What Is a Mattress Pad? How Long Do Memory Foam Mattress Pads Last?

Memory foam mattress pads perform a similar role as mattress toppers. Their objective is to provide comfort, protection, and peaceful sleep.

The main objective of a mattress pad is to add a plush layer to the bed. These also protect the bed from wear and tear increasing its lifespan.

Let’s understand the purpose and importance of mattress pads before we understand the essential features like Durability.

What Is a Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad is a protective layer made of materials like wool, feather, cotton, latex, memory foam, and many more products. These pads add softness to the bed and act as a protection shield from accidental spillage or stains.

The only major difference between mattress pads and mattress toppers is that memory foam pads are thinner than toppers. Due to slight differences, sometimes memory foam pads are also called memory foam toppers. Some brands even offer machine-washable pads.

When we discuss specifically memory foam pads, the maintenance can be sometimes difficult and these do not give enough support for pressure relief. However, people buy these for various reasons and some are mentioned hereunder:

  • These are lightweight compared to toppers
  • Protection from wear and tear of memory foam
  • Some are easily machine washable
  • Gives an added cushion to the bed
  • Offers plushness to the bed

Do Memory Foam Pads Wear Out?

Like every other product that comes with an expiry, memory foam pads also wear out. Yes, these have a limited lifespan depending on a few external factors. The thicker the pads are the better for your bed.

Although memory foam is known to be a durable material compared to the rest, constant pressure, and body heat are some reasons why your memory foam pads will wear out.

Memory foam reacts to the body heat and thus to protect the memory foam bed, a memory foam pad is added. Some users have shared concerns with memory pads that these show yellow stains.

It could be due to reasons like body sweat, dead skin, dirt, urine stains, and other accidental spillages. Memory foam pads also turn yellow as they are near the end of their lifespan.

Don’t worry, we have some maintenance tips that can help you recover your mattress pad and make it look fresh for long.

How Long Do Memory Foam Mattress Pads Last?

Similar to memory foam toppers, good-quality memory foam pads also last for 3 to 5 years. Cheap material memory foam pads will last for a year or two.

The type of brand you choose also makes a big difference in the durability part of memory foam pads.

Good quality pads act as strong protectors for your memory foam beds. The pads resist the common concerns of memory foam beds like accidental damages, spillage, stains, and body heat.

Following a few maintenance tips can help you use these protectors for a long.

How To Care Memory Foam Mattress Pad to Increase the Life Span?

As time passes, your memory foam bed will take a lot of abuse but, if you watch closely, it could be due to mattress pads that are wearing out.

Instead of accusing the manufacturer, the best thing is to follow a few tips that can help you increase its life span. Memory foam pads help in sustaining the quality of your memory foam bed too.

Let’s discuss a few tips to increase the lifespan of memory foam mattress pads.

1. Read the instructions carefully

When you buy a memory foam pad, it is essential that you read the manufacturer’s instructions on the label well. Some manufacturers mention machine-washes whereas some will advise you gentle hand-wash only.

We agree pet beds can be really dirty and smelly at times but, you may increase the number of washes rather than using strong detergents.

2. Gently machine-wash your memory foam pad

If your manufacturer’s instructions are missing, you must always gently wash the memory pads in the machine. You can use cold water with mild detergent to wash these pads.

Use a laundry detergent that is free from bleach and other harsh materials. Bleach destroys the waterproof cells and weakens the memory foam pad.

3. Put it to dry often to make it last longer

When you have no washing day, put your memory foam pads to dry every few days. Also, avoid low heat settings while drying the pads or more heat can cause the lining to blister. As a result, these blisters will cause bumps and cracks.

*Avoid using iron and fabric softeners on memory foam pads. Memory foam is highly sensitive to body heat and heat from dryer or iron.    

When To Replace Memory Foam Mattress Pad?

Generally, the memory foam experts advise you to replace memory foam pads every once a year or two. Pay attention to the indicators that give you clues for a change.

If your memory foam pads no longer give you the desired support and protection to your memory foam bed, it is time to replace or change them with new ones.

Constant pressure and heat are also reasons for memory foam pads wearing out. Mattress pads are easier and cheaper to replace than memory foam beds or toppers. For instance, a good quality brand in memory foam pad would cost you $30-$40.  

Top 3 Long Lasting Memory Foam Mattress Pads with Best Lifespan

Final Comments:

Add comfort and peace to your sleepy life with these amazing memory foam pads. We now know that these pads add a feather-like touch to your mattress and give you all the comfort that you deserve.

Before you pick one for yourself, also check the customer reviews and ratings for the brand to ensure the deal is worth it.

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