Is An 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Good? [8 Inch Vs 10 Inch Vs 12 Inch]

A sound sleep is one of the most intrinsic factors one seeks, and a mattress plays a significant role in putting you down to a soulful sleep. A mattress is your comfort provider, and opting for a memory foam mattress can be an ideal choice. A memory foam mattress absorbs the heat from your body and adjusts itself to procure you extra comfort.

The question that further arises is the thickness of the mattress. You don’t want to suffer discomfort in your back or neck while sleeping, and the thickness of the mattress is one of the diverse parameters that decide the level of comfort the mattress can give you!

Let’s have a keen look at why thickness matters the most when choosing mattresses and the other facets that enhance the vitality and productivity of the mattress.

Does thickness matter in memory foam mattresses?

Yes, thickness does matter in any mattress, and the same is true for a memory foam mattress. The thickness of the mattress is directly linked to luxury and comfort, but this doesn’t imply, high thickness indicates more comfort. So, let’s have a glance at this aspect.

Memory foam mattress comes in a wide range of thicknesses ranging from 3 inches to 14 inches and mattress toppers as well.

While selecting a comfortable memory foam mattress, you need to look after two other aspects that correlate with the mattress’s thickness. The first is the height of the bed from the ground and the thickness of the mattress topper.

Your bed should be at the height of at least 20-25 inches so that your feet can touch the floor and help you get in and out of bed comfortably. Combine the thickness of the mattress along with the height of the bed to know the ideal height.

The next aspect is the mattress’s thickness, which is crucial as this will be the luxury giver to you and your body. A healthy cushion and comfort is the soul of the memory mattress, and you don’t want to compromise with that!

Two layers of the mattress determine its thickness, and these act as a deciding factor to choose the right mattress for your comfort. The two aspects are,

Base Layer

This is the foundation layer that provides judgment about the durability and retention of the mattress. If you are looking for a high-quality integrated memory foam mattress, its base layer must comprise at least half of its total thickness.

The main reason for withering out of the mattress is sagging, and the healthy thickness of the base layer in memory foam mattress prevents sagging, gifting a long life to the mattress. Memory foam mattresses have the base layer of poly-foam or latex foam to deliver extra support.

Comfort Layer

The highest layer of the mattress with a soft cushion-like texture is the comfort layer. Depending on the type of mattress, there can be one or more comfort layers in memory foam mattresses.

The motive of memory foam mattresses is to aid flexible comfort to the body, and thus many mattresses are backed with different layers, which are soft at some specific points and a bit firm at other sections.

The comfort layer must be a minimum of 2 to 3 inches. This allows the mattress to take the desired shape with the cushion. The comfort layer can be of hybrid or latex, or even poly-foam in a memory foam mattress.

The overall thickness of the base and comfort layer decides the total thickness of the mattress. The comfort, durability, solace, and luxury are determined depending on these aspects, and thus thickness matters when choosing a memory foam mattress.

In what thickness memory foam mattresses are available?

When we are talking about the thickness of the memory foam mattresses, their thickness range from 3 inches to 14 inches, along with mattress toppers and every variant of the mattress has its perks. These mattresses are sub-divided into three sections based on their density as

  • Low density: The low-density mattresses are softer and can break up easily.
  • Medium-density: If you are looking for a firmer choice, the medium-density foam mattress can do the work.
  • High density: These mattresses are highly durable and robust and can withstand vigorous use.

Below are the different sizes in which memory foam mattresses are available

Mattress Thickness Details
3 InchAdd a bit more to the expenses and get a better cushion and plush in your mattress with a 3-inch thick memory foam mattress. This will give you better comfort along with improved firmness and durability.
4 InchIt gives the best comfort at the most reasonable expense. A 4-inch memory foam mattress is a better option than the previously mentioned two and has less cost than the upcoming thicker versions. Opting for the high-density mattress in this version will enhance the durability of the mattress.
5 InchMemory foam mattresses of 5-inch thickness and above are of more than one layer. This implies you will get a base and comfort layer in these mattresses. It works best as a topper and a complete mattress for kids giving them the desired comfort. These are easy to install, rotate, and even flexible with machine wash. 
6 InchThe best option for patients who cannot climb in higher beds; they can use these mattresses alone. The memory foam mattress gives them healthy and desired solace without hampering the body, even with firm base-like ground.
7 InchInvest in the pressure relief mattress that brings you heavenly comfort and the sound sleep you have been craving for. Best for short sleepers to gain a better and soulful sleep and relax the body to the core. Its multiple layers aids in extra comfort.
8 InchIt is a perfect combination of thickness and comfort to support your neck, shoulder, back, and hips, available at a reasonable price. This mattress is lightweight than other variants of this type and is easy to transport and install.
9 InchThe ideal match for an adult body to aid support to the shoulders and back can be provided with a mattress of more than 9-inch thickness. It is best suited for adults with normal bodies to help them with better and extra comfort.
10 InchFor gaining the robust base to support the comfort layer of the mattress, a minimum of 10-inch thickness is needed in a memory foam mattress. The high-density version of the 10-inch mattress will furnish an average adult with utmost ease and comfort.
11 InchAs the thickness increases, the soft cushion effect of the mattress also increases. This memory foam mattress will aid you with a smooth and soulful result as you lay on it. The high thickness gives a more afloat effect leading to a better experience.  
12 InchIdeal to handle more weight and thus suited for couples as well. This memory foam mattress isolates motion to give you better comfort while you are asleep—better to relieve pressure for a longer time to bring you an ideal experience.
13 InchHeavier than the previous version to support the light sleepers and aid them with more comfort and solace. Better for obese persons to assist them with the desired ease while getting in and out of bed.
14 Inch14-inch memory foam mattresses belong to customized mattresses specially designed for highly obese people. People bound to spend long hours in bed can use this mattress to attain comfort.

