Memory Foam Mattress Corners Not Expanding [Why? How To Expand?]

Have you bought a new memory foam mattress and are ready to jump into your comfy bedding to enjoy a restful and refreshing sleep? But what if your mattress does not come up to your expectations?

Does your mattress feel thin and smushed at the corners? Maybe your mattress has not expanded completely! So, what should you do in such a case?

Memory foam mattresses are different from traditional mattresses in several ways. But what you may not be aware of is that memory foam mattresses are compressed and enclosed in a box to preserve their freshness and help them conform to your curves when opened.

These mattresses are compressed and packaged in a box and thus seem at least three times smaller than their original size. This means that you need to expand your mattress before using it, especially the corners, as they are the last to raise.

Usually, a memory foam mattress requires 24-72 hours to expand to its full size. It expands around 90% in the initial four to six hours but needs more time to regain its original shape.

However, if the mattress doesn’t expand as expected, then there is a problem for sure. One needs to understand the real cause of the corners not expanding.

Why Memory Foam Mattress Corners Not Expanding?

As explained earlier, a memory foam mattress takes twenty-four to seventy-two hours to expand ultimately. If the same doesn’t happen, then the following can be the reasons:

1. You were not patient enough

Maybe you were too enthusiastic and did not give your mattress enough time to expand! Remember to read the label having all information regarding the maintenance of the memory foam mattress.

Some manufacturers may promise that your mattress will expand in one or two hours, but it is advisable to wait for a day or two before the mattress expands fully, especially at the corners.

2. There may be foam pockets on your mattress

Foam pockets may form on your mattress due to several reasons- maybe the manufacturer kept the mattress in the box for too long before shipping it! Or perhaps you unboxed the product after owning it for too long.

There may be end number of reasons why the mattress was trapped in the box for weeks or months. This makes the mattress hard, and the fibers get locked, preventing the mattress from expanding completely.

3. There is not enough heat to warm it up

The memory foam mattress expands due to our body heat and the pressure applied when we sit on it. When the natural warmth of our body is transmitted to the mattress, it expands and conforms to the shape of our body.

If the corners of your new memory foam mattress are not growing, maybe it hasn’t received enough heat yet.

4. Your room is too humid

If your room is too moist, the mattress will not expand completely. It would be best to consider lowering the humidity by ensuring proper ventilation or using an AC with a dry mode.

Proper mattress expansion does not happen if the room is not ventilated. Open the windows and air the room regularly.

5. Thicker or High-density mattresses

High-density mattresses take more time to regain shape. So, if you have bought a high-density mattress, you may have to wait longer for it to expand.

How To Make Memory Foam Mattress Corners Expand?

The causes for the non-expansion of corners are listed above. Nevertheless, we are here to provide you with solutions to your problems. Below are some DIY procedures that can be adopted to solve the issue. 

1. Put the mattress on a clean, flat surface for two to three days

When you buy a new mattress, it is highly recommended that you take it out immediately from the box. Why wait longer to enjoy a blissful sleep? After unpacking your new memory foam mattress, the first thing that you should do is to place it on a clean and flat surface.

Let it return to its natural shape before using it. If you cannot unbox it immediately, then see to it the same is done within a week: the longer you take to unpack, the more likely the risk of mishandling the product increases. Again, you lose on your trial period (if any) timeline.

2. Increase the Temperature

Memory foam is temperature-sensitive. It will not expand properly if the temperature is low. Warm up your room to around 68 degrees Fahrenheit to expedite the expansion process.

Your mattress is more likely to remain compressed for a long time if your room is cold. Try using a room heater to warm the room. Warmth increases the fluidity of the viscoelastic material used in memory foam and softens it up.

3. Roll or Walk on the mattress for at least half an hour

In addition to heat, the movement also quickens the decompressing process. Rolling on the mattress increases the airflow and expands the corners and edges too.

If your mattress does not expand at the corners even after two-three days, try rolling on it for about 30 minutes in different positions. Some people also suggest walking on the mattress, but it may cause indentations by concentrating pressure at one place.

Alternatively, you can simply switch between different sleeping positions, holding each position for five to ten minutes. This will allow the foam to become warm and adjust according to your body shape.

4. Ensure proper ventilation and active circulation of air

Keep the doors and windows open while decompressing your new memory foam mattress. Turn on the fan for active air circulation so that the corners are also appropriately expanded.

Final Comments:

Nothing is more annoying than lumpy corners in your new memory foam mattress. However, it’s normal for your memory foam mattress to look a little chunky and smushed when you unbox it.

It may even feel hard as a rock! Don’t panic! You need to be patient and give it some adjustment period. A memory foam mattress needs to be broken in before it feels comfortable.

You can even ditch the 24-hour wait rule and use it right away. This will help quicken the expansion process as the consistent movements, and your body heat will help it expand faster. The only downfall is that you may not feel very comfortable initially, but you already know that, don’t you? 

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