How Thick Should Memory Foam Mattress Topper Be?

There are some vital components of bedding that receive little attention like mattress topper, mattress protector or mattress pad. A mattress topper is a bedding component that sits on top of any mattress to add additional cushioning whereas A mattress protector is a waterproof thin, protective covering that is designed to avoid spillage of fluids, oils, from getting into the mattress.

A mattress pad work as both protector and topper but is much thinner than the typical mattress topper. Some brands though use the terms topper and pad interchangeably but it’s actually the thickness and padding that differentiate the category.

In the following write-up we will discuss the use of a mattress topper and guide you on how to choose a perfect topper with respect to its thickness and density.

With time, a mattress may wear out and loses its cushioning feature, so to add significant support and use the old mattress for an extra year, a well-chosen topper can be very handy.

There are different materials from which a mattress topper can be made such as memory foam, latex, and feathers.

Then again, a mattress topper can be also used to nullify the hardness and firmness of the new mattress. Also, memory foam or latex mattress toppers help in relieving pressure on joints.

What are the advantages of using a memory foam mattress topper?

One may be aware about the distinct properties of memory foam such as conforming to the body’s shape and its reaction to body heat. Memory foam Mattress toppers adjust the overall feel of your bed when a mattress doesn’t quite fit your expectations.

  • It adds to the overall luxuriousness, softness, and support of your mattress.
  • Reduces pressure on arthritic or sore joints
  • Adds considerable comfort to worn-out, hard, or unsupportive mattress
  • Reduces motion while sleeping
  • It increases the thickness of your mattress and
  • More comfortable and prolongs mattress’s lifespan.

Does the thickness of the memory foam mattress topper matter?

A new memory foam topper comes with different thicknesses and is a crucial aspect to consider while making a purchase.

Some of the most important things you should look out in a memory foam mattress topper thickness are -it should well fit in your budget, agrees to the height needs, and match the dimensions of the bed.

Again, Considering the current condition of the mattress and one’s sleeping preferences will also help to decide the perfect mattress topper thickness.

Memory foam mattress toppers generally varies from a 2-inch up to 5 inches thickness. which makes a huge difference in comfort and support in terms of thickness point of view.

A 2-3 inch memory foam topper is a common option that offers more support if you prefer a firmer mattress while sleeping whereas an extremely thick memory foam topper such as 4 -5 inch is preferred when the mattress is particularly hard or worn and delivers poor weight distribution.

But in high thickness toppers, the body sinks in and the firmness of the mattress underneath isn’t felt as much as with thinner toppers.  Thus, memory foam mattress topper thickness does matter upon your needs.

How thick should the memory foam mattress topper be?

The selection of memory foam mattress topper thickness should comply with the level of comfort you are looking for and also the height of your bed, ease of handling, and weight of the sleeper.

Normally a 1- to 3-inch thick memory foam topper can soften up a firm mattress but there are various aspects to be looked upon to decide the thickness of a mattress topper. It one of the most frequently asked questions by buyers. The aspects are as follows:

1. To increase the life of your current mattress

The older and used mattress is, more likely is its sagging and depressions. To slow the wearing down process, a mattress topper is used. In this condition, one would opt for a 3-4 inch thick memory foam mattress topper that will be work perfect. It will rejuvenate your sleeping experience.

2. To change the softness and firmness of your mattress

If you are not happy with the softness and firmness of your new mattress then a 3-inch memory foam topper can alter the overall feel. Further a mattress especially a memory foam mattress tends to get softer over time and you may not be considering a replacement.

Thus the much cheaper solution is buying a 2-inch topper would be an ideal solution for you. If the weight of the sleeper is heavy, then one should opt for 3 inches instead.

3. Medical aspect

The thickness of the memory foam mattress topper also depends on some medical reasons. If you are an arthritis or joint pain sufferer then buy a memory foam mattress topper about 3-inch-thick, so as to relieve pain.

Even if you are a non-orthopedic patient –someone recovering from surgery or severe health conditions a 3-inch or more, mattress toppers will work well as they offer less sinking in.

If your old mattress is made an innerspring or foam hybrid, or even latex, then a viscoelastic memory foam topper is the best solution for you. The thicker the better is the principle used in these cases.

But if you are hypoallergic then opt for thinner models. This is due to the fact that the thicker the mattress topper is, the more chances of accumulation of debris and dust. This can result in triggering asthma and breathing disorders.

