Can You Use A Memory Foam Mattress On A Futon? [Pros & Cons]

The futon can fold into a couch-like piece of furniture and looks like a covered mattress. Futons are basically mattresses that are commonly used in smaller households such as studios or small apartments. They look like a flatter but large pillow in a sitting position, but it can be turned into a laying place as it sits on an adjustable foldable frame.

You could choose a futon size right for you as they are available in adjustable mattresses sizes and thicknesses: firm, medium and soft. The significant advantages of using a Futon are:

  • Used as a couch for an office or den 
  • They can easily be folded out
  • Quick sleep space in a smaller room. 
  • Greater comfort for guest beds as they can have adjustable thickness levels.
  • They are lightweight and quite comfortable.
  • Easily be moved around a space
  • Incredibly budget-friendly 

In this article, we will discuss the memory foam mattresses that have been specifically designed for use for futon sofa beds/frames. These mattresses can be used on a platform bed frame or futon frame or interchangeably. 

Recommended Memory Foam Mattresses on Futon:

If you are in hurry, and looking for few high rated memory foam mattress for futon, then, please check out below recommendations:

Can you use a memory foam mattress on a futon?

Memory foam is a fantastic choice for a mattress as this type of sleeping surface fits into the shape of your body while sleeping. The mattress lets you feel less pressure while your body is lying on the mattress. On the other hand, Futon is a type of furniture that can convert between a sofa and a bed.

Generally, when you buy a futon, you receive both a frame and a specifically designed convertible mattress. But if you already have memory foam mattresses and don’t want to toss it, then what’s your option for switching to a futon? 

As a futon mattress material, Memory foam is versatile. It can fold/roll easily, adjusted on a comfortable bed, concerning its type, thickness and density. Comfortable Foam mattresses hold their shape over time better than traditional cotton ones. 

Memory foam mattresses come in different firmness and softness but remember, mostly memory foam mattresses can’t be bend or fold. When you change the futon bed back into a sofa, ensure that the mattress fits your sofa in its folded form. Many memory foam mattresses work in an adjustable bed frame but do not bend entirely to a 90-degree angle. 

Hence one can only use those thicker memory foam mattresses on a futon when you intend to use it as a bed and not as a sofa or couch. In comparison, thinner memory foam mattresses can be bent a lot more easily but should be used on futons if used for bed configurations only.

Thus, for a short-term duration, putting a memory foam mattress on a futon frame is acceptable. A memory foam mattress is only as good as the support, so it would be better to put over a hard wooden futon frame with slats while using it for sleeping.

Pros and Cons of Using Memory Foam Mattress on Futon

Benefits of using memory foam mattress on futon

Sleeping on a futon has its downsides, such as lack of firmness and comfortability. Also, they are harder to get out.

Using a memory foam mattress or a memory foam topper on a futon can nullify the downsides of sleeping on a futon bed for a longer time. memory foam mattress on futon lends you numerous benefits such as: 

  • It’s a firmest option
  • Better in Conforming to your body
  • Can be moved around easily: portable
  • Better for your back and neck pain
  • High resilience material
  • Easy maintenance
  • It can be used on either side
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Sag free and no sinkage

Drawbacks of using memory foam mattress on futon

But some disadvantages are associated with memory foam mattress when used on futon:

  • These mattresses can retain the heat of the body and not provide comfort in warm seasons.
  • They are not fit to be used on futon beds with oversized and heavyweight sleepers as they may feel stuck.
  • Can’t replace the same level of comfort as when used on a bed
  • Chances of its wear and tear increase due to frequent folding and unfolding.

What is the best alternative to a memory foam mattress to use on a futon?

Usually, futon mattresses are altogether a different product. But if you want to use a typical mattress on a futon other than memory foam, keep the futon frame in bed configuration.

The most popular mattress to be used on a futon is the Japanese mattress filled with horsehair, reeds, or rice straw or cotton. They are thin and easily foldable. Relatively cheaper and easy to clean, these traditional Japanese futon mattresses are a versatile product. Moreover, they are suitable for your back and are breathable.

Even latex mattress is commonly used in West as it provides a soft cushioning layer. Again it is an environment-friendly material. These latex mattresses are very supportive and suitable for people suffering from back pain.

Free from chemicals and off-gassing (odor), it has air vents that make air circulation easy. Again it doesn’t get heated up like memory foam and contours the body while sleeping.

Top 5 Recommended Memory Foam Mattresses to use on Futon

1. Mozaic Full Size 8-inch Cotton Twill Gel Memory Foam Futon Mattress

MoZaic is a very trusted brand in the mattress segment. This particular model is made from high-quality, dual-sided polyurethane gel foam, commonly called memory foam.

