Memory Foam Folding Mattress [Top 5 Folding Mattresses & Comparison]

Want to shift your mattress to another room, or want to store or transport it to another house? These situations can cause concern as one may find it challenging to move or transport a mattress. Further, it hard to do the job single-handedly.

The best and easiest way to move a mattress is to fold it. Folding a mattress will convert it into a small size and make the movement manageable. The possibility of folding a mattress depends on the type of material of the mattress. 

Hence, if the mattress material is made of a flexible foam such as memory, then things are a bit easier for you. Memory foam mattresses build with advanced features and technology can be bent, vacuum packed, rolled up, or fold and put in a box without causing much wear and tear.

Thus, the next time you think about buying a memory foam mattress, choose a folding model. This makes things convenient for you in case you require to shift the mattresses now and then.

Can you fold a memory foam mattress?

The common perception is if you bend, fold or double your mattress, then you may damage it. Most of us are confused about the aftermath of such a step due to the difference of opinion by experts.

It is advised that one should avoid folding a mattress as the mattress’s foundation may get ruined in the process. But the fact holds only true for traditional, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses, not for flexible materials like memory foam.

The good news is that Memory foam mattresses are foldable, can be bend and rolled up for transportation, and the process of doing so is not so complicated.

So, the best thing you should consider while choosing a memory foam mattress is to check whether it is foldable or not.

This is so as some manufacturers clearly put out in their product manual about the possibility of folding the mattress and strictly mentions the time limit till which the memory foam mattress can remain in that position.

There are some brands/ models that prohibit doing so, as it can cause structural damage to the foam mattress. They claim that using ratchet straps or ropes while folding can ruin the basic cell design of the memory foam mattress.

We recommend choosing specific models that claim to be foldable and don’t devoid you of warranty in case of probable damage due to folding.

Top 5 Memory Foam Folding Mattresses: By Best Performing Feature

How to choose the best memory foam folding mattress?

To avail of all the numerous advantages of a memory foam folding mattress, one should carefully select the same. There are crucial factors to be considered before choosing the best memory foam folding mattress are:

1. Material

Most mattresses that can be folded are made primarily of either polyurethane, latex, or memory. Some are a combination of different layers.

If you need something for back support and pain relief, look for memory foam rather than poly-foam. Polyfoam is less dense and pricey but softer than memory foam.

Some customers choose to buy a memory foam topper on a poly foam mattress for additional support. Our advice will be to combine both to get things set in your budget and needs.

2. Cover

Not every mattress comes with a removable cover. If your mattress has a zippered removable cover that can be machine washed, then it’s a healthy feature.

Regular cleaning of covers protects the mattress from dirt, stains, and allergens. Hence the search for those branded models that offers you removable covers.

Moreover, these covers are designed to add to the elegance, style, and comfort of the mattresses. The material used for covers should be softer and non-slippery. If the information is not mentioned in the product specifications, check the same in the customer review section.

3. Thickness

The thickness of a memory foam folding mattress can range anywhere from 3 to 6 inches—the thicker the mattress, the better the support. The contouring is more effective in such thickness.

Most of the time, folding mattresses are used on the floor or without a base. In such scenarios, decent thickness with high density will perform better. 

4. Firmness as per sleeping postures

The firmness of the mattress tells you how good the compatibility of the bed will be for various sleeping positions. Medium to Firmer options are suitable for back and stomach sleepers but not recommended for side sleepers.

A low-density memory foam folding mattress (soft to medium firmness) is apt for side sleepers. Basically, the sleeping position preference decides the level of firmness.

If you are unsure about the firmness feel, then better go for those models which provide a trial period or money back return policy to safeguard yourself.

5. Size and Weight

Memory foam folding mattresses are available in different sizes, such as standard twin, full, king, and queen. One should measure the proper dimensions of the bed to choose the correct size.

If you are planning to put the folding mattress on the floor of a kids’ room or tent, check the dimensions before ordering. Even the dimensions of the mattress, when folded, should be carefully looked upon. That may guide you for its storage capacity.

Furthermore, the total weight of the mattress should not be too high. Memory foam is a bit heavier than other polyfoam materials, so buy a mattress with the ease of mobility.

It is important to note that going for a big-sized folding mattress may be apt for heavy sleepers, but it will need more storage space. So, the size constraint should be well kept in mind before buying.

6. Warranty

As stated above, the warranty offered by a company should be a significant consideration while going for a particular model.

The trial period offer gives a chance to test your compatibility of the mattress with your sleeping position. If you are unsatisfied with the feel, you are in a place to return it within the trial period.

Many manufacturers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee—the more extended the warranty, the better-quality assurance you can expect.

7. Budget

Foldable memory foam mattresses may be cheaper than luxurious full-sized mattresses but, some are pricier than other material mattresses.

Hence, if your requirement is for the long term and multiple uses, it’s worth spending a few more dollars to buy a good quality folding memory foam mattress.

8.  Multipurpose

Other features can impact your buying decision. Like some memory foam folding mattresses may come with a built-in pillow for added support and comfort. Or the folding ability of the mattress is tri-fold or multifunctional.

