How To Clean Memory Foam Pillows Easily & Quickly

How To Clean Memory Foam Pillows Easily & Quickly

Cleaning almost all types of bedding and clothing materials requires special and extra care largely depending on the material involved.

This is especially true for cleaning bedding items such as pillows, blankets, bedsheets etc. as using the wrong cleaning method can ruin your precious bedding.

Memory foam pillows have seen an increase in their usage across the world due to various health and sleeping benefits associated with these pillows.

Due to the nature of memory foam cleaning a memory foam pillow poses a unique challenge as most manufacturers don’t recommend cleaning memory foam items with water and as such machine washing is a strict no-no.

Memory foam is made up of highly viscoelastic polyurethane and due to its unique chemical properties, it requires special care particularly when cleaning and washing as memory foam reacts differently to water and various cleaning chemicals.

There is a dearth of resources over Internet when it comes to cleaning pillows, mattresses made up of memory foam.

As such, we decided to help our readers by compiling a short list of important tips for cleaning memory foam pillows.

How To Clean Memory Foam Pillows Easily & Quickly

How To Clean Memory Foam Pillows Easily & Quickly

Use As Little Liquid As Possible

Memory foam have an internal cell like structure which makes them especially difficult to clean with water or other cleaning liquid substances as liquids are often trapped within the foam cells and it’s almost impossible to completely dry a foam pillow once it has been exposed to water.

Trapped liquids often provide the breeding ground for various types of molds and fungus which leaves the memory foam pillows unusable.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is used for removing odours from the memory foam pillows and you can remove most type of odours easily with baking soda. Just sprinkle a little baking soda on your memory foam pillow and leave it untouched for a day.

After waiting for a day or so shake the pillow or vacuum it using a hand vac. Your pillow will be ready to use once all the baking soda has been removed.

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Make Use Of Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can also help in removing odours easily. The best part is that this is a free procedure which doesn’t requires you to invest significant amount of time into cleaning or buying a cleaning agent.

Just put the pillow under sunlight for a day or two and you will notice that it smells fresh now.

Give Them Complete Cleaning

Many times, there is no other option than washing a memory foam pillow as some stains are not going to be removed without using water and detergents.

As such, we’re providing a step by step guide to complete cleaning below:

Step 01:

Fill a large bathtub with lukewarm water and add small amount of gentle detergent. Once the solution is ready, you’ll need to completely submerge your pillow into this cleaning solution and squeeze gently so that cleaning solution can pass through the foam.

Step 02:

Gently rinse and squeeze the pillow until all water has been removed. This may take some time as foam is a natural absorber of water and removing water is extremely difficult in case of memory foam pillows due to their cell like structure. So, be ready to squeeze multiple times if you feel that there is still some water in the pillow.

Step 03:

Air dry the pillow for a minimum 24 hours, you can also use sunlight and a portable small fan for drying the pillow. Thickness of foam must be considered at this stage as pillows with high thickness usually take much longer than thin foam pillows to dry.

As explained above, memory foam is a unique material with its own distinct molecular structure which is the main cause for various properties associated with memory foam and as such cleaning memory foam pillows poses some unique challenges.

Although, with a little bit of planning you can easily clean your memory foam pillow without losing the quality or affecting the pillow.

Memory foam pillows and mattresses must never be dried using a dryer as these often contain inflammable materials and memory foam is not designed to be used in extremely hot temperatures.

There have been numerous cases of memory foam pillows catching fire from dryers found in most modern washing machines.

Due to the high absorbing nature of memory foam, most experts don’t recommend cleaning with liquids. Although in some cases of stains it may become a necessity to clean using liquids.

Nonetheless, as the old saying goes prevention is better than cure.

Similarly, you can avoid all this trouble by simple using a water resistant or waterproof pillow cover which provides best protection against stains, water, liquids etc.

Video Tutorial On How To Clean Memory Foam:


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for creating and sharing this rather helpful and handy mini tutorial. It is appreciated – thanks.

    I most certainly did not know the baking soda technique and will certainly be using that in the future to freshen up my pillows.

    One step that to be added to the water washing technique is to use gravity when drying – although most will do that naturally as gravity helps to drain excess liquids and will help to prevent liquid being trapped.

    • You make a great point there Derek 🙂 Thanks for sharign and thank you kindly for your comment. Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for this most informative article. I have memory foam pillows and was thinking the other day how I would clean them.

    I think I will try using the baking soda, as they don’t look dirty but do smell a bit moldy. I am also always careful to use a pillow protector with them at all times.

    • Good idea on using the pillow protector. They significantly increase the “lifesÄ¡an” of your pillows.

      Thank you for such a kind comment, we appreciate your support. 🙂

  3. Actually, I am a big fan of the baking soda tip. I guess the main idea is that baking soda itself is a mild base. Bad odors are usually biproduct of bacteria which is acidic. Neutralizing the acidity practically neutralizes the odor. That’s why when my shoes get wet in the rain, I use the same baking soda tip to remove the odor. It works wonders. However, when it comes to washing it thoroughly, then getting it wet is inevitable like you said.

  4. Hey there! I’ve been having my memory foam pillow for a year now and so far I don’t have the time to clean it. But next weekend I’m planning to clean it. I don’t have any idea on how to clean but after I read your article you gave me the ideas that I needed when cleaning a memory foam pillows. Also I appreciate the tips when doing it. Thank you for sharing this information.

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