Can You Put a Latex Topper on Memory Foam Mattress? [Is it Good?]

People buy a mattress topper for various reasons—the most common of them enhance the lifespan of the mattress. A good quality topper can serve the purpose of giving life to the old and sagging mattress or adjust the required firmness and support that is lacking in their current mattress.

Moreover, in case you are sleeping hot due to the memory foam mattress, then, in that case, adding a topper made from other material can save you from getting up soaked in sweat in the middle of the night. 

The sleeping issues listed above can be easily solved if you pick the correct type of mattress topper. One of the best choices for a mattress topper is latex.

Latex toppers effectively provide the needed support, contouring and relieve pain at pressure points. It’s a highly comfortable and durable material, just like memory foam.

Are latex mattress toppers good? 

Made from natural latex, this high constructive quality material is used for manufacturing different types of bedding furniture, from mattresses, pillows, pads, and toppers.

There are two processes of making latex. One is Dunlop, and the other is the Talalay method. Both processes produce equally quality latex. Both techniques use a “liquid compound” and are heated to “vulcanize” into a solid foam to form telltale holes.

Latex is an excellent choice as a mattress topper. The properties of latex are such that it not only helps in improving your sleep quality but takes care of your overall health.

The goodness of using latex toppers can be understood further as mentioned below:

  • Latex is made with 100% natural and organic substances. Its eco-friendly property makes it popular. 
  • The material is good for health and skin as its anti-allergic. It doesn’t use any metal ingredients, lowering the risks of electromagnetic radiation. 
  • Natural latex is flexible rubber. It doesn’t require body heat to contour the curves. It naturally stretches to mold and relieves pressure. It bounces back to provide support for spinal posture.
  • The material can self-ventilateLatex is breathable toppers having pin holes for extra air circulation. This property makes the topper cooler during the hot season.
  • Highly durable.
  • Latex provides superb comfort, helps with pain relief, and alters the firmness of the mattress according to the preference of the sleepers.

The only downside of a latex mattress topper is that it’s heavier and costly than its counterparts.

Can you put a latex topper on a memory foam mattress? 

If you have a worn-out or old memory foam mattress that has started giving you some trouble during sleep, then you can add a good topper on it to reinstate your preferred levels of comfort. 

Latex topper can be a good choice as it has all the good properties to turn your sagging memory foam mattress into comfortable bedding.

Again, if your exiting memory foam is too soft or too firm, a latex topper can adjust the inconvenience and make all the difference in getting restful sleep.

Sleeping hot is one drawback of a memory foam mattress. You often wake up sweaty or frequently during nights. This happens as the memory foam cushions your body and traps heat close to the body.

Using a latex topper over your foam mattress shall prevent heat retention. Further, the pin-holes built structure of latex provides outstanding breathability. Thus the sleeper feels cool and sleeps better.

If you need additional support on different pressure points, buying a latex mattress topper can be very useful.

Known for extensive support and pressure pain relief, it will offer something extra for all the side sleepers who already use memory foam mattresses. Even the back and stomach sleepers will get better spinal alignment in the process.

How thick should a latex mattress topper be? 

Mostly all type of mattress topper, including latex, comes in three standard thickness options;

2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches. Here is the complete guideline for choosing the right thickness for your latex topper.

2 inch thickness: 

  • This is the standard thickness preferred by most buyers. This thin layered topper will simply revitalize your current mattress with all the benefits of latex.
  • Suitable for small or medium-size body-frame individuals who just want to feel the comforts of latex material. 
  • The recommended density is 3 pounds per cubic feet for durability.
  • ILD rating is between 20-30.
  • Not fit for people having joint pains or someone is looking for additional support.

3 inch thickness: 

  • The middle-sized range in toppers. 
  • Suitable for an average-sized person or medium body frame individuals.
  • This popular size covers the initial wear and tear in the existing mattress or alters the firmness level.
  • 3-4 pounds per cubic feet density with an ILD rating between 30-40.
  • Not fit for overweight and side sleepers.

