How To Glue Memory Foam? What Is the Best Memory Foam Glue?

Have you been looking for information on how to glue memory foam together? Joining two pieces of memory foam can be a smooth task once you know what type of glue works on it. We shall discuss this in this article ahead.

Other important stuff that we will discuss includes the type of glue for memory foam, glue recommendations, process, and guidelines on how to glue memory foam together.

Most people find challenges in sticking memory foam especially when they are thinking to increase the size of memory foam by sticking pieces together. This happens mainly when you own a king-size bed and wish to top an equal size memory foam on the same.

Let’s find out more details regarding such similar situations.

Can Memory Foam Be Glued Together?

Yes! Memory foam can be glued together; however, there are certain things you need to be careful about. Memory foam is glued for various reasons:

  • To join smaller pieces to make a bigger one
  • To cut and stick together to make a better memory foam version
  • For craft purposes
  • Your memory foam is damaged and you wish to glue it to fix it

You need to have the right materials and tools to stick memory foam together. Also, you cannot use any random glue to stick memory foam.

You need to find the right type of glue that is strong enough to stick memory foam together. Another thing to pay close attention to is the technique.

We shall discuss all that ahead. For now, let’s step to the next most sought subheading on the internet.

What Kind of Glue Can You Use on Memory Foam?

If you are planning to fix ripped memory foam, you need to look for spray-based adhesives that are compatible with memory foam or open-cell foams. We have shared some recommendations post this section for you.   

The task to stick memory foam is simple once you have arranged for the special glue. Choosing any other type of glue will melt the memory foam mattress and spoil its quality.

You would need something like 3M Super 77 to stick memory foam together. Such adhesives are specially designed to form a strong bond between memory foam pieces.

These types of glues are easily available online as well as in craft stores. Foam adhesives are easy to use as well.

Recommended Memory Foam Glue:

How to Glue Memory Foam Together? [3 Simple Steps]

As discussed, the process of sticking memory foam is simple once you have the right tools and technique. We have shared the tools and now let’s discuss the technique or steps of sticking memory foam together.

Step 1:

You need to cover the surface where you plan to glue foam pieces together. You can use protective covers for the same.

Memory foam adhesives are strong and thus it would be challenging to remove if they get stuck on the tabletop. It is because memory foam glues contain aerosol that can damage your floor if in contact with the glue.

Step 2:

Place one piece of memory foam on the flat solid surface. Now, place another piece next to it. You must patiently and carefully align the pieces to make a standard level so that glue can stick together the pieces evenly.

Step 3:

Shake the bottle of memory foam spray adhesive well before using it. Press both sides together so that the glue can come out smoothly.

Once you use it on the pieces to glue them together, leave them overnight in the same state so that glue can dry.

Can You Use Super Glue on Memory Foam?

Not exactly! Sprays such as 3M Super 77 are a perfect example of adhesives to stick memory foam. Using superglue may not give you the same results as otherwise.

It is because the glue may be strong for other products but, not as strong to fix foam products. Also, super glue lacks flexibility. Thus, the glue weakens with time.

Choosing glue specifically for memory foam could be tricky. You need to find something that is not only strong and accurate but also flexible.

You must also remember that super glue is not meant for sticking fabric. Due to its strong content, it will generate heat quickly and may burn the fibers.

Can You Use Hot Glue on Memory Foam?

Hot glue can melt the foam and so you must choose a glue that can be used at cold temperature. If you are planning to use a glue gun, then you may have to run it at variable temperatures (high, medium, and low).

Avoid using the glue gun at high temperatures or it will melt and spoil the memory foam. For your reference, hot glue can stick just about anything except silicone, wax, vinyl, metal, greasy or wet surfaces, and similar products.

Few DIY experts have given a positive nod for hot glue on memory foam but, you need to have a clear understanding of the right temperature.

Don’t panic, if you find memory foam melting a bit. It may melt a bit but, only strengthen the bond between the pieces. Gorilla glue is another product that runs in many people’s minds to stick memory foam.

Although gorilla glue is 100% waterproof, strong, and safe to use, we recommend you use it only if you have no other alternative as gorilla glue may be too sturdy and lack flexibility for some memory foam products.

Things To Remember to Stick Memory Foam Together Well:

  1. Cover your face or wear a mask before you begin the gluing process.
  2. Do not allow kids or pets to be around until the glue has dried completely on memory foam.
  3. Don’t forget to clean the foam well.
  4. Use the best and right glue always, especially when you have invested money in buying quality memory foam.
  5. Learn the technique of applying the glue correctly.
  6. Use the correct pressure while sticking it together.
  7. Give sometime to the foam and the glue to strengthen.

Final Words:

A few simple steps if followed carefully can solve your concerns to glue memory foam together. You need to make your resources strong and prepare things properly.

There is a lot of information on the internet that you can find about gluing memory foam together. For any queries and concerns, you may also seek support from your nearest craft store.

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