What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?

Mattress used for sleeping has a significant effect on our health and often the choice of wrong mattress coupled with other issues can be a reason for persistent back pain.

An average person spends a third of his life sleeping and the material used for sleeping can affect our health in a significant way.

With the growing health consciousness, there is a realization among public that they can relieve or prevent back pain by using the right mattresses and pillows for sleeping.

Back pain is a common musculoskeletal disorder and almost 80% of people suffer from upper, middle or lower back pain at least once during their lifetime.

Waking up with back pain is common among people of all ages and often wrong mattress choices along with other lifestyle decisions and diet are to blame for this.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress To Deal With Back Pain?


Back pain is considered as the top cause for disability among workers younger than 45 years and as such affects people across social, racial, economical and class boundaries.

Back pain can be caused by an injury, occupational strains, sleeping on a hard or uneven surface, but commonly a combination of various above mentioned factors is the main result of back pain.

Right mattress and sleeping positions can work as a natural medication for people suffering from mild back pain and even orthopedic specialists recommend changing the mattress and pillow in most of the cases involving back pain.

Firmness of the mattress and the material used play an important role, although nowadays most major mattress brands offer specially designed mattresses for people with back pain.

Although, there is no one stop solution when it comes to mattresses for people suffering from back pain as each person will need to buy a mattress depending on his own individual circumstances and the type of back pain can also play a very important role in the mattress selection.

Although, most people tend to suffer from lower back pain so our discussion for best mattresses will revolve around those considered best for lower back pain.

In most of the cases, these mattresses will also work for people with upper or middle back pain but people suffering from chronic or severe back pain must consult a physician before making a choice as this article is in no way a substitute for professional medical advice.

Get A Latex Mattress

A latex (along with memory foam) mattress is considered as the best choice for people suffering from most types of back pains as it’s effective springy action provides relief from back pain.

Most surveyed people say that they felt relief in addition to a better quality of sleep after switching to a latex mattress.

In addition to back pain, latex mattresses are also known for providing relief from pains affecting neck, shoulders, hips.

Latex is known as a spongy, premium material which is ideal for people looking for pressure point relief and spinal alignment as the spongy nature of a latex mattress ensures that latex adopts to various body contours and sleeping positions almost instantly and allows for full body contact.

Consider Investing In A Memory Foam Mattress


Memory foam mattresses are among the preferred choice of most people suffering from back pain and are also recommended by orthopedics.

Indeed, such is the popularity of memory foam that memory foam mattress is considered a synonym of orthopaedic mattress across many countries.

Memory foam has all the features of latex mattress such as adjusting to body contours and sleeping positions, although unlike latex memory foam takes a bit of time when adjusting to a body contour due to the nature of memory foam material used.

In addition to this memory foam mattresses are also known to be temperature sensitive, a feature not found in most latex mattresses.

This ensures the warmth often associated with sleeping on a memory foam mattress and makes them a perfect choice for users in a bit colder climates who are suffering from back pain.

Spring Mattress: Although spring mattresses are not considered as the best when it comes to dealing with back pain. Some companies have launched specific type of advanced spring mattresses designed for people suffering from back pain.

These mattresses may have thousands of individual small springs which are designed to provide pressure point relief and are sometimes as good as latex and memory foam mattresses.


Your choice of a mattress for back pain will largely depend on your own personal circumstances.

It’s better to test a mattress before buying it as nowadays most companies provide free samples which you can use for few weeks and buy or return depending on your own personal experience.

Thank you very much for reading – please see more content on our blog about the benefits of memory foam and more about how to cure back-pain.

6 thoughts on “What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?”

  1. Great article! I never realized how important sleeping on a proper mattress was until I had to sleep on a futon for a long period of time. I had constant back pain and never really knew why. I eventually figured out that it was because of where I was sleeping, so I decided to do a lot of research on mattresses. I’m glad I read your article, because I eventually bought a memory foam mattress and boy it did wonders for my back. I would recommend anyone also invest in one as well. Thanks for this!

    • Happy to hear Ralph! Yes me too I was suffering from a not so bda, yet still annoying back pain but once I switched to memory foam, the pain quickly went away. 😉

      Glad to hear you’re doing better. 😉

  2. Who hasn’t had some kind of back pain from their mattress. It pays to spend more money on your mattress because in reality? We spend one third of our lives sleeping! The memory foam mattress sees like it could be one of the best to buy. We’re supposed to change mattresses every 10 years or so. I’m getting closer and I will consider it. Back pain is no fun. Get a good quality bed. You won’t regret it!

  3. Hello

    Nice helpful article for people with back pain looking for the proper mattress, I am one of those people and your suggestions have helped me quite a lot today.

    Mattresses are very expensive to buy one which aggravates your back pain, I rarely sleep much at night because of my back pain. I will look for a latex mattress outlet near me if possible and take your advice and go try one out in person.


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