How Much Does a Memory Foam Mattress Cost? Why?

People looking for a new mattress often like to go for a memory foam mattress because it offers a significant amount of comfort compared to other mattresses. Besides being comfortable, they are also suitable for people suffering from back pain or other joint pain.

While everyone wants to take advantage of these features, you should be ready to pay a little extra for them. So, how much should you expect to pay for it? Well! Let’s help you find an answer to this valid question!

How Much Does a Memory Foam Mattress Cost?

There is a wide range of prices for mattress shopping because they can be found all over the place. Knowing what factors influence the price of a memory foam mattress can help you find a good deal.

Memory foam mattresses are more expensive than other mattresses in general. The cost of a mattress is directly affected by the quality of materials used, its density, the complexity of its manufacture, and so on.

For example, a one-inch memory foam mattress will be pretty cheap compared to a four-inch memory foam mattress.

While you can get a regular mattress for a few hundred dollars, a king-size memory foam mattress can cost somewhere around $500 or more.

Although the high-end memory foam mattress such as Nector or Tempur-pedic can cost up to $5000 (For California King Size), a decent queen size memory form from a well-reputed brand like Lucid and Zinus is available for approximately $200-$399.

Let us look at some factors that influence the cost of a memory foam mattress. 

Factors That Influence the Memory Foam Mattress Price

Below are the important factors that determine how much does a memory foam mattress cost.

1. Mattress Size

The price of any mattress is directly proportionate to its size. A mattress for a single-sized bed will cost almost half the price of a king-size mattress.

Less popular measures such as California King and Twin XL that need customization are also slightly expensive than the standard sizes (double & queen) that are readily available. 

A queen-sized memory foam mattress will be slightly cheaper than a King-sized one. There may be a difference of about $50-$100 between the sizes.

If you compare the price of the same brand mattress in Twin size, it is available for $202, and Full-size costs $326. The Queen size mattress costs $404, while the King size mattress costs $525. 

2. Construction

Another crucial factor that affects the price of a mattress is probably the craftsmanship that goes into making it. It has to be seen if the building is made out of single-layered memory foam or the structure of the mattress consists of multiple layering. 

For example, Hybrid mattresses are generally more expensive than all-foam mattresses as the construction requires more engineering.  

This 6” memory foam mattress from Sleeplace comprises a multi-layered combination of memory foam and duraflex foam that will give you the comfort for a sound sleep. It is quite easy on the pocket, too.

If you can afford to spend more, you can check out this 12” Nature cooling-gel memory foam mattress from IYEE Nature. This has a three-layer complete foam system designed to keep proper support and spine alignment in mind.

High-density memory foam has been added with a cooling gel factor to sleep you cool. Moreover, it is available at a reasonable price.

3. Additional Features

The more you add layers and comfort features to your memory foam mattress, the more price you have to shell out from your pocket.

A traditional and straightforward foam mattress doesn’t offer orthopedic support that a bed built with features like cool gel technology, anti-allergens materials, etc.

For those of you who want to enjoy the comfort of memory foam with the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of Latex, the Lucid 10” Latex Hybrid mattress is a good deal as the price is more or less similar to the traditional memory foam mattress.

It is recommended to buy a mattress with good airflow by incorporating a convoluted design in the mattress. An egg crate structure on the surface of the mattress ensures airflow, thus making it much cooler to sleep on.

However, this is not necessary, and the choice is entirely yours. The cost factor rises with these upgrades, of course!

Along with the gel-infused memory foam, this mattress has an intricate design to increase airflow through all areas of the mattress.

4. Type of memory foam material used

The type of foam used in manufacturing a mattress affects the cost to a great extent.

Here’s a glance at the different types of foam used in mattresses available in the market with an approximate price range for your reference.

i. Traditional Memory Foam

This was the original memory foam introduced in the market. They are made from petroleum-based products that result in off-gassing. These mattresses conform to the body’s shape but tend to retain heat.

However, this ultimately depends on your personal preference. A basic memory foam mattress is available at a starting range of $200.

ii. Plant-based Memory Foam

Some manufacturers use coconut foam, soy, and other plant materials that make them springier and more natural.

Zinus 12” Green Tea cooling gel memory foam mattress promises a perfect temperature-regulated sleep because of layers of ultra-cooling gel and green tea-infused memory foam.

Check out this link and decide for yourself whether it is worth spending some more amount as these are priced slightly higher than the traditional mattresses.

iii. Open-cell Memory Foam

To reduce heat retention, the mattress foam is constructed with a different internal structure with air pockets to allow better air circulation. This helps in dispersing the heat, and the user does not feel uncomfortable.