This means it can be converted into a couch or chair after fold rather than double fold. It may reduce the burden of storage. Then the options of colors for added style or multi-functional uses of such mattress in your travel trailer/ RVs/ camping.

Now let’s find out the Top 5 memory foam folding mattresses based on the above aspects, available online for your ready reference.

Best Memory Foam Folding Mattress : Top 5 Picks

1. Milliard Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress 

Best Features

If you are looking for a reputed memory foam folding mattress brand that can be used for multiple uses the go for this model from Milliard. To emphasize, it is fit for the sleepover, camping, traveling, college dorm, and as a guest bed.

The mattress is filled with therapeutic qualities of the 4½ inches of medium-firm polyurethane foam and a 1½ inch layer of spongy-soft supportive memory foam that provides comfortable sleep wherever it’s laid out.

The 6inch thick folding mattress effortlessly folds up, requiring a small storage space in the closet/ car/traveler. The size of the folded mattress is reduced to 38*26*18 in. the folded position.

The Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress has a 3D mesh cover and the removable zippered cover for its easy maintenance and care.

The breathable mesh corners regulate the airflow and keep the mattress well-ventilated. This further allows maintaining comfortable sleep temperature for undisturbed sleep in different weather conditions. 

Additionally, the mattress has been designed undertaking all safety and health factors, and the brand is duly certified with the CertiPUR-US certificate.

The superior high-density construction has no PBDE flame retardants, fire retardants, or any type of CFC ozone depleters. Instead, it has low VOC emissions to safeguard the air quality and your health. 

The memory foam folding mattress comes in the compressed rolled form and needs nearly 48 hours to expand to its original shape—ideal for heavy and side sleepers.


  • Dimensions: 78 x38 x 6inches
  • Cover: Removable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover 
  • Thickness: 6 inches 
  • Density: 3 lbs
  • Firmness: firm 
  • Warranty: One year 
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Certified: CertiPUR- US

Key Benefits (What We liked):

  • Multifunctional uses
  • Removable anti-slip bottom and cover
  • The superior high-density memory foam material
  • Very sturdy and firm
  • Well- ventilated

Drawbacks we Noticed:

  • Doesn’t comes with a storage bag.
  • Not fit for light sleepers.

2. Portable Mattress – Folding Memory Foam Guest Fold Up Bed

Best Material

This Portable Mattress tri-fold bed from brand CT Compact Technologies is available in three sizes: full, queen and twin.

The CT Compact Technologies Full-Sized Folding Mattress is the right size (75 x 54) for your child’s room, guest bed, RVs, or camping tent. Just double-fold moves, and you can use it as a couch/sofa or, with another action, lay it flat to sleep leisurely.

The manufacturer is constructed with a 6″ two-layer memory foam design. The first layer is 2″ Soft Air Memory Foam that provides firm support and conforming comfort, while the bottom layer is a 4″ memory foam base for the best alignment of your back, spine, hips, knees.

The firm mattress is suitable for both side and back sleepers.

Apart from its quality material construction, the portability feature of this mattress is unique. The mattress comes with an Oxford Fabric (600D) Carry/storage bag. It can be easily be placed into its carrying bag for transport.

The travel case has built-in handles to carry it effortlessly from one place to another. The multi-purpose bag needs the least of the luggage room and serves when you encounter unexpected guests at night.

The soft and breathable bamboo cover on the memory foam mattress is removable and easily machine washed.

The plush, non-toxic, and breathable memory foam mattresses from CT technologies are certified and comply with all safety measures. The warranty received with the model is of 10 years(limited).

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 6 inches
  • Cover: Removable 
  • Thickness: 6 inches 
  • Firmness: Very firm 
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Weight: 38.6pounds
  • Certified: CertiPUR- US

Key Benefits (What We liked):

  • It comes with a storage case.
  • The mattress is waterproof
  • Quickly folds out & folds up
  • Compact design but full-sized comfort
  • Meets all safety specifications

Drawbacks We Noticed:

  • The fabric of the storage bag is not very sturdy.

3. Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress

100 Night Trial Period and Extended Warranty

Making its mark from the past decade, brand Sofia is making a full product line of memory foam mattresses at a budgeted cost of other major online companies with all quality and vital features embedded.

The extraordinary part that has made it stand out from the league is its product warranty. The three months/100-night sleep trial period is what people are going crazy about.

The customer gets an assurance, risk-free protection of his spending under this offer. Moreover, the extended ten-year warranty is the cherry on the cake if you find the memory foam folding mattress comfortable. 

 The Sofia bed comes in two thickness variants; 4inch/ 6-inch tri-fold mattress. The 4-inch variant mattress is equipped with 1.5-inch memory foam over a 2.5-inch supportive foam base.

This results in a restful sleep experience. The ultra-soft cover is zippered and can be easily removed for cleaning. Also, the bottom layer is designed with an anti-slip fabric to prevent instances of sliding. 

This memory foam folding mattress is quite comfortable and acts as pressure relief bedding. It comes in bed in a box style, and the expansion takes nearly 24-72 hours once opened.

