Is Memory Foam Good for Your Back? [Best Memory Foam Mattress for Back]

Memory foam is a part of many people’s lifestyles. It is because the majority percentage of the population suffers from back pain issues and a memory foam bedding, mattress, or pillow is generally recommended to ease down the pain. Memory foam not only helps in pain relief but also acts as good support for the back.

Before we start discussing whether memory foam is good or bad for your back, it would be wise to know the types of back pain one can suffer from.

Upper backache:

Upper backache begins from your rib cage and goes up to your lower neck. This back pain can affect your thoracic spine.

Middle backache

This is one of the most common backaches; it is usually present in the rib cage and the lumbar region. Many people complain of this due to constant sitting, standing, and bad body posture.

Lower backache

Lower back pain is the most common type of body ache. A memory foam mattress can help you to keep your back straight and aid in a peaceful sleep.

A dull, constant, or throbbing pain as described above can disturb your sleep pattern and make you sick. Memory foam mattresses are designed to give your back the desired support and aid in a goodnight’s sleep.

Is Memory Foam Good for Your Back?

Memory foam is a globally recognized product that is specially designed to adjust to your body shape adding good support overall. Some people have complained it to be too firm but, we suggest giving it some time.

Give it a chance to adjust to your body and in a few nights, it will give you the desired results.

Anything new takes time to adjust. It is the same with memory foam too. Furthermore, there are ways to make memory foam softer that’s explained by us in other articles. In the end, you will understand its worth.

Let’s discuss a few more reasons why people prefer memory foam for their back.

1. Adjusts to your back and curves

The resilient features of memory foam can adapt to your back. As you lie down on your back, the foam instantly adjusts to your back and side curves. This is also highly regarded as a body-transforming feature.

2. Perfect for all back issues

The resilient feature of memory foam makes it comfortable for people who sleep on their backs. The firmness is just perfect for those who even sleep on their belly. Back pain can increase neck pain too and thus, sleeping on the belly can sometimes help.

People who are habitual of sleeping on their belly can take major advantage of memory foam mattress as it gives perfect alignment. Side sleepers also enjoy similar posture support by sleeping on memory foam mattresses.

3. Minimal neck and back pain

Memory foam (also known as viscoelastic foam) promotes and supports spinal alignment. Thus, the mattresses made of memory foam helps to reduce chronic neck and back pain by adding comfort in sleeping positions.

Other than memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows also offer your neck and back perfect support. Pillows are made of polyurethane that helps in giving natural support to your curves, neck, and cervical spine.

The best part about memory foam is that these are available in different sizes, shapes, and varieties to suit your spine. Thus, regardless of whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or belly sleeper, you may choose memory foam pillows respectively.

Which Memory Foam Mattress Is the Best for The Back?

Most manufacturers use their best materials to offer you a perfect memory foam mattress. However, some are known to be highly preferred and recommended based on factors such as cost, comfort, value, and reviews.

Below are the top 3 most recommended memory foam mattresses for your back.

1. Cooling Gel Mattress by Sleep Innovations

It is one of the most preferred mattresses for all types of sleepers like side sleepers, stomach or back sleepers.

The company is committed to great sleep and thus mattresses are designed to offer your back complete comfort and support. The company also offers a 10-year warranty on the mattress.

These mattresses come in different sizes like 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. The prizes for the same may vary accordingly. The shape of these memory foam mattresses is like a box to offer you an innovative style of sleep.

In regard to the quality, these are made in the USA and Mexico as the experts wish to pay close attention to the fabrics and quality for people suffering from back pain issues.

2. Sweetnight’s Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress for Back

This memory foam mattress comes with three firmness levels from soft to firm. Its gel-infused feature allows spinal support and cool sleepy nights. One added advantage of buying this mattress is that you can flip it and use the other side too.

The mattress is specially designed with infused gel for cool sleep. These mattresses also come in different sizes such as 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch. The dimensions may vary as per the size chosen.

The design of the mattress is suitable for all types of bedrooms. Eco-friendly memory foam mattresses are pretty economical with zero compromises on your living and lifestyle.

3. Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress by Novilla for Back Support

The product is constructed with 4-layer foam to distribute body pressure and movement. Moreover, its gel-based technology helps the memory foam mattress to mold to your body and improve durability. Two layers are specifically added to support your spine.

These mattresses come in two sizes, 10 inches and 12 inches. Layers are designed in a manner to relieve pain and adjust the partner’s movements.

If you wish to try this for your back issues, the company offers a 100 day trial period and also covers 10-year protection. The trial period is more than enough to experience pain relief on using these.

Final Comments:

If the benefits of memory foam have attracted you too for your back, it is the right time to check the options available and the associated deals. If you ask for an honest opinion from the experts, they would suggest you the same.

There is no excuse for a peaceful sleep and thus, memory foam cannot be considered a bad investment. You may also consult your health expert for the right memory foam mattress and pillow that is helpful for backache issues.

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