How to Store Memory Foam Mattress When Not in Use? [Step by Step Process]

We are aware that memory foam mattresses are the top choice when it comes to buying a mattress. The benefits it provides are worth paying the cost. The material is soft, fluffy and conforms to the shape of the body.

Again it’s highly durable and movable bedding. But if not stored or kept properly the mattress can sag, thus affecting its long life.

There can be instances that can drive you to store your memory foam mattress like moving to another location, changing house or at time of renovations. Thus, it’s crucial for you to know the best way to store it appropriately if you want it to remain in great shape.  

How to Store Memory Foam Mattress When Not in Use – Step by Step

Storing a memory foam mattress is simple only if one knows the correct process. It’s not just folding your mattress and keeping it in your backseat to transport or in an upright position in your basement.

For a short time, this option may be feasible but not advisable as storing them in folded form, may affect the original shape of the foam.

In fact, if stored folded for too long, the memory foam mattress may be damaged entirely. Having said that, there is a proper way to store and save your mattress.

Before we proceed further to illustrate you the steps to be undertaken to store your memory foam mattress, there are certain things you would need to possess to carry out the process smoothly.

Required Material:

  • A plastic waterproof mattress vacuum bag
  • Firm Duct tapes
  • Straps
  • A powerful handheld vacuum cleaner

We created a Kit of above required material with recommended products:

Stepwise guidelines to store your memory foam mattress described below:

Step 1: Cleaning the Bedding

The first step and crucial factor while storing a memory foam mattress is to clean it thoroughly. A dirty mattress when stored, potentially causes molds, dust mites, etc. to breed on the sleeping surface, ruining it altogether.

Thus one should sterilize /clean it before storing it.

Use a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner to clean and air the top, bottom, and sides of the foam mattress so as to remove any surface sweat, dead skin, dust, or dirt. (avoid using upholstery cleaners as they do not absorb moisture/liquid completely).

In case you realize your mattress is very dirty then adopt the following method. keep your memory foam mattress under sunrays.

But Don’t soak the foam. Additionally, coat the mattress lightly with baking soda (Use a spray bottle instead to eliminate odor and stains.

Let the mattress sit at least an hour after coating. Then Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda. This step ensures you don’t have anything harmful inside the mattress.

Step 2: Cover the Mattress with a Waterproof Plastic mattress Bag

We need to protect the mattress from dirt, moisture, dust, insects and molds. So we should cover the neat and clean memory foam mattress.

This can be done by wrapping it in plastic and then securing it with firm tape to guard it against dust or dirt during transportation and storage.

But it’s a time-consuming process. If possible and according to your affordability, buy a breathable plastic mattress storage bag/covers.

Plastic Mattress storage bags are plastic cases designed to house beddings during storage. Available in all sizes, one should procure the right size for an easy application and proper fit.

As these plastic vacuum covers are mostly recyclable and waterproof, they nullify the presence of any moisture trapped inside. One must take due care while taping it.

Step 3: Seal/Tape The Mattress Cover

The next step is to tape / seal the cover properly from all sides. close all the openings in and around the plastic mattress cover bag.

To ensure this, thoroughly inspect the mattress first, for any hole and cut and then see that if there are holes on the bag.

This step is necessary because if left unattended, these holes will provide room for dust, insects, moisture, or molds to penetrate inside the mattress.

Examine and firmly seal all the openings on the mattress bag. Use ratchet straps to hold the locks more firmly. These straps are inexpensive and can hold things in place securely.

Step 4: Carefully Transport the Mattress to The Storage Location

Once done with tapping and strapping, you need to carefully transport the covered foam mattress to the place of the store. The place could be your house or elsewhere.

In case you need to store the mattress somewhere in your house then avoid storing it in the basement, garage, attic as these areas are temperature sensitives.

The weather fluctuations may decrease the durability of your memory foam mattress in those places.

In case of change of place i.e. shifting don’t load your mattress to the top of your vehicle. Snow, dust-storm may ruin the mattress when strapped on the top of an uncovered vehicle.

Use a covered truck for its protective transfer. Also, avoid placing any other heavyweight household object on the foam mattress that may lead to its deformation.

Moreover, while offloading the mattress ensure that there shouldn’t be any tear on the mattress bag. If found any, do fix it.

Step 5: Always Store the Memory Foam Mattress Flat

After deciding on a safe location of storage, lay your mattress flat on that place. Ensure that your memory foam mattress lies completely flat and in its natural position.

