Best Cooling Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress [Top 5 Cooling Sheets]

Sleeping on a luxurious Memory foam mattress will offer you a personalized sleeping experience for sure. Still, the comfort and feel will be incomplete if a perfect sheet does not cover the mattress.

Suppose you think your regular sheets will be perfectly aligned with a memory foam mattress, then you are mistaken. Why?

Although a Memory foam mattress is the best sleeping essential as it can contour precisely to your body & have a lot of comfort features and health benefits, it has a downside that it retains a lot of heat and may sleep you hot.

It would be best if you paired the memory foam mattress with the right cooling sheets to overcome the shortcoming mentioned above of memory foam.

Top 5 Cooling Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress

How To Choose the Best Cooling Sheet for A Memory Foam Mattress?

High-density Memory foam makes it less breathable than other natural mattress materials, while its contouring properties make it more likely to absorb and contain body heat.

Some effective cooling sheets make a memory foam mattress sleep cooler.

The sheet fabric, thread count, and weave can significantly affect a sheet set’s cooling abilities, apart from rendering effective comfort, softness, value, and more.

Let’s understand in detail the following factors that should be taken into account while picking out the best cooling sheets for your new memory foam mattress.

1. Material

The material composition of a sheet plays a major role in how the sheets perform in providing overall comfort and quality of sleep along with temperature regulation. There are categorized as

  • Natural fabrics like Tencel, cotton (Egyptian, Pima), and bamboo are breathable all-season-round fibers. They are softer, less wrinkled, and have ventilated holes. Again, all-natural bedding sheet materials like silk, linen, bamboo, etc., are more premium quality and more moisture-wicking than others. However, expensive fabrics and prone to wrinkles compared to synthetic materials.
  • Synthetic materials like microfiber, polycotton and flannel underperform in the temperature control department are inexpensive and need very low maintenance. Again, these materials are highly versatile, water-resistant fabrics but might not be as cooling as natural fabrics.

Therefore, one must consider the environment, personal preference, needs and budget before choosing a material.

2. Thread count

The factor comes into the foray, particularly while buying cotton-based sheets. The thread count mentioned on the specification notifies the user about its quality, softness and comfort.

The product’s durability also depends on the vertical and horizontal threads in the fabric. In general, the rule is – the higher the thread counts, the better quality the sheet will be.

However, it doesn’t mean you pick the sheet with the highest thread count. Because the more tightly the woven material, the less space, it will offer for air circulation.

Hence, the breathability aspect gets compromised. For a top-quality cooling sheet for a memory foam mattress, the count should lie between 200-400.

3. Type of weave

One of the most significant factors in the selection of cooling sheets. Weave here means the way the material has been woven/constructed. The weave decides the sheet’s texture, softness, breathability, and strength.

The most common weaves found in sheets are Percale, jersey, satin, and Sateen. Among the four, Percale and Sateen are popular memory foam mattresses.

Sateen is smooth, Silker feels, and a sheen on the finish and Percale is crisper, a bit more breathable than Sateen, and cooler with a matte finish. Percale weave sheets are lighter in weight compared to Sateen.

4. Color, Design, and Texture

The interior of your bedroom also influences the purchasing decision. The style, pattern and color of the sheets you will pick should pair well with your interiors. Mostly neutral-colored sheets are cooler than darker tones that absorb more heat.

Apart from color, the texture or feel of the sheet should be counted. For example, linen fabric has a more rustic look and can lose luster with age, while SATEEN weaved sheet has a slicker, smoother touch.

5. Ease of maintenance

Sleeping on a fresh, clean sleep surface ensures a more relaxed and hygienic environment. Pick those cooling sheets that are machine washable and easy to dry. Again, sheets less prone to stains and spills are less of a laundry headache.

Further, look for cooling fitted sheets for memory foam mattresses with good elastic on corners or all over. This feature helps keep your sheet in place and bunch up during the night.

6. Warranty 

It is recommended to opt for a product with an easy returnable policy. While buying cooling sheets for memory foam mattresses, ensure that the product has a trial period offer. There should be at least a month’s money-back guarantee.

7. Price 

A decent good-quality cooling sheet can cost you anywhere around $40. Again, depending on the type of material you choose, the price of the sheets changes.

