What to do with Old Memory Foam Mattress [8 Ways to Repurpose]

All mattresses have a life span, and memory foam mattresses are no exception to the rule. The life span of a good-quality memory foam mattress is about 10-15 years. So the obvious question arising in one’s mind is what to do with my old memory foam mattress after it had crossed its life span or even if its foam starts sagging or deforming.

But before thinking about buying a new mattress, you need to think about getting rid of the old one. Throwing it just like that is not the best way. Hence, today we are going to acquaint you with some better options to say goodbye to your faithful mattress.

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An old memory foam mattress (so as to say any foam bedding) can be repurposed, recycled, or disposed of in many smart ways. Of course, the decision to choose the most suitable alternative rests with the owner. 

How do I know if my memory foam mattress is worn out?

Practically, it’s impossible to list the exact number of years that can be prescribed for any mattress to be considered old or worn out. A well-cared memory foam mattress can last for a decade or so, but eventually, it will wear out.

The very property of memory foam is to compress with heat and pressure so that it may sag or compress faster in comparison to latex or hybrid mattresses.

Hence, one should notice the following signs to ascertain that the memory foam mattress is worn out.

1. Sagging

Memory foam is popular among sleepers as it perfectly contours the body and provides pressure pain relief. It compresses when applied weight and regains its original form once the weight is lifted.

If your mattress no longer bounces back to its original form and you can notice an indentation in the center of the bed, then it’s a sign that your memory foam mattress needs a replacement. The lack of support may cause spine problems and sleeping postures. 

2. Sleeping Discomfort

You are experiencing extra softness while sleeping, or is your body sinking too much? Or you notice uneven surfaces due to lumps and bumps on your foam mattress?

Lack of comfort, poor pressure relief, or failure of memory foam’s temperature sensitivity feature are all early signs that your mattress is worn out. Experts agree that sleeping on an old worn-out mattress leads to chronic back pain.

3. Allergies, Dead Skin, Body Oil, and Dust Mites

People buy expensive memory foam mattresses as they are hypo allergic. And if your mattress is not able to perform on this health factor, then it’s a final sign that’s you need to discard your mattress.

Sleeper developing allergies such as constant breathing issues, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, or itching sensation; your mattress might have an accumulation of allergens (bed bug, dust mites) and irritants (loads of dead skin and body oils).

In fact, research says that a used mattress can house up to 10 million microscopic bugs. Timely Cleaning may help remove most of the nasty stuff at bay, but the old mattress should be replaced ASAP if allergies erupt frequently.

Does memory foam get harder over time?

NO! On the contrary, memory foam mattresses become softer overtime. Memory foam loses its cell structure after a couple of years, and thus its shape, responsiveness, and support get distort. Sleepers start feeling sinking in the bed, and in short, we can say the mattress starts breaking in.

When you buy a new memory foam mattress may feel firm initially but gets softer with time. Another reason a mattress can feel hard is that the foundation may be rigid. 

Again Memory foam mattresses are temperature-sensitive. If the room temperature gets lower (30degrees or less), the foam will get very firm and harder.

Eventually, a foam mattress gets softer with age compared to the innerspring mattress that gets harden with time.

Due to continuous one-sided use in sleeping, sitting, etc., the memory foam mattress may start losing its shape on that side (a ham-mocking effect). So it’s advisable to rotate and flip it from time to time to avoid the structure getting lumpy. 

What can I do with an old memory foam mattress?

Now it’s time to focus on the center point of our article, i.e., how to recycle our old memory foam mattress. Remember, our foam mattress has got stuffing, and all you need to is think creatively.

You got two options:

  1. Just rip it apart layer by layer and follow the listed Ideas below to repurpose old mattress.
  2. Completely get rid of your old memory foam mattress

8 Different Ways to Repurpose the old memory foam mattress

Below are 8 different ways you can repurpose your old memory foam mattress.

  • Make new cushions and pillows Alternative bedding like floor quilts, old sofa, or bean bag filler /stuffed animal filler 
  • Reuse as a bed for your pets 
  • Reuse the memory foam mattress box springs as decorations
  • Make rugs 
  • Use the foam mattress as sponges
  • Use it for camping
  • Creative art 

Let’s discuss each one in detail:

1. Make new cushions and pillows

Old memory foam mattress is a fantastic option to repurpose your cushions and pillows. Like mattresses, these bedding accessories do wear out and become saggy.

