Best Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed | Top 5 Daybed Mattresses, Comparison

A daybed is perhaps the most versatile furniture piece you can have within your home. This unique and elegant furniture can serve as a bed as well as a couch. At nighttime, it offers an inviting and cozy sleep space.

During the day, your daybed can function as a sofa. If you are thinking of purchasing a memory foam mattress for your daybed, this post is here to help you out.

We bring you the best memory foam mattresses for daybeds, plus simple guidelines to bear in mind when selecting your memory foam daybed mattress.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed: Customize Bed Inc Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A reliable memory foam daybed mattress should provide a good compromise between firmness, support, thickness, and usability. This is precisely why we selected Gel Memory Foam Mattress from Customize Bed Inc. as the best memory foam mattress for daybed.

The memory foam mattress is described as ‘plush extra firm’ by the makers but most previous buyers agree it offers a medium firmness level.

Memory foam beds with medium firmness properties generally work best for daybeds because they deliver the right level of support while lounging and sitting as well as provide the right level of cushion while sleeping.

The mattress has a thickness of 8 inches. To stay comfortable on a daybed, you need a mattress that is at least 8-inch thick. This level of thickness provides sufficient padding to ensure you do not bottom out when sleeping on the mattress.

It also helps produce a cozy sloping slant beneath your legs while sitting down, much like what you have when sitting on a couch.

The Customize Bed Inc mattress is made using organic materials and has hypoallergenic & antimicrobial qualities. It is also Certi-Pur-US certified.

All these mean that you are buying a mattress that is free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals that can potentially make you sick. The manufacturers claim the mattress can help alleviate the sufferings of individuals who have lumber issues and back pain.

The top layer of this mattress is gel-infused memory foam. This upper layer not only helps reduce pressure points but also cools, relaxes, and soothes your tired spine and back.

Overall, Customize Bed Inc Gel Memory Foam Mattress is lightweight, comfortable, foldable, and portable – features that make it perfect for daybeds, trundles, rollaway, and guest beds.


  • Size: COT30
  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Comfort layer: Gel Memory Foam


  • Attractive bamboo cover
  • Reasonably priced
  • Super compact and easy to store
  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Easy to break-in


  • Edge support could be better

User Feedback on Gel Memory Foam Mattress from Customize Bed Inc

Positive Remarks from User Reviews

A lot of individuals have been raving about this memory foam mattress from Customize Bed Inc. Below are some of their comments:

  • Several individuals who have cot size daybeds have lots of praise for the mattress saying it fit their daybeds perfectly
  • Most previous buyers say they love the mattress’ firmness level noting that it is neither too hard nor too soft.
  • Many users note that the gel memory foam top layer helps make the mattress extremely cozy
  • Users love that the mattress took very little time to open to its normal volume and shape
  • Nearly all previous purchasers say they encountered no odor after removing the mattress from its vacuum sealed container
  • Several customers praise the mattress for its top-quality construction and exceptional comfort
  • Many users say the exterior cover is highly attractive and comes with a smooth texture

Negative Remarks from User Reviews

While reviews of the Customize Bed Inc Gel Memory Foam Mattress have mostly been positive, there have also been some negative reviews. Below are some of the negative comments from previous buyers.

  • A few users complain that the gel memory foam used in making the mattress is too soft
  • Some customers say they do not like the quality of the mattress saying it became uncomfortable after a few years of use
  • Some previous purchasers report that the mattress is great for occasional guest use but does not work well as a full-time bed mattress

4 More Top Rated Memory Foam Mattresses for Daybed

1. Modway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

This mattress from Modway Aveline is one of your finest options if you are in the market for a daybed memory foam mattress to keep you relaxed and cool.

The mattress is highly responsive and delivers a cooling effect. Its 8-inch profile plus medium-firm feel is the reason the mattress works so well as a daybed mattress. Most reviewers agree that the mattress allows for peaceful nighttime sleeping as well as daytime lounging.

The twin mattress features a diamond stretch knit exterior cover that conforms to your body movements. The exterior cover also allows for enhanced airflow inside the mattress so you can enjoy a relaxed and cozy night’s sleep.

