How Long Do Memory Foam Dog Beds Last? Is Memory Foam Good for Dog?

Memory foam beds can be the best decision for your fur baby. They will bless you for a peaceful sleep like never before. These beds are not only made for dogs but, suitable for cats too.

Memory foam is one of the most preferred mattress materials in dog beds. It is because these easily mold to your pet’s body structure and give them the desired comfort.

What’s in store for humans? You won’t be disturbed in your sleep due to their nagging anymore! Sound sleep of your dog will benefit you too and thus memory foam is the most desirable choice for pet parents. Let’s discuss more related to memory foam dog beds.

Is Memory Foam Good for A Dog Bed?

People buy memory foam dog beds to avail various benefits. Memory foam is also customized to suit your fur baby’s body structure and weight. Let’s discuss a few reasons why memory foam dog beds are good.

1. Memory foam dog beds are long-lasting

Quantity speaks over quality when we discuss memory foam dog beds. The foam material has a high density to support the pet for long.

Regardless of the shape or size you choose, memory foam beds are known to enjoy a longer lifespan compared to the rest. In simple words, you are investing in something worth it as you don’t have to frequently replace them.

2. They provide the right support to your pet’s muscles, joints, and body

The cushion filling and comfort adds great support to your pet. A right sleeping posture is essential even for your fur baby, especially when it is in a growing stage.

Some dogs are hyperactive and they love to play around in their bed before dozing off. Few even relax in weird and funny positions in bed. A doggo bed must provide the right support to their spine, joints, and muscles and that is something memory foam assures of.  

3. Memory foam helps to relieve pressure and tiredness after a long dog walk

A long walk for your dog may mean exhaustion, tiredness, and sleepiness. After a physical workout session, they need good sleep.

Memory foam dog beds help relieve the pressure and tiredness by giving the right support to their body. You won’t realize when your doggy will straight hit the bed for a long and peaceful sleep.

4. These are extremely comfortable for your fur babies

Just because your four-legged baby has a lot of fur on their body, it doesn’t mean they are ok to sleep on a hard surface. Memory foam dog beds come in layers of density to make the bed a comfortable place for your pet.

They must not only consider it as a typical space for them but must also feel it like a happy place to relax. Thus, most people prefer memory foam beds for their dogs.

5. Memory foam beds can be customized as per dog requirements

Another reason to buy memory foam dog beds is that these can be customized as per your requirements. Due to their flexibility and density, dog beds are made in different sizes and shapes.

You may also talk to your vendor to give you something suitable for your dog’s comfort and body structure. For instance, some people go for extra firmness in their dog’s bed that is resistible to your dog’s chewing habit.

How Long Do Memory Foam Dog Beds Last?

The life and durability of memory foam dog beds are brand specific; some manufacturers offer a warranty of up to 8 to 10 years. If you give priority to your pet’s sleep, then you must know how to pick the right memory foam bed for your dog.

We agree that the material filled in these beds is the same but, there are major differences in quality, density, and features that decide the bed’s durability.

Your dog’s breed is the major point of discussion to understand how long a memory foam bed will accompany your pooch. Let’s discuss these to understand the selection and durability of memory foam better.

1. Aging dogs

Aging dogs are more prone to body aches and joint pains. They have other health issues too and they tend to sleep more in bed.

Thus, the pressure of your dog’s bed and frequency of bed usage will shorten the durability of the memory foam bed. Perhaps, you may have to replace it frequently.

2. Obese or heavy dogs

Memory foam beds may get flattened soon with obese or heavy dogs. The overweight dogs need to have extra padded memory foam dog beds or the typical local brands will fail to extend support to your pooch for long.

3. Dogs with medical issues

Dogs with medical issues suffer from hip, elbow, spine, and knee issues. Those with long-term illness also need more peaceful sleep.

Thus, a memory foam dog bed needs to have all the special features. Branded memory foam dog beds may cost you more but, they will also offer you long-term durability.

Your dog will certainly benefit from a memory foam bed. With the right sheets and memory foam bed cover, you can make your dog bed last for longer. If you follow proper care and precautions, you can increase the lifespan of your memory foam dog bed.