What is the best depth for a memory foam mattress?

The depth of the memory foam depends on how deep the cushion sinks in while you sleep. This depends on how heavy the individual is or how long an individual sleeps in the same position.

1. Light sleepers

The ones who are light sleepers, i.e., who change their position from time to time during sleep, do not need much depth. Thus, they will need an average of 7 to 10 inches depth in their memory foam mattress.

2. Heavy sleepers

The other type of sleeper is the heavy sleeper, i.e., who sleeps in the same position for hours. These are the ones who need higher depth mattresses to attain greater comfort. Heavy sleepers need around 12 to 14 inches of depth to achieve the desired comfort.

3. Back sleepers

These sleepers sleep on their back for a long time; they do not need much depth of the mattress. However, these require a depth of 6 to 8 inches to gain the desired comfort.

4. Front Sleepers

These are the ones who sleep on their front side and should go for the mattress that is at least 8 inches thick with a deep cushion layer of cushion and plush.

This aids the shoulders and hips in gaining extra comfort. People with heavyweight need at least a 12-inch thick memory foam mattress to attain extra comfort.

The best depth of the mattress is the one that suits you the best and aids you with extra comfort based on your sleep and body weight. These are the factors that impact the mattress and thus are essential to decide the ideal depth.

Is an 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Enough?

8-inch memory foam mattress comes in two layers, i.e., base layer and comfort layer. Opting for the high-quality and high-density 8-inch mattress will allow you to gain the robust base layer of 4 inches and comfort layer of 4 inches.

The cushion attained by the 4-inch comfort layer mattress is ideal for an average adult. To achieve the desired support to the shoulders, hips, back, and neck, a 4-inch cushion is enough and can give a great deal.

Additionally, an 8-inch memory foam mattress is lightweight with a weight approximately equal to less than 100 pounds, making it easy to carry, transport, install and even wash.

It is best suited for all age groups ranging from children to adults and older, with the weight ranging from less to average.

The experience attained by sleeping on this memory foam mattress of thickness 8 inches is mesmerizing.

This makes you gain the optimal pleasure of sleep with all-around comfort. It has the desired softness with the necessary depth that keeps you away from sleep discomfort.

It is thick enough to attain the strengthened base support and give you added solace through the top comfort layer.

The prime thing about this mattress is that it is available in a great range of prices and densities that give you a choice to customize your memory foam mattress to attain maximal comfortable results.

Should you get an 8-inch or 10-inch, or 12-inch mattress?

The deciding factor of the thickness of the mattress is the bodyweight of the user, the sleeping position, the height of the bed base, or any special medical conditions.

These are the main factors that contribute to the noticeable effect of changing the mattress with diverse thicknesses.

You can opt for an 8-inch bed if you have average weight and do not follow a stable sleeping schedule.

The 8-inch memory foam mattress is best for light sleepers, i.e., who change their positions from time to time, have average weight, and do not suffer from any particular medical condition of back or neck strain.

The height of the bed base for an 8-inch mattress should be around 15 to 17 inches.

A 10-inch memory foam mattress is ideal for those who seek a robust and strengthened base of mattress. It is suitable for adults of average age and almost all people with diverse sleeping positions.

This mattress provides the necessary cushion and is soft to aid comfort to all parts of the body resulting in a night of healthy and sound sleep.

The 12-inch version of the memory foam mattress is the best for couples as it exerts more pressure. People with more than average weight can move to 12-inch mattresses as these do not result in much sagging.

This mattress can handle all kinds of sleep techniques in an average-weighing individual. In addition, it shows effective and robust strength resulting in the lasting life of the mattress.

You can get your mattress as per your needs, body weight, and sleeping types.

For example, the 8-inch mattress is a good choice for average-weight single users, while 10-inch is ideal for bit bulky weight single users. On the other hand, the 12-inch mattress is perfect for normal-weight couples or singles.

Final Words:

To sum up, the thickness of the mattress can be chosen as per the comfort level of the user. The comfort can be seen from the sleeping positions, strains in body parts, body weight, number of people using the mattress, etc.

An 8-inch memory foam mattress is sufficient for all the standard parameters as it has a strong base, it’s easy to carry and install, it’s soft enough to aid the shoulders, hips, back, and neck with significant comfort.

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