There is significantly less off-gassing. It’s easy to fold and store. However, one has to purchase a storage case separately as it is not included in the pack.

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 78 x 58 x 4inches
  • Cover: Removable 
  • Thickness: 4/6 inches 
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Warranty: 100 hassle-free night trial and 10-year warranty
  • Weight: 28.3 pounds
  • Color: Grey
  • Certified: CertiPUR- US

Key Benefits (What We liked):

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Dissipate heat
  • Amazing warranty
  • Easy to store

Drawbacks we Noticed:

  • No handles for movement.
  • No carrying cases
  • Irregularities in thickness as advertised

4. Best Choice Products Folding Portable Queen Mattress

Value for Money

Best price products(BCP) create products as per customer demands. The designing and embedding of features into any type of mattress is done keeping in mind the end-users. Moreover, the quality mattresses are reasonably priced. 

Talking about this particular memory foam folding mattress, let us discuss its outstanding features. Firstly, the folding mattress has a top layering of a 1.5-inch memory foam layer followed by a 2.5-inch high-density foam base layer for additional comfort and support.

Secondly, it comes with the poly-Jacquard zippered cover and the anti-slip bottom. The cover is washable and compatible with the machine drier.

Thirdly, it weighs only 14.5 pounds. The lightweight mattress is portable and easy to carry with the storage case (included) anywhere.

More so, all products undergo a strict testing procedure and have high-quality controls. The not so high-density product is CertiPUR-US certified memory that ensures a comfortable sleep.

The plush foam is hypoallergic. You have a 60-day return policy (if there is any defect) with laid down conditions. The warranty is not mentioned on the product.

The Best Price Tri-Fold Mattress is versatile in use. Use it as a guest bed, child’s play, or use it for camping or yoga. The unlimited possibilities make it the best value for money product. The price is pocket-friendly. 

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 4 inches
  • Cover: Removable 
  • Thickness: 4
  • Density: 1.8lb
  • Firmness: soft yet firm
  • Warranty: 60-day return policy with packaging intact.
  • Weight:14 .6pounds
  • Certified: CertiPUR- US

Key Benefits (What We liked):

  • Multi-functional- used as sleepovers, couch, camping, and sofa
  • Easy transport handles on the mattress
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • long-lasting 

Drawbacks we Noticed:

  • Not clear on warranty.
  • Average support for physical aches and pains

5. JINGWEI Memory Foam Folding Mattress

Best Price

The Jingwei cooling-gel memory foam Folding mattress proves to be a good choice if one needs to upgrade from an air mattress kept for multi-purpose use at the best affordable price.

Most memory foam mattresses are expensive given their unique features, but this product provides most of those vital features in an inexpensive option, maintaining high quality.

It has a decent design and a lighter foam mattress that can fulfill all your sleeping requirements. With simple folding and unfolding moves, it can be carried to any place. 

This folding mattress can be purchased in three thickness range;3/4/6. It has twin layering construction. The top layer is gel-infused memory foam for sleeping cool, and the bottom layer is high-density support foam for body relaxation.

The material prevents the accumulation of allergens and bacteria. The high-density foams guarantee medium firmness and extended life.

If you are going camping or RVs or even for guest sleepovers, it will be a practical option. 

This memory foam mattress comes in a sealed plastic bag and takes not more than 72 hours to expands to its original size. It comes with a machine washable cover.

The company offers a 10 years warranty on the product with a 30-days money-back return policy in case of damaged or defects. 

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 78 x 58 x 3 inches
  • Cover: Removable 
  • Thickness: 3/4/6
  • Density: High
  • Firmness: medium
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty 
  • Weight: 26.9 pounds
  • Certified: Certipur- US & Oeko-Tex 100

Key Benefits (What We liked):

  • Multi-use mattress
  • Excellent quality at affordable price
  • No use of toxic chemicals
  • Occupies little storage space
  • Cool gel technology 

Drawbacks we Noticed:

  • The cover is not waterproof.
  • Lack of support 

Comparison of above listed Memory Foam Folding Mattresses

Milliard Tri Folding MattressCT Compact Folding mattressInofia Tri-fold MattressBest Choice Folding Queen MattressJINGWEI Folding Mattress
Thickness6 inches6 inches4 and 6 inches4 inches3/4/6 inches
Warranty1 year10 years100 hassle-free night trial and 10-year warrantyN/A10 years
Weight28 pounds  38.6 pounds28.3 pounds14.5 pounds26.9 POUNDS
Multipurpose Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible Sleeping positionsIdeal for average and heavy build side sleeperssuitable for both side and back sleepers.  For light to average build, back sleepersFor lightweight personsFor average build persons and all sleeping positions

Final Words:

Whether you buy a folding memory foam mattress for portability, the best thing will be to avoid keeping the memory foam mattress in the said position for a long time.

It is recommended to unfold it at regular time intervals to keep intact the features and structure. Again, one should choose the right mattress taking into all the aspects that are listed above. This will ensure durability and better value.

We all know the benefits of possessing a folding memory foam mattress. This portability feature is a blessing in many situations. There are various reputed brands in the industry that offers this outstanding feature. So just go and start shopping.

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