Silk and linen are luxurious and expensive materials compared to microfibre or polycotton. But these High-quality materials are more durable than cheap products. You should end your search as per your budget.

Best Cooling Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress – Top 5 Picks [ Pros & Cons]

1. Peru Pima  – 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton – King Bed Sheet Set

Best Thread Count

These 4-pc bed sheet sets from brand Peru are well-loved by customers. Made with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton and a cozy percale weave, bedsheets are highly rated and popular not only among households but mostly all leading hotel groups.

The thread count of these sheets rests at 415 and is backed by OEKO TEX certification. The optimum thread count makes the texture of these cooling sheets crisp and ideal for a memory foam mattress.

All Peru Pima natural fabric sheets are manufactured in a family-owned factory in PERU and ensure high-quality checks. The lightweight fitted sheets easily fit up to a 15inch memory foam mattress.

Built with high-quality cotton with a long fiber staple, these sheets have a silken finish with a cool touch and are hypoallergenic. Moreover, percale weaving provides durability. The breathable material remains soft after every wash.

The package comes with a flat sheet (92 by 102 inches), one fitted sheet (60 by 80 inches) with two pillowcases, each measuring 20 by 30 inches, with an envelope enclosure.

The deep-pocketed fitted sheet has a full elastic to keep the sheets tucked in under the mattress. The color options are fairly good to choose from. Available sizes run from twin to California king.


  • Environmentally friendly and are chemical-free
  • 30-days refund warranty
  • Well ventilated crisp fabric
  • Very comfortable and durable
  • Resistant to pilling


  • A bit expensive
  • Fit is not that great 

2. Night Sweats: PeachSkinSheets – The Original Moisture Wicking Sheet Set

Best Quality Material

Ideal for hot and sweaty sleepers, these perfect Peachskin year-round sheets offer everyone an ultra-luxurious feel and softness. Available in an extensive range of colors to choose from.

And in all standard sizes, including special sizes like Spilt king 2XL and Spilt Head King 35″. The Brand promises to deliver premium quality at an affordable price that is linear irrespective of sheet sizes.

The lightweight 18″ deep-pocketed fitted sheet is constructed with athletic grade poly fiber fabric with 1500 thread count. This feature of this smart fabric makes it super soft and highly breathable.

Further, the material has maximum airflow and is created with moisture-wicking technology. Buyers love the feel of the material and draw heat and sweat away from your body.

Other outstanding features of these anti-slip cooling sheets include their ability to remain wrinkle-free, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and stain-resistant; these features make these cooling sheets perfect for a memory foam mattress.

Peachskinsheets are very easy to maintain. They are machine washable and dry fast. And if washed as per manufactures instructions, it won’t fade or pill either.


  • Signature peach zipper pull
  • 1500 threads per square inch
  • Wick away moisture
  • Thermal control featured fabric


  • Average performance in keeping stains and pillings off.

3. Mellanni King Size Sheet Set

Best Price

Family-run bedding business Brand Mellani is based in Pine Brook, New Jersey. This US brand deals in all sleep accessories ranging from duvets, sheets, pillowcases, toppers and protectors.

Made with ultra-soft double brushed microfibres, the Mellanni King Size Sheet 4 pc Set has all the features that make it among the top cooling sheets for a memory foam mattress.

Be it breathability, thread count, material etc., and it’s best for shoppers looking for soft and cool sheets and all within a budget. The Brand also offers an unlimited warranty which is the best of all.

The sheets can accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep and have elastic all around. Buyers can choose from a variety of color & pattern options.

The Brand offers the product in seven sizes Mellani sheets are silky soft, most comfortable and luxurious.

With decent durability, these microfibre sheets are very easy to maintain and have good customer service. Additional features include stain resistance, shrinkage-free, no-fading, and no-wrinkling. The price range it carries can be ranked top among budget options.


  • Comfortable and luxurious 
  • Decent breathable and coolness
  • Fits mattresses up to 16.”
  • Very easy care
  • Resists wrinkling
  • Very less wear and tear from regular use.