The Modway Aveline mattress comes with 2 foam layers that combine to produce its medium-firm feel.

The top layer is CertiPUR-US certified ventilated gel-infused foam. This layer works with the exterior cover to dissipate heat thus ensuring you sleep cool, cozy, and comfy.

The mattress’ top layer also delivers targetted cushioning and support to various sections of your body so you stay relaxed when you retire for the day.

Beneath the ventilated gel-infused foam is a highly responsive base foam. This base foam helps make the Modway Aveline mattress more responsive compared to conventional memory foam.

This foam also plays an important role in making Aveline a superb memory foam mattress for daybeds. This feature enables the bed to bounce back to its initial form as you shift from one position to another while sitting.

The Modway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress is offered at a reasonable price and the manufacturers back up their bed with a 10-year warranty.

2. Zinus 8-Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

This Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress by Zinus is perfect if you plan to use your daybed primarily as a bed and occasionally as a sofa. This is because it comes with 3 different layers that work together to deliver exceptional comfort to the whole body.

With its 8-inch thickness plus medium firmness feel, the mattress delivers a perfect compromise between firmness and thickness, which is required in any dependable daybed mattress. The mattress is also offered in 6 inch, 10 inch, and 12-inch models.

Most reviewers love that the bed-in-a-box mattress features three pressure-relieving foams. The 4-inch base support foam is high density and extremely durable. Above this base support foam lays a 2-inch plush, airflow boosting comfort foam.

The top layer is a 2-inch conforming memory foam that is engineered to cradle your shape. The mattress’ plush poly jacquard cover is breathable and will not lock in heat.

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is designed to fit the requirements of all kinds of sleepers, whether your regular sleep position is the stomach, back, or side.

The mattress is infused with green tea plus ActivCharcoal that helps to get rid of bacteria and odors. CertiPUR-US certification means that the mattress is not only durable but free of hazardous chemicals as well.

The manufacturers give their customers total peace of mind with their 10-year limited warranty. Best of all, the mattress is incredibly great value for money.

3. Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress

A reliable memory foam mattress for daybeds should have a thickness of about 8 inches. It should also be medium-firm on the firmness scale. The Signature Sleep Memoir memory foam mattress comes with these features and more.

Its 8-inch thickness means that your daybed will not be excessively tall and heavy. And, its medium-firm feel allows for sufficient support as you lounge and sit on your daybed but also provides sufficient cushion when you sleep.

Aside from being a great memory foam mattress for daybeds, the signature sleep memoir offers several other fantastic features with its splendid comfort and support foam layers.

These comprise one 2-inch memory foam top layer followed by one 6-inch high-density foam layer.

The memory foam stratum is specially crafted to adapt to your body contours providing stable support and reducing motion disruption so you can have an invigorating and relaxing sleep.

The mattress also works great for adjustable beds. It delivers a comfy profile for you to sleep, watch television, or read by harmonizing with the bed’s movements while also preserving its support.

The luxurious foam layers also help distribute your weight evenly throughout the mattress thereby relieving pressure points all through your body.

Another feature that makes this mattress work so great for daybeds is its reliable in-built edge support. Thanks to this feature, the mattress stays firm and supportive when you lie or sit close to its edges.

The mattress comes with a calming 10-year limited warranty and many previous buyers praise the mattress for its excellent value for money.

4. Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

This Zinus Ultima strikes an excellent balance between thickness, support, and firmness. Its twin size and medium-firm feel mean the mattress will serve you well if your daybed will be getting equal use as a bed and as a sofa.

It is considerably cheaper compared to the Zinus Green Tea model but offers the same comfort features. The bed-in-a-box mattress comes with 3 distinct foam layers that provide an astonishing comfort level for its low cost.

The major user complaint about this mattress is that it is thinner than they expected but most agree that it is very comfortable for a daybed.

The twin-sized mattress is designed to support a max weight of 250 pounds. The manufacturers offer a 10-year worry-free warranty.

How to Select the Best Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed?

So many memory foam mattresses can match a daybed frame. Therefore, before you hit the market for a memory foam mattress for your daybed, here are some of the important factors you should take into account.

