What Is Copper Infused Memory Foam? Pros & Cons of Copper-Infused Memory Foam

Copper Infused memory foam is one of the latest advancements in memory foam technology. It is produced with a mixture of copper gel beads during the foam making process. 

Copper-infused memory foam doesn’t contain metallic copper as many people think and so it is not harmful to the body.

The copper in the memory foam is a natural element that contains outstanding antimicrobial properties that keep away odors, bacteria and viruses from new toppers, mattresses, pillows, etc. It doesn’t expose the user to any form of heavy metal toxicity.  

Copper is exceptionally conductive, as such, it helps in dissipating excessive body heat to give you the most comfortable and coolest night sleep. It is designed to provide superior support and has got great cooling properties so you can sleep well at night without sweating.

It is a hyper-elastic foam that can conform to the contours of the body while also offering impressive pressure points relieving effects around your body.            

Copper-infused memory foam absorbs a high amount of heat and can also release moisture pretty fast to enhance the cooling performance of the foam. 

What Is Copper Infused Memory Foam?

Copper-infused memory foam is a type of memory foam that has copper infusion to absorb heat and make the user have better and cooling sleep, especially at night.

This type of memory foam is best suited for sleepers who get overheated while sleeping during the night.

It regulates the body’s temperature because it has a thermal regulator that keeps the body cool with unparallel airflow and breathability.    

Best Copper Infused Memory Foam Topper [Top 3 Recommendations]

Best Copper Infused Memory Foam Pillow [Top 3 Picks]

  1. Sealy Copper Infused Memory Foam Bed Pillow
  2. Serta Perfect Sleeper Arctic Copper Memory Foam Pillow
  3. CopperX Ultra Plush Pillow

Pros and Cons of Copper Infused Memory Foam

Pros of Copper-Infused Memory Foam

1. Health benefits

Studies have shown that the antimicrobial effect of copper is very lethal on microorganisms like viruses, fungus and bacteria. For instance, the flu virus has got no chance of surviving on any memory foam products that are copper-infused.

There is a high concentration of copper particles on the surface of the foam when you compress copper-infused memory foam. This makes the particles form an antimicrobial film close to the skin of the user to give a peaceful sleep.

Copper-infused memory foam is not toxic. It is safe for human use and not harmful to the body.  

2. Support

The copper gel provides multiple layers of support to help you sleep comfortably. When the foam is compressed, the gel in the copper increases its level of support as required to ensure there are no pressure points.

In areas where there is deep compression, the gel becomes more reinforced to give added support. This means that copper-infused memory foam can withstand loads of pressure without the loss of its support properties. 

It also supports the spine by helping to align it properly for an improved sleeping position that benefits the lower back and shoulders.

3. Great thermal properties

Copper is a great thermal regulator. So, using copper-infused memory foam allows for unfettered airflow for the proper regulation of your body temperature.

It liberates heat through its effective particles to offer exceptional cooling support that your body needs for a sweat-free night’s sleep. All of this can happen because copper is a good conductor that doesn’t hold onto heat.  

4.  Better blood circulation

People wear copper bracelets to enhance their body’s blood circulation.

It is the same with copper-infused memory foam because copper emits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that improve blood circulation throughout the body which, in turn, helps you to sleep better. 

5. Isolation of motion transfer

If you find yourself tossing and turning noisily every night, then copper-infused memory foam will help to isolate your movements so that the movements won’t have any effects on your sleep and that of your partner. 

6. Wake up refreshed and energised

Copper-infused memory foam helps you to wake up refreshed and energized every morning.

This is because the ions in the copper rejuvenate your body, increase blood circulation and enhance speedy recovery. The antimicrobial properties also guarantee an undisturbed night’s sleep.          

Cons of Copper-Infused Memory Foam       

1. Expensive

Copper-infused memory foam is more expensive than regular memory foam. 

2. Heavier in weight

It is slightly heavier than the regular memory foam. The addition of copper can add as much as 12 ounces per square yard to the original weight of the memory foam. 

Copper Infused Memory Foam Vs Regular Memory Foam

The copper-infused memory foam shares some properties with the regular memory foam which includes conforming to the body contours of the user and relieving the user’s pressure points.

They both provide support and comfort but at different levels. Both of them have antimicrobial properties that help to fight viruses, fungus, bacteria and other microbes. 

When manufacturing copper-infused memory foam, manufacturers infuse copper gel beads to absorb and wick away heat from the user so that the sleeper can experience a cooler night sleep than experienced with the regular memory foam.

Copper-infused memory foam doesn’t hold onto heat while the regular foam can retain heat depending on the density of the foam. 

Copper-infused memory foam is hyper-elastic. This means it can return quickly to its original position after a high impact while the regular memory foam is viscoelastic, meaning it has a slow return to its original position after impact.

The copper in the memory foam helps to enhance collagen thereby helping to improve the health of your skin. It fights wrinkles and ageing. It also improves blood circulation.   

Top 3 Copper Infused Memory Foam Toppers

1. Maxzzz 3-Inch Copper Infused Memory Foam Topper

Value for Money 

The Maxzzz 3-inch copper-infused memory foam topper is your best bet if you want to start waking up refreshed and energetic every day. It is extremely soft and able to conform to the contours of your body and relieve pressure points.

