Can You a Wash Memory Foam Dog Bed? How Often Should You Wash?

Cleaning a memory foam dog bed can make your dog live a healthier life. Let’s admit, no matter how much you train your dog, a few mischiefs are always welcome at least in their favorite corners.

A dog bed is one of their favorite corners where they may shed hair, pee, or simply play around leaving their smell behind. A clean memory foam dog bed is not only healthy for your pet but also for the people living around it.

If you have kids who accompany your four-legged baby, you must practice regular dog bed cleaning for hygiene and healthy living for the entire family. Don’t worry, it isn’t as tough as it seems.

There are many ways you can wash your memory foam dog bed. We have essential topics to cover in this article related to washing memory foam dog beds. Let’s get started.

How Often Should You Wash Memory Foam Dog Beds?

Dog beds must be washed at least once a week or thrice a month to ensure your dog bed smells fresh and is clean to use.

Routine cleaning is important especially when your dog is untrained or unwell. Frequent urination or sweat in bed by your dog can be bad for the entire family. It is equally unhealthy for your dog too.

Delay in memory foam dog bed cleaning can give space for bacteria, debris, and fur to settle. It can further lead to skin infections, allergies, and other similar health concerns.

Weekly machine wash can help to prevent bad smells, dirt, and fur on a    dog’s bed. Other than the bed, we also recommend washing dog sheets and bed covers every 3-4 days.

Why Should You Wash Memory Foam Dog Bed Often?

1. House cleanliness

Cleaning dog beds not only protects your dog from unwanted health issues but also keeps your house clean. You don’t want to see fur in every corner of the house through the dog bed, do you?

A clean and well-maintained house not only keeps the environment positive but also keeps your family happy and healthy.

2. Healthy living

As discussed, dirty and unwanted memory foam dog beds can lead to bacteria and skin infections. It is similar to human beds when the body sweat gets soaked in, resulting in skin irritability and infection.

Your dog can bring a lot of adventurous habits to bed. Considering it their property, dogs even tend to get dirty and muddy paws in their bed. Regular cleaning and washing invite healthy living.

3. Long life span

Regular washing can help you to increase the lifespan of your memory foam dog bed. It also helps in maintaining the quality of the bed.

Most fur babies love their bed, especially when they are tired after a long walk or in the chilly winter season. A clean bed will stay for long with your bed and you don’t have to spend more money on replacing it often.

How To Wash Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Most dog beds come with a zipped cover as added protection to the bed. You may even replace these covers with waterproof covers to prevent accidental spillage such as water and urine in the dog bed.

To clean or wash the dog bed, you must first remove the cover of the bed. Shake the cover as well as the bed to remove as much dust and fur as you can.

This basic process has to be followed regardless of what washing method you choose. Let’s understand the washing method of a memory foam dog bed.

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  1. Uncover your bed by unzipping the cover.
  2. Wash the cover in the washing machine. The selection must be a cold wash. Add a spoon or scoop of wash liquid or detergent. Switch on the machine.
  3. Now, fill half a bucket of warm water. Add another scoop of laundry detergent and mix well with hands to form lather. Rub the foam with this soap water gently with your hands. You cannot brush as it will damage the foam.
  4. Empty the bucket and fill it with just water. Rinse the foam bed with clean water. Follow it until the soapy water is completely gone from your memory foam bed. Squeeze the foam gently a few times to rinse the foam well.
  5. Place both the foam and foam cover under the sun to dry. Sun heat also helps kill bacteria. Avoid drying the cover in a washing machine or it will shrink.
  6. Zip up the cover back to the bed after both are completely dried.
  7. You may spray your bed and cover it with a nice fresh scent that is acceptable for pets.


  • Pet urine contains ammonia, thus you must use a bed sanitizer or bed scent that is ammonia-free.
  • Some people soak the bed cover in hot water before popping it into the washing machine. This helps to kill any insect egg that could be sticking to the bed cover.
  • It is advisable to vacuum the cover and the bed before washing. This will take away the fur rather than let it mix up with soapy water.

Machine wash may sometimes spoil the quality of memory foam. Thus, you may have to check the manufacturer’s label to see the wash instructions before following the above method. Some labels mention light gentle machine wash on their instruction label.

How Do You Get the Smell Out of The Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Memory foam contains polyurethane chemicals. Thus, it is normal for your dog bed to have a little odor smell. A basic simple method can help you to get rid of the smell out of a memory foam dog bed.

The same method has helped keep the mattress as well as bed cover clean too. The below steps will help your dog bed smell fresh.

Required Items:

Procedure [Step by Step]

  1. Put the memory foam bed under the sun. Let the sun heat dry and kill bacteria and any allergens. Leaving it outside for a day or two makes it fresh again.
  2. In a spray bottle, add vinegar or enzymatic cleaner. Spray it over the bed all over and leave it for an hour or three.
  3. Once the vinegar has dried up, sprinkle baking soda and allow one day for it to soak up all the smell.
  4. Vacuum the bed nicely so that it takes up all the dried baking soda and lumps.
  5. Memory foam bed needs good air ventilation. So ensure you put it under the fan or sunlight once again for a few hours before use.


  • Wear protective gloves as vinegar or disinfectant can be toxic.
  • If you are using a damp cloth to clean recent urine stains, you must use it in a circular motion.
  • You may also dilute the vinegar with water in the ratio of 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water.

Best Products to Wash Memory Foam Dog Bed

There are many readily available products at the store that can help you save your time in cleaning or washing memory foam dog beds. We recommend the below products that can help you save time, energy, and effort in washing.

1. Kids ‘N’ Pets All-purpose tough stains cleaner

This pet-friendly and child-friendly cleaner contain a minimal chemical that comes with a non-toxic formula.

Can be used to clean or wash blood stains, dirt, food stains, grease, urine, vomit, and sweat stains. You may also use it to wash or clean carpets, furniture, dog crate, clothing, bedding, mattresses etc.,

2. Advanced stain and odor cleaner by Out

The product contains a stronger formula for cleaning tough stains. You may safely use it for everyday mess cleaning by your fur baby.

The cleaning formula is certified and approved for cleaning beds, carpets, and more safely. You may also use it to prevent unwanted smells and odors from your dog’s bed.

3. All-purpose crate and bed cleaner by KenneLSol

KennelSol is an all-purpose one-stop solution for your pet bedding and pet areas. It strongly helps to prevent bacteria, fungi, mold, and other canine parvoviruses.

The product leaves back a fresh scent that is tolerable by pets. This cleaning agent also acts as a sanitizer and disinfectant for pet odors and against other viruses. It is registered and approved by Environment Protection Agency.

Final Words:

Always check the label of your memory foam product before putting it to wash. Different brands and manufacturers have different instructions.

We recommend either a gentle machine wash or hand wash to sustain the quality of the memory foam dog bed. Just ensure you do not let any liquid including the detergent stay in the memory foam. It should be completely dry before your fur baby can use it again.

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