This open cell mattress is priced at around $140 – $150 for twin size. Of course, the bigger size will cost more. It is pressure sensitive, and contours to the body shape perfectly.

iv. Gel-infused Memory Foam

This foam is infused with microbeads to create a more breathable foam. This helps in regulating your body temperature while sleeping. In simple terms, just like the gel inside an ice pack keeps your food cold, the gel inside the mattress supports your body cool.

While the traditional memory foam will be cheaper than the others, you may compromise comfort. Think of all the pros and cons and decide which one suits you better.

5. Density & firmness

Density has a considerable influence on how the memory foam feels and responds to body weight. Memory Foam with high density will generally feel firm and withstand more pressure. Conversely, low-density foam is softer in comparison. 

Memory foam mattresses are available in different densities. Manufacturers often use a mix of foams with different thicknesses to enhance comfort and durability.

You may see 3-4 different layers of other materials in a single mattress. All these factors affect the cost of the mattress. As the density level rises, so does the price. This is because a high-density mattress has more foam than a low-density one.

Here’s one option for you to explore: This is a 12” queen sized memory foam mattress with a five-layer foam system for extra comfort and pain relief.

6. Thickness

Decide on the thickness of the mattress that you want, as the price of the mattress is directly proportional to its thickness. 

i. Low profile memory foam

Memory foam comfort layer absorbs pressure by compressing itself. If the memory foam thickness is inappropriate one may sink in excessively.

For example, if it’s too thin memory foam say about a 1inch – 2 inches then you won’t get proper support and spine alignment and pressure pain relief. this is true for Heavy-weight sleepers.

These thin or slim type memory foam mattresses are affordable options and you may consider adding a topper for enhanced support.

ii. Standard profile

The height of such mattresses ranges from 8 -12 inch. You need to have a quality foundation for such thickness.

The reason why most 8-to-12-inch mattresses should have memory foam layering between 2 inches to 3 inch and beneath it should be a support layer (not more than 6 inches) which may be consist of a PU foam or HR foam to provide excellent support.

iii. Extra thick or deep profile

Then again, there are expensive memory foam & comfort layering (ranging from 4- 6 inches) mattresses and where the complete mattress height goes to about 12 – 16 inches.

Such high thickness king-size mattress is heavily priced-about $500- $1400. These mattresses are constructed with multiple layers to enhance your sleeping experience. But do remember oversized mattresses may cause marshmallow sensation and may pose health issues.

7. Shipping Cost

Depending on where you buy the mattress from, you may have to bear the cost of shipping, home delivery, and set-up. Some manufacturers include it in the price; if not, then expect to spend somewhere around $50-$100 on overhead expenses.

Many companies offer free delivery, too, which is an added advantage. Apart from this, the shipping cost depends on the weight of the shipment as well.

The more the weight, the more shipping cost you will have to bear! Therefore, evaluate all your options before ordering. 

8. Brands

Last but not least, Brand value is something that cannot be ignored!

For those of you who can go to any heights for an unrivaled sleep experience, this mattress from Tempur-pedic might be the right choice. The average cost of these mattresses is around $3000.

You can check out Saatva luxury mattresses that are handcrafted to give you the best sleeping experience of your life. The price range starts at around $800 and goes up to $2500.

A Nectar memory foam mattress price may start from $750, while you can pick up a comfy mattress from Lucid at prices starting from $200. 

Memory Foam Mattresses Price Range

Considering all the above factors, let us look at a few options to make your search easier.

1. Mattresses under $300

You can get a 6-10-inch-thick memory foam mattress made with firm high-density foam in this range. They are ideal to be placed in guestrooms, as anyone staying over for the night will have a restful sleep. They are easy on the pocket too!

2. Memory Foam Mattresses from $300-$800 Range

You can find features such as Gel foam and extra layers you to 14”. They have deep-pocket sheets that make them more breathable. They are ideal for children’s bedrooms as they can use them comfortably for years.

3. Memory Foam Mattress above $800

Your primary bedroom deserves the best, so go for the ultra-soft, supportive memory foam mattress made with a soft quilted top in premium quality cotton.

The Hypoallergenic material will give you the best sleeping experience possible. Tempur Breeze collection starts from $4000, while a Tempur Cloud mattress is approximately $2000 approximately.

These mattresses provide unparalleled pressure point relief and motion separation. Treat yourself to the luxury that you deserve!

Final Comments:

It is tempting to think that an expensive mattress will be luxurious and comfortable, but a high price tag does not guarantee high quality. Moreover, it certainly does not ensure that you find it comfortable to sleep on!

A mattress can be an essential investment that affects your health, so take care to find out the best-suited mattress according to your personal preference and needs. Consider all the above factors and decide what is best for you.

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