Special Reasons/Occasions

Other than the above occasions, few major periods for mattress purchase are:

  • Store launch offers: Certain stores release offers on bedding and furnishing including the mattresses to attract more customers.
  • Clearance Sale’: Clearance sale by specific brands online or by respective stores can be checked online or at stores directly.
  • ‘New Arrival’: Wait for promotional discounts on new arrival mattresses. These are mainly released to let customers know of the product and buy them at exclusive rates to get good reviews.
  • Special Celebration Offers: Store anniversary, brand anniversary, successful completion of one year, and similar occasions are few things to look for in mattresses. Some dealers offer you the best deals on mattresses for their silver or golden anniversary.

Buyer Checklist: Key points for Buyer to check to decide the best time to buy a mattress

There are certain key points to remember at the time of buying a mattress. These points are closely related to the discussion we had concerning the perfect time for purchase. You cannot pick anything for the sake of sale on mattress. The next time you visit the website excitedly to check on mattresses on sale, you must know what to look for before making the final decision to buy.

Let’s take a look at a few of the essential guidelines for buyers to follow.

1. Size

Even if you are buying a mattress on offer, you must know what you are buying. Do not compromise on the size of the mattress and check if your preferred size is available on sale. For your reference, split queens and kings for couples are pricier than the other mattresses.

2. Thickness

Unless your mattress is thick and comfortable enough to spend the winters with you, the buying decision will be worthless. Check out the various options available online and compare the thickness to pick the best from the lot! Don’t go for mattresses that are in bad condition and thus put up on sale.

3. Material

Foam and innerspring models are the cheapest to buy. Check if you have these listed on sale. The average cost for these would be somewhere around $800 to $1200 for a queen-size mattress.

If you are fortunate enough, check out the options in latex on sale as these are more expensive but the sale period can offer great deals on these.

4. Brand

Some manufacturing companies purposely charge more in off-seasons only to charge a fair amount during sale season. It makes them earn a profitable deal. You must check brands that may not be too prominent but genuine enough to give you the best!

5. Mode of purchase

How are you planning to buy the mattress? Are you considering online or in-store? Remember, online stores charge you lesser than the in-stores. We don’t blame them; there is a difference in overhead expenses for both and thus the price variations.

You must also compare the difference during offers on mattresses online and in-store.

6. Taxes

The taxes may vary as per the states in the US. So when you are checking the price on the sale for your mattress, you need to know the taxes included or excluded from the price.

For instance, Alaska, Montana, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Delaware do not charge any sales tax on their mattress offers. Find out about taxes on sales and promotions in your area.

7. Shipping Costs

If you are checking out the mattresses online, you must also confirm if shipping costs are attached to it. Ground shipping charges are free in Alaska, Hawaii, and few more US territories. It shouldn’t affect your sales decision during special occasions.

Few more things in your checklist to tick include a warranty on the mattress, returns, repairs, and free home delivery options.

When is the best time to buy a Memory Foam Mattress?

The time and occasions that we discussed above apply to all mattresses. It depends on the seller and manufacturing brands to decide the type of products they wish to put on sale.

You need to check what brands are listing memory foam mattresses on sale and make your purchase accordingly.

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Now that you know the mattress is an important investment and when to invest in it is something that we learned today. Wait for the right occasion for your favorite brand in mattresses. We hope you get the best deal this year. Don’t forget to share with us what you picked; we would love to hear from you!