1. Your Needs

1. Usage of Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed

How do you intend to utilize your daybed? If your reason for purchasing a daybed is to use it full time as a bed as well as a sofa, then you need a mattress that strikes an impressive balance between firmness, support, thickness, and usability.

The Customize Bed Inc Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the winner here as it offers these features and more. The Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress takes the runner-up place for similar reasons.

If your daybed will serve majorly as a bed and occasionally as a sofa, then what you need is a mattress like the Zinus 8-Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress.

This type of mattress is engineered to offer exceptional comfort to the whole body.

If, however, you will be using your daybed primarily as a couch and plan to never actually sleep on it, then the Customize Bed Inc Gel Memory Foam Mattress is undoubtedly your best bet. This mattress offers excellent cushion height plus firmness.

2. Size of Mattress

2. Perfect Size of Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed

Most daybeds are designed to hold a regular twin-size mattress (38″ W x 75″ L). Some daybeds are designed to match full mattresses that measure 54″ x 75″ but these are not as popular as twin-size daybeds.

If you do not require much space, a twin-size mattress like the Customize Bed Inc Gel Memory Foam Mattress may be your best choice.

But, if you enjoy stretching out, then you should opt for the Modway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress or the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress.

3. Firmness

3. Firmness of Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed

A good memory foam mattress for daybeds should have a medium-firm feel. This level of firmness ensures you are adequately supported as you sit and lounge on your daybed.

This firmness level also typically means that the mattress is comfortable and cushioned enough to sleep on. Remember that there is no regular scale for gauging firmness.

This means that mattress firmness is principally a matter of individual preference. Therefore, you should simply select the firmness level that you find most comfortable.

Thankfully, the memory foam mattresses recommended here all have a medium-firm feel. Nevertheless, most of them are offered in a variety of firmness levels to suit varied requirements.

4. Thickness

4. Thickness of Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed

What is the appropriate thickness for a memory foam mattress for a daybed? For most daybeds, a mattress with a thickness of between 8 to 10 inches is ideal.

This thickness is not excessively high to make sitting on it feel uncomfortable but it provides enough support for sleeping. Excessively thick mattresses (14″ or higher) tends to make the daybed too heavy and tall.

When sitting at the bed’s edge of your daybed, your feet should ideally be level on the floor. This way, it will not be difficult for you to get in or out of your bed.

The products recommended here all have a thickness of 8 inches, which makes them ideal for most daybeds. However, these products are also offered in other thicknesses so you can select one that best suits your requirements.

5. Budget

5. Cheapest Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed

Daybed mattresses are offered in a range of prices depending on the mattress thickness, materials used in making the mattress as well as other added features.

If you will be sleeping on your daybed daily or regularly, then you must select a mattress made with top-quality materials. These typically offer better support and last longer compared to mattresses made with lower-quality materials.

On the other hand, if you purchased your daybed mainly for sitting or lounging and will seldom sleep on it, then you can get by with a cheaper mattress.

6. Support

6. Support from Memory Foam Mattress for Daybed

While they can be used interchangeably, firmness and support mean different things. Firmness refers to the feeling you get when you squeeze or compress the mattress, and support has to do with the weight level the mattress can hold while still preserving its form.

If will mostly be sitting on your daybed, particularly at the edges, then a daybed mattress that offers excellent in-built edge support may work best for you. This type of mattress will help ensure you do not slip off while sitting on it.

Comparison Of Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses for Daybed

MattressSizeThicknessFirmnessCertiPUR-US certifiedWeight
Customize Bed Inc Gel Memory Foam MattressCOT308 inchesMedium FirmYes11 pounds
Modway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress  Twin8 inchesMedium FirmYes34 pounds
Zinus 8 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress  Twin8 inchesMediumYes27.23 pounds
Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress  Twin8 inchesMedium firmNo25.5 pounds
Zinus Ultima Memory Foam MattressTwin8 inchesMedium firmYes28.51 pounds

Final Words:

There are numerous memory foam mattresses for daybeds out there. However, you need one that is not only comfortable but also of excellent value and quality.

The mattress must work well for sleeping on as well as for sitting. If you select any of the options suggested in this post, you can be sure you have made a great choice.

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