How to Clean Memory Foam Shoes? How Often Should You Clean Them?

Don’t be embarrassed to step up with your old or dirty memory foam shoes. There are many ways to clean your shoes without find excuses to step out.

Skechers is one of the best choices in memory foam shoes. It is tough to get rid of dirty shoes as so many memories are attached to these shoes.

You own your favorite pair of memory foam shoes and we own some ways that we can share with you to keep them fresh and new always. Our article is a guide that has all the detailed steps to wash and clean memory foam shoes.

These are bound to get dirty if you have a job that requires regular traveling or standing on the feet all day. Memory foam shoes have to be comfortable and fresh always.

How Often Should You Clean Memory Foam Shoes?

Whenever you feel embarrassed to step out with your memory foam shoes, it means it is time for the clean-up. These methods are perfect for all types of memory foam shoes.

Thus, there isn’t a specific or standard time to wash these. The moment these make you uncomfortable you can pick a cleaning method of your choice and begin with it.

Different people follow different timings and intervals for washing memory foam shoes. You may choose what you can most relate to.

Effective Way to Clean Memory Foam Shoes [5 Step Washing Process]

We have the simplest method to clean memory foam shoes. Washing them often can help you enjoy your shoes like brand new for longer. The cleaning steps are convenient to follow. Let’s get started with all of these without waiting further.

1. Brushing off the dirt

One of the essential steps in every method is to clean the excess dirt and fresh dust from the shoes.

You can make the best use of your old toothbrush for cleaning purposes. Take an old toothbrush and brush off the excess dust from your memory foam shoes.

2. Try DIY cleaning lotion

You can prepare your cleaning lotion for the cleaning. Some laundry detergent and warm water are the best combinations.

Dilute the detergent in lukewarm water and mix well until you get soapy water.

3. Begin the cleaning process

Take either a toothbrush or a piece of old cloth. Dip the toothbrush in the soapy solution and brush on all the sides and corners of your shoes.

Pay close attention to dirty and stained areas, rub the solution nicely. You may also have to wash your insoles properly. Take them out and clean them separately.  

4. Wipe the soapy water

Once you have rubbed the dirty areas properly, it is time to clean the solution from your shoes. Take a clean and dry towel to wipe all of the soap.

Avoid making the shoes too wet and wipe the solution as you rub it.

5. Dry the shoes and in-soles

Let the shoes naturally air-dry. You may leave them at room temperature. However, avoid exposing your memory foam shoes under direct sunlight. Drying in-soles separately can help the drying process speed up.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Memory Foam Shoes?

You must avoid putting your memory foam shoes into the washing machine at all times. This will affect the durability, quality, and looks of your shoes.

You can wash manually rather than washing your more cherished shoes in a washing machine.

There is just one way to wind this situation. Put your shoes on a pillow cover and tie the ends. Put them in the washing machine for a quick wash.

The insoles take up to 12 hours to dry completely. Air drying is another option that you can try to make the drying process simpler.

How to Get rid of the Smell from Memory Foam Shoes?

Smelly shoes are worse than dirty shoes. You don’t wish to wear them on your date or to work and stink everywhere. There are three ways to get rid of smelly memory foam shoes. You may try any of the following as per your preference.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda not only acts as a cleaning agent but, is also widely used to fly away from the smell. The method is simple: Sprinkle some baking soda into your shoes and let them be at least overnight.

The powder soaks up the foul smell or bad odor. This is one of the oldest methods for cleaning the shoes and keeping them smell-free.

2. Crumpled Newspaper

The newspaper method is an easy way too. Collect a good amount of crumpled newspaper sprinkle some drops of vanilla, and stuffed these in your shoes overnight.

You will enjoy a pleasant smell the next morning. Follow this method at least two times and you will notice a great difference.

3. Wash the insoles

For heavier stinks, your insoles need a machine wash. Pull out your memory foam shoes’ insoles and drop them into the washing machine. 

Add some numbers of towels too for a tough wash. Let these air-dry after the wash. You can also add some drops of vinegar along with detergent.

4. Alcohol Rub

Pour some alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray some alcohol inside the shoes. Keep your shoes in a ventilated area or outside under shady area.

Let your shoes breathe freely and let the alcohol dry completely. Your shoes will be free from odor.

5. Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets are easily available online. Place dryer sheets in each shoe. The sheets consume the moisture making the shoes fresh like never before.

You can check few options on trusted e-commerce sites or check our recommended product at the end of the article.

6. Odor Spray

Odor or deodorizer sprays are easily available at the stores. If you don’t have the time to try all the DIYs, simply keep these sprays handy and use them whenever you feel your feet is smelly due to smelly shoes.

Remember, you just have to spray these inside and around the shoes and not on your feet.

7. Soap Bars

Another quick way to get rid of smell from the memory foam shoes is by placing soap bars inside the shoes. Perfumed soap bars help to absorb the odor and leave your shoes fresh, breezy, and wearable again!

Final Comments:

Never neglect shoe smell as it could lead to bacterial infections as well. Wash your memory foam shoes occasionally and regularly if you wear them every day or most frequently.

Memory foams provide a cushion-like feeling for your feet and that is what puts it in demand always. These are also known to absorb shocks and moisture.

However, regardless of your usage, you need to wear clean shoes always. If you find any confusion in cleaning your shoes, you can always come back to this article and seek support.

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