Just re-stuff your pillows and cushions with the memory foam layers, and Voila! Fluffy and firmer cushions are ready. Follow the simple process of taking proper measurements of your cushions and pillows.

Then mark the size on the memory foam mattress surface and cut it out. Replace the existing stuffing with the memory foam layer and stitch.

The final output can provide you with good support to your neck and back. Even the foam mattress cover can be reused after washing. It can be made into floor cushions.   

2. Alternative bedding like floor quilts, old sofa, or bean bag filler /stuffed animal filler

The fabric and foam in your mattress could be reused as a Bean bag or stuff toy filler. Upgrade your old sagging sofa by filling it with memory foam. This can be done by taking professional help.

You can even use it to make quilts. The top layer of a king-size memory foam mattress has enough layering and can be converted into a thick Floor quilt.

3. Reuse as a bed for your pets

Another common way of recycling the memory foam mattress is to reuse it as your pet bedding. The foam stuffing inside the mattress will give a comfortable and luxurious feeling to your dog or cat.

You can do so by cutting the mattress to the required size (either floor or basket) and cover it with a zipped fabric or sew up an old sheet or blanket. You can even fold the mattress in half to make huge bedding for your pets. They will love it as it has your scent all over it. 

4. Use the foam mattress as sponges

We all use sponges to clean various objects in our houses. From our dishes to bathrooms. Why not use the foam mattress as dishwashing sponges? A smart way of reusing the old mattress!

Just cut the foam into suitable pieces and store them to use for a long period. You can delist sponges from your monthly home cleaning purchase list. 

5. Use it in the children’s play area

Generally, we stop our kids from jumping on the bed. But what if we put our old memory foam mattress in the backyard or kids’ play area? The kids are going to love this in their jungle gym, and in a way, it will provide the cushion and security from unforeseen accidents. 

6. Make rugs

Check if your memory foam mattress comes with a mattress protector cover. If yes, then you have a chance to use the fabric as a jazzy rug. 

7. Use it for camping

If you are an adventure enthusiast and love going on camping trails, this smart way is for you. Your old memory foam mattress is foldable and compressible and can be carried as camping gear. 

8. Creative art

Think like an artist. You can transform your old mattress into artwork by adding paints, beads, and some additional fabrics. However, memory foam is not advisable to make fursuits, unfortunately.

3 Different Ways to get rid of old memory foam mattress

If repurpose of old memory foam mattress is not possible in any way or you don’t have time to convert the old one into some useable alternatives, it’s better to discard it.

3 Different Ways to get rid of old memory foam mattress:

  • Donate it
  • Sell it
  • Dispose it to a local recycling center

1. Donate it

The best way to get rid of your old mattress is to donate it to someone in need or some charity organization. If the memory foam bedding is in still sleeping condition, then think of donating it.

There are quite many people looking for a free mattress. Spread a word to your housemaids, workers, friends, grown-up children, or in your local community group at your complex, etc.

Otherwise, contact charity organizations like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Furniture bank, etc., to accept your donation of a memory foam mattress.

You can even contact local charity centers. Do not forget that all these institutions have their set rules of accepting any such kind of donations. Additionally, the bedding should be in reasonable shape to be accepted. Donating can also get you a deduction on your income tax.

2. Sell it

Another way of disposing of your mattress is to sell it and earn some cash. Before attempting this option, do not forget to clean and disinfect your memory foam mattress properly.

You can also spend on professional cleaning services that may pinch your pocket by $50-100$. Then post some good pictures with descriptions on the used products marketplace such as Letsgo, Facebook, Craigslist, or similar websites. You can even search for local shops that purchase second-hand furniture.

3. Dispose it to a local recycling center

Adding the mattress into a trash heap or dumping them in a landfill site can prove harmful to the environment. a much eco-friendly way is to check out on your state website to find a local recycling center such as Bye Bye Mattress facility Or Earth911 search solution.

The recycling facilities will charge a fee and pick them up for you. You can also contact your manufacturer for a recycling program if they have any like buy-back or disposal agreement.

Final Words:

From the above discussion, we are in a position to say that there are many greener and safe ways to dispose of and recycle our old memory foam mattresses. You need some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, and there you can restyle your old bedding into a worthwhile piece of furniture or art.

Memory foam is a costly material, and you reusing it is an environmentally conscientious decision. I hope you will find this article interesting. Do tell us if you found the above ideas useful.

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