7 Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are very highly rated when it comes to users’ comfort and satisfaction. Per some studies, memory foam mattresses have up to 80% satisfaction rating.

Due to the nature of viscoelastic foam used in memory foam mattresses, these mattresses offer some unique benefits and are preferred choice of health-conscious buyer along with occupying the largest market share in orthopaedic mattress category.

Today, we are looking the benefits of a memory foam mattress, to be exact; 7 great, healthy benefits that will surely make your purchase “worth the price” both for comfort and health-wise.

The 7 Amazing Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Relieves And Prevents Back Pain

Memory foam mattresses are especially used by people suffering from low back pain, joint pains and other orthopaedic issues. Spring mattresses unevenly distribute body pressure and this along with the effects of non-working springs often leads to back pain.

Memory foam mattresses on the other hand are known for distributing body pressure evenly and this prevents and relieves back pain.

As such memory foam mattresses are extensively used by arthritis, fibromyalgia patients and others affected by similar back pain, joint or spine diseases.

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Supports Back/Spine Alignment

Memory foam mattresses contours to your body’s curves and shape when you are lying on it and as such distributes body pressure evenly across the contact surface without putting too much or too little pressure on any specific body part.

This allows you to rest with a spine neutral posture as unlike spring mattresses no pressure is put specifically on the spine. This also results in an ideal back/spine alignment which can save you from numerous spinal disorders faced by long term users of spring mattresses.

Accommodates Every Sleeping Position

Your sleeping posture and sleeping position can significantly affect the quality and length of your sleep.

Not every mattress is going to support every sleeping position and as such some positions normally don’t work with all types of mattresses and this often leads to restlessness during sleep and is the main cause of that “sore feeling” experienced by millions once they wake up.

Due to it’s unique feature of adjusting to body contours and position memory foam mattress supports every type of sleeping position. A memory foam mattress will help you irrespective of whether you sleep on back, stomach or side as it can easily accommodate every sleeping position.

Motion Has No Effect

Motion transferring aspect of most mattresses creates issue for couples as if a person leaves the bed during night for a quick bathroom run, this may also result in his partner being awakened due to the transferred motion.

Motion during sleep is a big issue for light sleepers and is one of the major causes of restless sleep. Memory foam is the ideal solution for this problem as the cell like structure of memory foam isolates the motion instead of transferring it to other parts of the mattress.

Pressure Point Relief

Most types of mattresses tend to put pressure on the immediate contact points and as such depending on our sleeping position, hips, spine etc. tend to feel the most pressure. Memory foam mattresses solve this issue by evenly distributing the body pressure and are known for providing pressure point relief.

Due to this feature, memory foam mattresses are extensively used in medical settings such as intensive care units where a person may have to lie down sometimes for weeks or even months.


Memory foam mattresses along with other bedding items made of memory foam such as pillows is known to be extremely beneficial for persons suffering from various types of allergies.

Due to their dense nature and internal cell like structure, memory foam doesn’t allow dust mites to seep inside and is also resistant to most known moulds and fungi normally found in mattresses.

This makes memory foam mattresses an ideal choice for people looking to avoid allergens and molds.


Normally 15-20% of springs within a spring mattress will stop working just after 1 year of use and continued use of old spring mattresses is a major cause of various orthopaedic issues such as spinal dislocation, back pain, low back pain, shoulder and neck pain etc.

The inherent nature of spring mattresses make them less durable as a person may need to change the mattress within 4-5 years of use. Memory foam mattresses on the other hand are quite durable and can commonly last for extended time periods such as 8-10 years in most cases.

Another factor is the low care and maintenance required for memory foam mattresses which gives them another edge over other types of mattresses available in the market.


We have tried to compile a list of most common benefits of memory foam mattresses in this article. Although, this list is certainly not a final one as there are numerous other advantages and benefits of memory foam.

Nonetheless, memory foam mattresses offer some unique benefits not commonly found in other types of mattresses and are also a good value for value.

We hope you found this article useful, thank you for stopping by. You can find out more about info about memory foam here.


  1. Thank you for this very informative post. I’ve been considering whether it would be worthwhile to get a memory foam mattress for myself and your post has laid out very good reasons to get one.

    I think, though, I shall try a memory foam pillow first and see whether I like it.

    • Agreed Netta. That’s how I got hooked on “memory foam” too; by first trying a pillow and seeing the benefits it had on my necks and overall sleep – after that; I only buy memory foam now LOL. 😉

      Thank you very much for your kind comment.

  2. Hey there! I found your article very informative and interesting to read. I keep on seeing advertisements about memory foam mattress. I tried checking it up on the internet. I got shook when I saw the prices. At first I thought that it’s just a normal foam mattress but after I read your article there’s a lot of benefits. Do you think this is worth it for its price? Also how long is it gonna last? Thank you for your response.

    • Yes memory foam mattresses can defiently be expenisve but they last much longer and give you so much health benefits back. For me; It’s an investment worth making.

      My first swithc to memory foam was a simple pillow and it helped with my neck pain literally overnight. Soon after I got myself a mattress too and have been sleeping great. 🙂

      It’s really amazing to experience the benefit of memory foam first hand. 🙂

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