Memory Foam Vs Egg Crate [Key Differences] [Which Is Better?]

Do you wake up in the morning, all tired and stiff? Maybe the springs in your mattress creak; it is too soft and bouncy or too hard for a comfortable sleep. And if by any chance your mattress sags when you get into bed, it is a sure shot sign that you need a new mattress or at least a good mattress topper.

Sleeping on such a mattress affects your health too. You may start feeling pain in your neck, back, or joints resulting in fatigue and irritability. It’s high time you started looking for a good quality mattress that suits your sleeping position and provides much-needed comfort.

To make your job easier, we have compared two options for you- Memory foam mattress vs. Egg crate mattress. Weigh all the pros and cons and choose the one that gives you maximum comfort.

What Is Egg Crate?

Egg crate foam is a kind of foam with one side in the shape of an egg crate. It is more responsive, distributes weight evenly, and is better than a thick foam layer.

Besides, it has better airflow and thus provides a cooling effect. It can be made from memory foam or reflex foam and is usually found in the topmost layer of a mattress.

However, sometimes it may be used in the base layer as well. It is manufactured from polyurethane foam and is popular with people looking for a responsive feel.

Egg crate foam can be made from memory foam or reflex foam. They are generally used as mattress toppers to provide better airflow and a cooling effect. While memory foam is dense and smooth, egg-crate foam resembles an egg crate upside down. 

Which is Better between Memory Foam and Egg Crate?

Well! It is a matter of personal choice. Some people prefer memory foam as it provides comfort by conforming to the spine’s shape.

Egg crate foam has better airflow and proves soothing in the summer months. Let us compare both types and make it easier for you to decide.

If your mattress is not very old, you probably don’t need a new mattress. Instead, you can save a lot of money by going in for a new mattress topper made of egg crate foam or convoluted foam.

Let us first discuss the pros and cons of two types of material individually. 

Top Rated Memory Foam Mattresses:

Memory Foam

Memory foam is durable and comfortable and conforms perfectly to the body’s shape. The best thing about a memory foam mattress is that your spine stays aligned with the mattress, providing you with total support.

Some of the main features of a memory foam mattress topper include:


  • Comfort: Memory foam increases your comfort level and supports your body better. This ensures that you enjoy a sound sleep throughout the night and get up fresh and energetic, ready to face the challenges of the day.
  • Motion Transfer: Some people toss and turn during their sleep. Memory foam helps reduce the noise and movement when a person moves in bed. Your partner would not be disturbed either.
  • Durability: Memory foam is long-lasting and will remain with you for years to come.
  • Firmness: Memory foam is made by adding chemicals to polyurethane foam. The Visco foam mattress topper absorbs motion and dampens shock. The manufacturers have their recipe for production, and therefore you get memory foam with different densities. You can find the mattress of your choice easily.
  • Cost-effective: A memory foam mattress can be pretty expensive. Buying a memory foam mattress topper provides comfort and support while being a lot less expensive. It has a lifespan of three to five years, depending on the manufacturer.


  • A brand-new memory foam topper gives out a strong chemical odor when it is taken out from the packaging. The odor recedes after a few days, though, and you can hasten the process by airing the mattress topper in the open.
  • It can get uncomfortably warm during sleep.

Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress Toppers:

Egg Crate

The egg crate resembles the bottom part of an egg crate, but unlike the egg crate, here, as a bedding material, the bottom part is made to go on the top.

This helps increase the airflow and regulates your body temperature while sleeping. Egg crates can be made using different types of foam. The one made from memory foam will give you the best of both worlds, though.


  • Airflow: You can ensure a comfortable sleep as the airflow keeps the temperature regulated, and you can stay nice and cool while sleeping.
  • Comfort: An egg crate mattress distributes the body weight evenly and thus is quite comfortable. You can enhance your comfort level by buying an egg crate mattress topper made of memory foam.
  • Lightweight: Egg crate mattress toppers are lightweight and portable. While you can’t carry your mattress everywhere, you can easily carry them wherever you go. Just roll them up and carry the topper with you. They are ideal for your trekking and camping trips.
  • Price: You can get a decent egg crate mattress topper in your price range. Buy the one made out of memory foam if you can afford it. Otherwise, there are many options to choose from.


  • The convolutions of an egg crate mattress usually lose their shape in less than one year and become soft.
  • They are difficult to clean because of their irregular shape.
  • Some egg crate mattress toppers that are not made of medical-grade polyurethane may cause allergies and toxic reactions.
  • They need a firm mattress underneath them for proper support as they are soft and light.