4. Sleeping preference

If you are a hot sleeper then opt for a memory foam topper designed to be 3-5 inches thick. Again the thickness of topper can change if your bed partner is an active sleeper.

As we know memory foam has a motion absorbent feature, so a 3 or 4-inch memory foam topper will be able to absorb all the sharp movements and ultimately offer a restful sleep.

When Should you get a 2 inch or 3 inches or 4-inch topper for a memory foam mattress?

Knowing how thick your memory foam mattress topper should be, helps you make the right decision especially if you’re searching for robust support for your new or old mattress, or you as an individual who has trouble falling asleep due to numerous problems.

Below you can find a detailed analysis of memory foam toppers with different thicknesses:

Thickness 2 Inch:

You can always buy a 2-inch memory foam mattress topper but make sure that your 2-inch memory foam topper is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and temperature Efficient. Go for this thickness-

  • When you are already using a memory foam mattress but want to rejuvenate the comfort.
  • When replacing the old one will be too expensive to invest in.
  • Installing a 2-inch memory foam mattress topper will lease out functionality to the sagging mattress. It will add a layer of cushioning and protect your already existing mattress.
  • They are reasonably priced as compared to other variants.

Thickness 3 Inch:

They practically don’t add to the height of the bed plus they are ideal for protecting your mattress from dust, dirt, spills, and stains. This size and thickness is probably the most sought after model for people who-

  • Can’t replace the sagging mattress
  • Cannot purchase a new memory foam mattress.
  • Needed aided support for spine and back alignment and to add pressure-relieving comfort to your bed.
  • Perfect for the elderly who have trouble mounting the bed
  • People who prefer to sleep low.

Thickness 4 Inch:

With all the advantages you get from the 2 and 3-inch memory foam topper, a 4-inch thick model provides more firmness. Apart from the above, it has the benefits of easy installation on top of a regular mattress and relieving pressure pain points. It is suitable for

  • People who are using a box spring or an innerspring mattress can also enjoy this topper due to its thickness.
  • Want an incredible motion transfer prevention with medium-density.
  • Less expensive than a new mattress.
  • Such thickness provides more durability to your mattress.

What is the best depth for a memory foam mattress topper?

The best depth for a memory foam mattress topper is 3”- 4”. It is the most popular topper depth that is purchased for pain management as they provide a lot of support and cradling of the body.

Also when your mattress is grown weak over the years and lacks support, it will provide the required firmness and the best choice for correcting the overall feel.

Moreover, it is pocket-friendly in a situation where one cannot replace or buy a new memory foam mattress but wants to reap its benefits.

Two-inch mattress toppers are also bought frequently for new mattresses, for an additional layer of comfort.

Remember –A Thicker foam mattress topper can be hot and is difficult to turn over or shift on the bed. Also, thicker variants are Expensive.

Why Density is a Major Point of Consideration When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Apart from focussing on thickness while selecting a quality memory foam mattress topper, one should also pay attention to its density. the density of the topper directly affects some crucial physiognomies of the product.

Understanding density does help to determine if a mattress topper supplements the softness and support features or not.

Heaviness: The density of memory foam is the measure of mass per unit volume. thus, denser memory foam is heavier naturally. Now heavier mattress toppers provide more solid support to the body in its best form for a long time.

Long contouring response time: A thicker and denser memory foam topper has smaller air pockets so it tends to take a longer time to take the shape of your body posture while sleeping. Hence it’s on the preference of the sleeper that he/she needs a faster foam response time or not.  

Durability: The denser the toppers the more durable they will be, in comparison to their thinner variants. A high-density memory foam mattress topper can withstand nightly wear and tear. Also with proper maintenance, a denser topper lasts for a year which is not the case with some low-density mattresses.

Medical preference: High-density topper (4-5 cubic feet) should have opted for therapeutic purposes and severe health conditions, such as joint pain and arthritis.

Final Words:

If you don’t want to make a wrong choice while choosing the memory foam mattress topper then It is vital to understand the aspect of thickness and density of mattress toppers as this would make your selection process easier.

As a bedding component, a mattress topper is skillfully designed to supplement the comfort of any mattress. It is removable and it tends to cover up the faults of the already purchased mattress.

Coming in various layering it adds to our comfort and cushioning. As discussed in the very beginning, do make a proper differentiation between a mattress pad, a protector, and a mattress topper.  Mattress toppers are considerably thicker and denser in comparison to the listed two components.

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