4 inch thickness: 

  • One of the thickest ranges in toppers. 
  • Suitable for a heavy-sized person or large body type individuals.
  • This size is ideal for fixing old sagging mattresses that have lost their structure and comfortability. 
  • Provide luxurious feel, extra support, and relieves pressure points.
  • High density with 4 and above pounds per cubic feet and higher ILD rating (means firmer topper).
  • Not fit for lightweight people as they will feel uncomfortable with the firmness.

Top 3 Latex Mattress Toppers on Memory Foam Mattress

1. ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper Full [Best Features]

ViscoSoft is a U.S.-based manufacturer. The brand is well known in the bedding segment.

This latex topper from the company is a perfect combination of all vital features like quality construction, multiple versions available concerning firmness, thickness and density, and affordability.

This dual-layered modal comes with a 1-inch plush pillow and 2-inch responsive gel latex foam. The topper has been covered with a cotton machine washable topper cover.

The topper has been given a ventilated design to allows air circulation—the reason why the topper sleeps cool and is more prolonged. The latex foam effectively prevents sinking in and offers good spine alignment. 

One more extraordinary feature that accompanies this product is its 60- night sleep trial, money-back guarantee, plus 3-year warranty. 

Ideal for all sleepers, one will find a ViscoSoft latex topper meeting all their needs and preferences. This gel-based latex topper adds an instant buoyant and resilient medium support to sleepers.

It has a suitable motion isolation property and quickly relieves pressure points. Can be used for all type of mattress including memory foam mattress.

2. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper [Value for Money]

The 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper is made from Moulded Dunlop Process.

The Pure Green latex topper has been certified by various internationally recognized institutions like Oeko-Tex Standard, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), and Greenguard Gold.

This certification ensures that VOC’s emissions levels are deficient and also verifies the safety of the topper.

The latex material provides a breathable, comfortable, and durable sleeping surface that reacts straightaway to provide pinpointed support with superb motion isolation.

Pure Green latex topper has an open-cell foam structure that reduces heat retention. 

 Pure Green® latex mattress toppers feature soft but supportive firmness with a density of 4.0 lbs/cubic ft and an ILD rating of 20.

It is perfect for providing additional softness for side sleepers suffering from hip and shoulder pain on their existing mattress that is too firm.

The brand offers various firmnesses (Medium and Firm firmness) versions and thicknesses in the same category.

This model is highly durable and the perfect topper for any mattress. This product is highly recommended for those looking for a value for money topper in latex material.

3. Organic 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper [Best Price]

Made with Naturally Nestled Organic Latex, the product from brand Take Ten is remarkable and buoyant.

It naturally rebounds and stretches, unlike memory foam material.

The sleep support it offers helps in maintaining spine and back postures. Similarly, the topper conforms to pressure relief. 

The model has received certification from numerous global health organizations such as certified organic latex, GOLS & USDA.

It is a safe product as it uses no synthetic latex, no fillers, and zero flame retardants or any chemical finish. The natural latex is processed with the Dunlop method.

Rated as a medium firmness topper with an ILD rating of 26 and density score of 4.7lbs, it’s suitable for back and stomach sleepers.

People looking for additional support to a soft feel mattress can confidently purchase this product.

The brands offer a 30 Day Trial free period and 5 Year Warranty. The latex topper comes with a removable zippered cover made from GOTS certified Organic cotton.

This additional washable cover makes handling easier and ensures durability by preventing likely damage due to the accumulation of dust and skin cells.

Final Words:

Latex foam toppers are constructed with both natural and synthetic materials. They are springy and bouncy. Compared to other toppers, it may be considered expensive and belong to the mid-tier to luxury segment.

About responsiveness and breathability, it scores high among its competitive materials. To conclude, one can infer that latex toppers are more suitable to active sleepers as it allows easy movements while sleeping. Its eco-friendly construction and longevity add to its premiums.


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