Top Rated Egg Crate Toppers:

Egg Crate Vs Memory Foam [Comparison]

Both materials have their own usage benefits as we learned in the previous paragraphs.

The fact is there is no miracle mattress or topper materials that suits everyone, so you need to search for one that suits your specific needs and requirements. Memory foam is a better choice for mattresses whereas egg crate foam is good as a toppers/overlay.

We have listed a few factors here that will help you make the right choice between the egg crate and memory foam.

FeaturesMemory foamEgg crate foam
Pressure relief and longevity It is more resilient and offers comfort and pressure relief for a longer period.  While the dips and bumps in an egg crate topper reduce pressure and provide support by distributing the weight evenly, they tend to lose their firmness after some time.
Heating and Cooling Effect Memory foam retains heat and can cause unwanted sweating.Egg crate is a breathable foam that allows airflow and keeps your body cool in summers.
Sleeping position A memory foam mattress & toppers suit all sleeping positions (front, back, side), and combination sleepers as it retains their original position and conforms to the spine’s shape.  Beneficial for side sleepers as it provides support to your hips and shoulders.
Price Memory foam is an expensive material. Hence both the bedding variations (mattress or toppers) are costly compared to other foams.Egg crate foam is cheaper and suitable for those of you who want to give a new life to your existing mattress by replacing it with a topper at a low cost.
DurabilityMore durable. will last longer than the other mattress or topper.Durable but not as long as memory foam.
UsageMultiple options are available in both mattresses and toppers.Available only in toppers and as medical overlays beds

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Vs Egg Crate [Which is Better?]

We have already explained the difference between memory foam and egg crate as a material for bedding essentials. We inferred that memory foam is an obvious choice for manufacturers when it comes down to just building mattresses.

There is a rise in demand for mattress toppers as it is a cost-effective option if you are not in a situation to either replace your existing mattress for obvious reasons.

Moreover, toppers add to your existing mattress to offer extra support, comfort and durability. Toppers are available in various thicknesses as well as in different materials. 

The most popular among homebuyers are memory foam and egg crate mattress toppers. Both are excellent choices for the advantages listed above. Making things much simpler, you can go by the following guideline before choosing the right topper for your bed:

  • If you suffer from back or joint pain or arthritis, then a memory foam topper is the right choice for you as it will provide additional support that will help you sleep better. It works exactly in the same manner as a proper memory foam mattress, just a little cost-effective.
  • Unlike conventional toppers with a flat upper surface, the Egg crate mattress topper has a bumpy nodular surface that looks like an egg crate in a padded cover. If you are always on the move, buying an egg crate topper that you can easily carry anywhere is wise. They are a lot more flexible, lightweight, and cheaper too.

Memory Foam Vs Egg Crate Dog Bed

Just as you love a good night’s sleep, so does your dog! The right bed and mattress are equally important so that your dog enjoys a good nap too. 

Dogs are more comfortable on a mattress than a cushion or a pillow with fabric stuffing. Dog beds are available in both memory foam and egg crate mattresses.

If your dog is large and heavy, go for a memory foam mattress dog bed

The reasons are:

  • A memory foam mattress will provide comfort and support for his body and joints.
  • It supports the dog’s body weight and relieves pressure.
  • It is beneficial for senior dogs whose skin and joints are more sensitive and prone to injury.
  • The thick memory foam helps keep them warm and cozy.
  • Memory foam or therapeutic foam is available in different thicknesses. 

Alternatively, if your dog is small and young, Go for Egg crate dog bed

The reasons are:

  • It has a textured surface and has ridges across the foam, and your small friend would not sink into it.
  • It has a cooling effect because of enhanced airflow.
  • It is less expensive than the memory foam mattress, saving a lot of money.

Choosing a mattress that allows him to curl and stretch is advisable. The dog’s body should not sink into the foam. Whichever mattress you buy, your dog will need to adjust to his new bed, so give him some time.

Final Comments:

If your mattress does not provide support and comfort, it will reinforce a poor sleeping posture that will invite other health issues such as neck and back pain.

While memory foam scores better than an egg crate in terms of usage in mattresses, combining a memory foam mattress with an egg crate mattress topper may do the trick for you.

As a sleeper, you will have the best of both worlds. However, the final decision depends on your specific needs and sleep preferences. So, keep all the pros and cons in mind and choose a good mattress or a topper in your budget to enjoy a sound sleep.

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