When To Replace Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Beds are an essential part of your dog’s health. They take short and frequent naps in a day. Thus, these beds hold a special place in your dog’s life. Every product has an expiry and so do dog beds.

Your dog beds will also give you a sign and let you know that it is time to replace it. According to the memory foam experts, you must replace your memory foam dog’s bed every 2 to 5 years.

If you wish to find out if your doggo bed is giving up its life, you may check the below:

  • The bed is no longer liked by your dog
  • It lacks comfort and support
  • The cellular structure has started falling apart
  • The foam has become softer and stopped bouncing back with your dog’s pressure
  • The density has lost its layers

Other than the above, there are a few more clear signals of memory foam dog beds giving up on their lifespan.

1. Bed sagging

One of the most obvious signs that your memory foam dog bed needs a replacement is when you find the dog bed sagging. The sagging signal is applicable to all mattress types.

It is because the spring breaks down with time and the foam becomes softer. As a result, the fibers compress and lead to sagging.

2. Lumps in bed

The padding of your memory foam bed shifts with time and may result in a lump or two. You may feel the lumps in your dog bed.

The uneven density means the memory foam bed is losing its durability. A good-quality memory foam dog bed may not have these issues for long.

3. Bed allergies

Another thing you must be particular about is allergies caused to your pet. Other than some foods, dog beds can cause allergies too. Old memory foam dog beds can develop allergens through dust mites, mold, and mildew.

If you find your dog sneezing or feeling stuffed up in the morning or the moment, they get close to their bed, you may need to replace your dog bed.

4. Uneasiness in sleep/restless sleep

Old and untidy beds are not loved by all dogs. If you have kept them clean and followed hygiene for them, they will not like to sleep in old beds.

Memory foam beds may no longer give them the same comfort and rest that they deserve. Don’t worry, your pet will signal by showing discomfort in sleeping.

5. Awake all night

If your dog is awake all night and seems like an annoyance to you, you may have to check their bed. The continuous tossing, turning, and running around in the wee hours are signs that your dog is unable to sleep in the bed any longer.

They may also change the place of their sleep and find more comfort in your bed than theirs. You know what to do in this case.

How To Care Memory Foam Dog Bed to Increase Its Life Span?

A dog bed can increase the life of your dog too by giving them a peaceful sleep. The warmth, comfort, and peace need to be there for the good health of your dog. Dog beds could be really dirty and this can also lead to wear and tear.

Taking good care of your dog bed can help you prevent or stretch all the unwanted signals of going for a replacement. Let’s check a few tips for memory foam dog bed care.

1. Pet safe laundry

Always wash or clean your dog bed with a pet-safe laundry detergent. The detergent must not contain harsh chemicals that are not only harmful to your dog but also bad for the bed fibers.

2. Vacuum the bed regularly

You must vacuum your memory foam dog bed regularly. That helps to remove all the fur and dirt that your paw baby carries along. Vacuuming also helps the bed to stay stronger and cleaner for long. Vacuuming is needed between the wash intervals.

3. Wipe any dirt immediately

For any stains or accidental spillage, clean or wipe the bed immediately. You can use a mixture of one tbsp. water, a cup of clear vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda to clean the stains and smell.

4. Use a waterproof bed cover

To protect your doggo bed from urine and other wet stains, you must use a waterproof bed cover. This can increase the life of your dog’s bed by sustaining its quality.

There are good quality covers available online that you can buy in spare and keep changing to make the bed look fresh and new for your dog.

5. Dry your dog bed in sun

You must follow the practice of putting the bed under the sun at least once weekly. This will help the memory foam fibers to get rid of any smell and odor from the bed. Also, the sun’s heat kills all kinds of allergens that are bad for the bed quality.

Top 3 Long Lasting Memory Foam Dog Beds with best Lifespan

Final Comments:

You may not be a biological parent to your fur baby, but they consider you everything and so taking care of the dog’s hygiene and health is essential for all pet owners.

We hope the article guides you to pick the best memory foam dog bed for your pet and they have the best sleep ever!

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