Never lay the mattress on its sides as it will cause permanent damage to the shape, the coil support cores will collapse and foam will hunch from the pressure.

Maintaining the flat positioning is best for long-term storage and ensures longevity. Before laying the mattress, either tie a tarp on the ground or place wooden pallets on the floor. This again will safeguard your mattress.

After reading the above guidelines you are now fully prepared to store your memory foam mattress in a correct way.

Before going to the other section of the article, do recapitulate these important dos’ and don’ts of Storing a Memory Foam Mattress

Dos and Don’t:


  • Do Cover the mattress bag from one end to the other in the proper way. Ensure the tape covers both ends.
  • Do Spread the bed flat
  • Do use a covered vehicle to transport the mattress.
  • Do a periodic check on the stored mattress. Turn it from time to time to avoid wear and tear.
  • Do clean and air the memory foam mattress again before using it again.


  • Don’t use upholstery cleaner
  • Don’t soak your bed while cleaning.
  • Don’t store the mattress in an upright position.
  • Don’t place any object on the mattress while storing it.
  • Don’t fold the mattress as it can alter its shape permanently.


1. Is it bad to store a mattress on its side?

Storing a mattress on its side may save place but it’s not recommended for a long time. Especially with memory foam mattress, it’s advisable not to store the mattress on its side.

The reason is that the mattress is unable to support itself in the side position (unable to bear its own weight).

Again the bottom section may contract and this will de-settle the inner workings of a side-stored mattress, thus taking a hunched shape and destroying the cushion.

If stored on the sides, the mattress will not get back to its original shape. Therefore, all memory foam mattresses need to be stored flat.

2. How long can you store a memory foam mattress on its side?

Though it is not recommended to store a memory foam mattress on its sides. In case you have to do so, then don’t store the mattress in that position for more than two months.

That’s the maximum time. Going beyond the suggested time limit will damage and ruin your foam mattress. 

The foundation/base of the mattress will be destroyed if laid on sideways for more than 2 months.

3. Is it OK to fold a memory foam mattress?

A solid foam or memory foam mattress can safely be folded or bend to move or store, as they are more flexible than traditional mattresses.

Whatever is the size of your Memory foam mattresses be, they can be compress, fold, and roll to be stored in a box.

It should be noted that a thicker mattress will be a little difficult to be folded in comparison to a thinner one. But eventually, the method should be adopted for a short duration only.

Otherwise, be wary of the damage. Folding a memory foam mattress for the Long term can create a problem—permanent damage to the foam. Even the creasing marks on the mattress may impact the support and cushion.

4. Can you repack a memory foam mattress?

There can be circumstances when you need to repack your memory foam mattress- moving to a new flat/city, swapping rooms etc. but the question arises as to how to do that.

It is possible to rebox your mattress but not in the original way as it had arrived when you bought it.

Unless you have factory-grade vacuum machinery it’s tough to rebox it in its original compressed dimensions. but you can get pretty close to that.

With the help of a typical vacuum device and a mattress vacuum bag, it may shrink down to a convenient size, say around 1/8- 1/10th of its size.

This is a budgeted solution that can be easily adopted by anyone. And don’t worry this specifically designed mattress vacuum bag can be bought online.

5. How long can you keep a memory foam mattress in the box?

Ideally one should unbox the foam mattress within 3-4 days of arrival. However, the time frame varies from brand to brand.

The exact duration for which you can keep a memory foam mattress in the box is mostly indicated by the manufacturer which may approximately range somewhere between less than a week to 3 months.

One should also be aware of the risks involved with a long waiting period to unbox the mattress that are as follows:

  • The memory foam mattress might not expand fully,
  • Possibility that the foam may not feel the same.
  • You could end up voiding the warranty.

Thus, the best thing is to unpack the mattress within 3 days of its arrival to avoid decompression and damage until and unless some indications from the manufacturer are mentioned in the package.

Final Comments:

From the above discussion, you must now be fully acquainted with the steps/guidelines on how to store a memory foam mattress. It’s nothing much of rocket science, but an easy task to undertake. The one attentive step being the- cleaning step. Otherwise, the whole process does not take up that much time.

These steps should be religiously followed so as to keep the mattress in its pristine condition. Storing it in a better way will keep it in great shape for even using it in the future.

From, cleaning the memory foam mattress to guarding it with a protective plastic cover, and finally selecting a controlled storage space, will help it retain its good shape.

Tip – if you plan to keep your mattress in the store for a long time then periodically you should open the plastic wrapping to remove any trapped air and let the mattress breathe.

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