  • Not a very thick bedsheet
  • Average durability
  • Unsuitable for people who prefers a crisp sheet

4. Miracle Made Extra Luxe Bed Sheets Set

Value for Money

Miracle brand is a well-reputed home linen company. The miracle extra-luxe bed sheets, with their combination of anti-bacterial and breathability properties, in a sateen weave can help keep sleepers cool, clean and comfortable.

The 500-thread count Supima cotton sheets feel cool to the touch. Available only in three colors and five standard sizes, these feature extra-long fibers that enhance softness and durability.

Talking about the material and construction, the miracle brand uses natural fibers and Miracle’s proprietary silver fiber technology. Silver ions eliminate bacterial growth and offer a clean and hygienic sleeping environment.

This feature of Miracle Sheets further prevents acne, odors, and stains. The fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and is breathable to escape the heat and cool air to enter. The extra-luxe sheets have a slight sheen and silky finish.

The package comes with a fitted sheet, pillowcase and a flat sheet. Each deep-pocketed fitted sheet can ideally fit up to a 16-inch memory foam mattress. These cooling sheets are an easy to care product.

Completely machine-washable with mild, liquid detergent. Moreover, the Brand provides free shipping within the contiguous United States. There is also a 30-day trial and return period with the Brand giving a 5-year quality guarantee.


  • Ideal for hot sleepers and sensitive skin individuals
  • Low maintenance sheets
  • Supima cotton helps durability
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Breathable sateen weave
  • Requires 3x less wash than traditional sheets


  • Price falls on the higher end
  • Available only in three colors

5. SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set

Best Cooling Effect

Sheex creates bedding with two outstanding qualities. First is the moisture-wicking, and the other is its temperature-regulating features.

The Sheex Original Performance Sheet Set is designed with a microfiber polyester and spandex blended material. That is the reason it doesn’t have any thread count. 

The highly breathable, stretchy, and wrinkle-resistant fabric feels soft to the touch. The brand offers you 12 color options in all standard sizes that accommodate twin to California king-size mattresses.

Depending on the sheet size you choose, the company offers added freebies ranging from single to double pillowcases, flat sheets etc.,

The deep-pocketed fitted sheet is compatible with memory foam mattresses ranging from 14 to 20 inches. The sheets have athletic grade elastic and stay-fit corners, ensuring your bedding stays in place. 

The Sheex original performance sheets have easy care instructions. The product can be machine-washing and tumble-dried on low pressure. The brand’s caution against ironing in order to promote longevity.

The brand holds a 30-day night-trial period offer with a one-year warranty for the product. Ideal for people who sweat at night


  • Lightweight and soft
  • Best cooling technology
  • Superior aeration to maximize air and moistness release
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Won’t budge all night


  • Feel rough against dry skin
  • Expensive buy

Comparison Of Above Listed Cooling Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress

 Peruvian Pima CottonNight Sweats: PeachSkinSheetsMellanni Sheet SetMiracle Made Extra Luxe Bed SheetSHEEX Original Performance
MaterialPima cottonAthletic performance grade poly-fiberMicrofiber  Supima cotton87 percent microfiber polyester, 13 percent spandex
Thread count4151500300500No thread counts
WeavePercaleNot specifiedFine weaveSateenknit
ColorNeutral colorsextensive range of colorsMultipleThree-Stone white, and sky blue12 color options
Warranty30-day trial/ return1-year warranty plus Free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Lifetime warranty30-Night Trial plus 5- year warranty  30-day trial period and a 1-year warranty
Included Components4-pc set (1 flat, 1 fitted and 2 pillowcaseFitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Duvet Cover4pc Bed Sheets Set – 1 flat sheet 1 fitted sheet + 2 pillowcases2pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheetComponents vary with size selection  

Final Words – Key Takeaways

For a restful environment for sleeping, one should pay due attention to outfitting your bed with the perfect sheets that will enhance the comfy level of a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are prized with certain unique properties like conforming elasticity. Unfortunately, the same properties can make them uncomfortable as it tends to make you sleep hot, particularly on summer nights.

Choosing a lightweight, breathable mattress sheet with moisture-wicking properties can help you get a better night of sleep as it can add an extra layer between the mattress and the body to keep both areas cool.

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