Stylishly designed, it draws attention to your space as well as offers comfort. This is a full-sized Futon mattress having dimensions:75 inches long, 54 inches wide and 8 inches thick and can be bought in multiple color options.

The outstanding feature of this memory foam mattress is that it is reversible and can be used in a futon in versatile ways, like folded in flat in a bed position or upright sofa position.

The mattress is constructed in 4 layers. one part is of 1-inch Visco memory foam, and the rest three layers are made of 1-inch polyurethane foam wrapped in a mixed cotton blend.

It is then encased in a durable poly-cotton blend cover (non-removable cover) and lace tufted further. This Trupedic futon mattress offers quality products that will last for years and is apt for daily use. Use this mattress for your living room, guest room, flex room, loft, etc. 

Trupedic’s memory foam mattresses are constructed with premium materials that ensure complete relaxation and a comforting escape. The product weighs 68 pounds and is developed in the USA.

2. LUCID 5 Inch Memory Foam Low Profile-Cooling Gel Infusion-Hypoallergenic Bamboo Charcoal-Breathable Cover Bed Mattress

This 5- inch gel-infused memory foam mattress is perfect to be placed on a futon. As a CertiPUR-US certified mattress, it has a 1-inch cooling gel top layer that lowers the heat retaining capacity of traditional memory foam.

It’s easy to carry and compressible. The bamboo charcoal neutralizes the odor of the mattress. This mattress provides full-body support, especially if the sleepers are lightweights like children.

There is a breathable cover for ample air circulation. A well ventilated design and proper support make it the most buyable product online. The lucid memory foam mattress is compatible with all types of bedding frames, such as adjustable platform bases, folding frames, wooden slats, etc.

3. Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress hugs and gently lifts you in the morning. Moreover, its wallet-friendly price makes it among the best budget option. It delivers decent comfort and relieves pressure pain points.

The model under analysis comes in 6-inch thickness, but the product is available in different styles and sizes. The firmness is medium (not too soft or hard) and is a top choice among working couples who reside in small apartments.

It can absorb motion transfer and shock. The mattress has long-term durability. The mattress is constructed with three layers of foam and infused with green tea and purified charcoal.

This signature foam by the brands keeps the mattress fresh and offers a cooling effect to heat sufferers (reduce heat retention). The brand provides ten years limited warranty and is CertiPUR US Certified. Perfect for back sleepers and medium-weight people. The item weighs around 28 pounds.

4. Navy Floral Printed Japanese Rustic Style Memory Foam Futon Mattress 

This memory foam mattress comes with a dustproof mattress cover, one large storage bag, and a bandage pair. The durability increases because of the dustproof cover, which is removable, and mobility because of the storage bag.

The three-layered mattress thickness is about 17 cm. The top layer and bottom being 6cm thick made of micro-fibre cotton, and the middle layer is made of high-quality 5-inch memory foam that offers firm support while sleeping.

This multipurpose mattress can be used as Bedroom Futon/Living Room Futon/ Camping Mattress/ Sleeping Floor mat/Tent Mat/Guest Mattress/Japanese Bed Mat, etc.

The navy floral design is the result of excellent dyeing and printing technology. The weight of the package of 10 pounds. Worth the price it is offered at.

5. Milliard Memory Foam Futon Mattress

This full-size futon memory foam mattress is constructed with a premium density 2.5 lbs, 2” thick top layer of responsive plush memory foam. The underlying base is designed with a 4 inch high density support foam.

The 71” x 52” x 6” full-size dimension easily fits most standard full-size futon frames. The memory foam bedding provides solid support with a soft and contouring comfort. It comes with a removable and washable cover.

The mattress arrives in a compressed box packing with an instruction manual page and opener to unwrap the packing. It weighs less than 30 pounds.

The mattress requires 48 hours to acquire its size fully. Milliard’s futon mattress provides a Long Lasting balanced, supportive lift. Overall an excellent depth and value for money product.

Final thoughts:

Generally, the futon mattress doesn’t come with memory foam. Hence to enjoy the benefits of Memory foam mattresses, this alternative can be used. Buy a memory foam mattress to be used on the futon.

This arrangement will offer a more cozy and ‘personalized’ experience to sleepers. These mattresses add elegance and sophistication to your piece of furniture and comfort the sleepers by relieving pressure points.

The contouring support, the spine alignment, and reducing aches and pain for users, are some fundamental advantages that can be reaped even in limited resources if a memory foam mattress is used on a stylish futon.

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