Can You Put Memory Foam in The Dryer? What Happens When You Put It?

Memory foams are strong and sturdy but, they have a way of being cleaned and dried. The technique to clean memory foam especially in pillows and mattresses is different.

We will discuss everything you are looking for on how to put memory foam in the dryer and whether it is advisable to do so.

Memory foams are most commonly used in blankets, mattresses, pillows, and toppers. Cleaning these is an easy task if you are aware of the dos and don’ts.

Memory foams can get dirty due to dirt, dust, sweat, and dead skin cells. Thus, you must keep them clean for healthy sleeping and living. Let’s get to the main subject of the article on whether these can be put in the dryer.

Can You Put Memory Foam in The Dryer?

Most memory foam companies and manufacturers would not advise you to use a dryer. It is because a dryer cycle rotates with great speed generating heat.

Thus, the chemicals in memory foam have higher risks of catching fire. This is why most companies mention these instructions in the product label or the product manual. Dryers can also shorten the lifespan of your memory foam mattress, pillows, toppers, etc.,

The best alternative to drying memory foam is the air-dry option. Direct sunlight not only benefits by removing bad odor from the foam but also, kills bacteria and mites.

Another reason why people do not prefer drying memory foam or washing it in the washing machine is due to the motion of the machine.

The washing machine cycle or dryer can tear apart the memory foam as well as the padding inside. This happens mainly when you put memory foam pillows to wash or in the dryer.

Why Cannot You Put Memory Foam in The Dryer?

Other than the above reasons that we discussed; memory foam products need gentle hands for a wash. Memory foam is strong in nature but, it can only stand temperature to a certain level due to chemical content.

If your dryer has options like no-heat or low level, it can still work, however, you need to read the instructions of your memory wash for washing and drying.

Let’s understand the drying method for different memory foam products.

Can You Put a Memory Foam Mattress in The Dryer?

Direct sunlight and fresh air are the best methods to dry memory foam. Putting memory foam mattresses in the dryer is not advisable.

But, if you have to dry the mattress indoors, then we suggest you place these in front of open windows. Let the mattress dry completely near the window. You may also dry it under the fan at full speed.

Can You Put a Memory Foam Pillow in The Dryer?

No, you need to follow the same method as you would for a memory foam mattress to dry memory foam pillow. Putting the pillows in the dryer will tear apart the foam into pieces.

You can place your memory foam pillow on a towel in front of an open window or under the electric fan at high speed to dry it completely.

In cases where the label on memory foam pillows gives a go-ahead for the dryer, you may follow the below instructions:

Before you begin, remember the drying process has to be quick as it is not recommended for you to do so.

Here is what you need to do if you still wish to take the risk.

  • Avoid putting more than two pillows at once in the dryer. More pillows at the same time in the dryer can result in overloading. Also, memory foam pillows expand in the drying cycle.
  • Put the dryer temperature on the slowest heat or no-heat setting.
  • Take a few tennis balls and fill them in the socks. Throw them in the dryer along with the memory foam pillows. This will allow the balls to bounce during the dry cycle and prevent clumping. The memory foam pillow will come out in the same fluffy state.
  • You need to use the dryer several times in a time interval of 45 minutes to dry them completely. After every cycle is complete of the dryer, shake the pillow and put them back in the dryer. This will sustain the fluffiness.
  • Squeeze your pillows a bit to check if the pillows are completely dry. If you feel some moisture, continue the dryer cycle until it is completely dry.

 *Instead of a machine dryer, you can use a hairdryer on the lowest setting or cool setting.

Can You Put a Memory Foam Topper in The Dryer?

Memory foam toppers can be put in a dryer but, there is a way to do it. You need to put it on low speed and low temperature to dry it safely. Follow the instructions on your memory foam topper cover.

If your topper label says so, you can go ahead and dry it safely. However, if the fabric is delicate, we suggest you follow the air-drying method instead of a hot dryer.

Final Words:

Always follow the instructions of memory foam for cleaning and drying it. Memory foam may look strong and sturdy, but they always need a gentle hand for drying.

Following the right instructions will help you enjoy the quality of memory foam for a long time. You may also check with your manufacturer on how you can dry and clean the specific product bought by them.

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