Is there Fiberglass in Memory Foam Beds? How to Find Fiberglass in Mattress?

Thinking of buying a memory foam bed online? Just check that it contains a layer of fiberglass or not. Most of the companies, in order to comply with the mandatory flammability standards and guidelines for mattresses, tend to put Fiberglass underneath the cover that serves as a flame retardant (to reduce the risk of fires).

Fiberglass is a synthetic material that consists of a plastic matrix of small glass particles that is made by insulating polymer products like polyester resin, epoxy, vinyl ester, etc.,

Fiberglass is a cheap alternative to natural materials that meets the minimum required fire retardant standards and is safe when compared with hard chemicals.

Hence most of the mattress brands online use fiberglass in the top layer of the mattresses mixed with other chemicals such as modacrylic to meet industry standards and this is how these fiberglass particles can enter you’re living space.

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Is there fiberglass in memory foam beds?

Most cheap brands of foam mattresses bed do contain fiberglass. The companies who use fiberglass consider it as a safe and cheap option as Fiberglass offers the required level of protection as well as slows down the combustion of your mattress.

Memory foam is basically derived out of highly inflammable petroleum products. These poly-foam mattresses, if caught in the fire can be turned into an inferno if not covered by a protective layer of fire retardant materials like fiberglass.

But Fiberglass isn’t the safest option, If Exposed to air (hole in mattress or if the cover is washed), it proves hazardous. The risks occur when its tiny strands are left floating in the air and when inhaled it irritates the eyes, skin and nostrils, in adults and children.

Luckily, not all memory foam beds have fiberglass. Many companies/brands do make memory foam mattresses with no fiberglass at all. They usually use silica instead. Even some products are made by mixing sheep wool or thistle with it, to create the fire barrier.

How do I know if my mattress has fiberglass?

Many manufacturers do conceal the fact that their product contains fiberglass. These strands of glass are cleverly hidden as a covered woven material implanted into the mattress.

But here are some ways to identify if your present mattress has fiberglass in it and to detect the same while buying a new one:

Check out / Read the label

As a prudent buyer, you are required to check and read the declaration carefully before buying or using a mattress. you must be fully aware of the material used. Look out for words like glass-fiber /fiberglass/glass wool on the label.

These are obvious indicators. But if such jargon is missing, then see to it if the label reads-“do not remove cover” even though the mattress has a zip cover. This is also an obvious indicator.

Tip: Don’t open the zip in that warning case.

Low Price

If you find any memory foam mattress with a low price, then, there is a high possibility of fiberglass in that. So, we suggest, you mandatorily check the label and seek additional details before purchase if you notice the price lower than normal price.

What to Do If I found out that my Mattress Contains Fiberglass?

By implementing our above guidelines you’ve realized that your current memory foam mattress contains fiberglass, then don’t panic at all. Things are under your control if it hasn’t got out of the mattress. Here’s are some steps to deal with your foam mattress-

  • Firstly, never remove the cover. The risk gets evident if you unleash the fiberglass. Keep it as is.
  • Secondly, immediately buy a mattress protector/topper. There is a risk that the mattress in due course may wear and tear or gets a hole. In that case, those fiberglass strands may escape or exposed to your living environment leaving you at high risk. Hence better cover that mattress with a reliable and durable mattress topper or protector.
  • Thirdly, if you can afford to replace the mattress. Getting stressed by fearing the risks, a better option is to have peace of mind. Consider replacing it with a product that is free of fiberglass.

Why do they put Fiberglass in Mattresses?

Mattress industry continues to use fiberglass in their products despite knowing its hazardous effects. There are several reasons why these brands use fiberglass in mattresses-

  1. This is so because, in the USA, all mattresses providers are required to comply with the laid federal law to have a mandatory fire retardant or fire barrier in it. Further fiberglass is a synthetic material that melts when put on fire.
  2. Fiberglass is mostly used as a fire barrier material because it’s non-toxic and cheap. Some natural fire/flame retardants are costly.
  3. Fiberglass has high heat-resisting properties. It acts as an insulator. Memory foam on the other hand are heat absorbers so to nullify this drawback of foam mattress, fiberglass is used to regulate sleep conditions.
  4. Fiberglass material is readily available, easy to manufacture and long-lasting
  5. In comparison to hard chemicals, it is much safer. They are fewer carcinogens than those toxic chemicals. If deeply infused in the inner cover of the mattress, then it is risk-free (unless exposed to air).

Which memory foam mattresses do not contain fiberglass?

The best way to identify the memory foam mattresses without fiberglass is by checking the label in detail before purchasing. If you are still not clear, then, you can seek the clarification from seller or manufacturer before purchasing.

Our team had done a detailed study to list down some best memory foam mattresses available on Amazon without fiberglass.

We listed them below, if you wish, you may check further details to see if any of them meets your requirement.

Final Words:

Fiberglass’s fine particles can only escape the mattresses in two conditions. if their cover is removed or the mattress is worn out/holed. Once they are exposed to air it will be very notoriously challenging to clean up as they are airborne and deposits on every surface in its pursuit. It will be very expensive to have a professional deep cleaning service or else you may sometimes have to change your home.

Hence it is much better to find a good mattress without fiberglass. Spending a little more to get proper comfort level, profile height and most importantly your safety and health should not be an issue. Hope our reference in finding a memory foam mattress constructed without fiberglass would be a great help. As you care for your loved ones so do us. Happy shopping!

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