The copper components in the memory foam suck up excess body heat to give you cool comfort at every night’s sleep. 

This topper is not only copper-infused but also infused with bamboo charcoal to help in regulating odors; moisture and temperature for an enhanced sleeping environment that will make you sleep more comfortably.

The mattress pad comes with ventilation holes to improve airflow and push out excess heat from the topper to make it exceptionally cool and breathable.

You will like the skin-friendly cover. It has a zipper for easy removal and care. There are also four elastic bands at four corners of the topper to ensure that it stays in place. The cover is machine washable and to top it all, the topper has 10 years warranty.  


  • Impressive comfort and support
  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Regulate odours, temperature and moisture
  • Absorbs excess heat for a cool night sleep
  • Extremely soft and durable 
  • Easy to remove and wash topper cover
  • 10 years warranty 


  • It is a bit pricey 

2. Zinus Copper Infused Memory Foam Topper 

Best for Comfort and Support  

The Zinus copper-infused memory foam topper is a comfortable topper built with the latest copper technology to help you say goodbye to bad nights.

This topper is highly conductive because of its copper infusion which makes it able to reduce too much body heat and dispel excess moisture. This helps your mattress to stay clean for a longer time.

The comfort and support that this product provides are incomparable to any other out there.

Apart from being made with copper-infused memory foam, the topper also has a contoured airflow design that offers you the support, softness and cool comfort that you need even if you spread a thick sheet on the topper.

It further provides you with customized support by cradling your pressure points so that every night sleep can be pain-free. 

The topper is compressed into one box for easy shipment to your doorsteps. Just unbox it, spread it and it will return to its original shape in 72 hours.

It has been certified by Certi-PUR-US for top performance, durability and unparalleled comfort. It is also backed by 5 years warranty for peace of mind.


  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Soft and supportive 
  • Offers impressive cooling with its exceptional airflow design 
  • Reduces excess body heat and wicks out excess moisture
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Compact packaging for easy shipping 
  • 5 years worry-free warranty 


  • It comes with no cover

3. Best Price Mattress Copper Infused Memory Foam Topper 

Best Price 

You cannot go wrong with the Best Price Mattress copper-infused memory foam topper if you are looking for a product that won’t put a hole in your pocket.

The product is designed with five comfort zones to effectively relieve pressure points and provide you with optimized comfort. 

The different five body zones also help to prevent frequent turning and tossing at night to give you a better sleep. This copper-infused mattress topper is designed to hug your body so you can sleep comfortably. 

The airflow design makes the topper very breathable with exceptional body heat regulation to offer you a great night sleep devoid of sweat or any discomfort. It is certified by CertiPUR-US and backed by 3 years warranty. 


  • Comfortable and affordable
  • Improved airflow 
  • Extremely light 
  • Relieves pressure points  
  • It is odourless 
  • Absorbs moisture and regulates body heat
  • 3 years warranty  


  • It is fragile 

Top 3 Copper-Infused Memory Foam Pillows

1. Sealy Copper Infused Memory Foam Pillow 

Value for Money 

If you are looking for value for money, this is it. The Sealy copper-infused memory foam pillow is a product that goes to work while you are asleep.

The pillow helps to relieve pressure points and prevents the trapping of heat. It gives you cool comfort so you can have a breezy sleep every night without the need to toss and turn. 

The inclusion of copper makes the pillow cool to touch while its premium memory foam increases your level of comfort and support to a whole new level. The pillow conforms to your shape and size while aligning properly with your spine and neck.  

It is hypoallergenic. This means it can protect your face against microbes like fungi, bacteria and viruses that could make acne and sores surface on your face.

It is available in a standard size making it ideal for both kids and adults. It comes with a machine washable cover for easy care. Just tumble dry low. 


  • Provides excellent comfort and support
  • Fight microbes like fungi and bacteria 
  • Properly aligns the head with the neck 
  • It cools the body 
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Prevents odours 
  • Comes with a machine washable cover     


  • It is a bit pricey

2. Serta Perfect Sleeper Arctic Copper Memory Foam Pillow 

Best for All Sleep Positions

This pillow is made with quality materials to give you the best sleep. It is infused with copper cooling gel so you can sleep comfortably while the memory foam conforms to your body shape for maximum support.

The memory foam also offers cradling comfort; relieves pressure points and adequately supports your neck and head. The pillow is designed to support you in any sleeping position. 

The improved airflow enhances the breathability of the pillow while dissipating heat pretty fast to ensure that you don’t experience any semblance of heat around your head.  

With this copper-infused memory foam pillow, your sleeping surface is naturally protected from the dangerous effects of microbes such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc. It comes with a cover made of polyester and polyethylene to soothe your skin.


  • Offers head and neck conforming comfort and support
  • Increased airflow dissipates heat 
  • Pressure points-relieving performance
  • Protects the surface against microbes like fungus and bacteria
  • Extremely soft 
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions 
  • Made in the USA 


  • It is too flat 

3. CopperX Ultra Plush Pillow 

Best Price 

Those who have budget constraints can still enjoy the benefits of a copper-infused memory foam pillow that exceeds their expectations.

The pillow supports your head and neck adequately because of its quality memory foam while offering cool comfort every night due to its copper infusion technology.

It is designed with moisture-wicking technology to reduce moisture and improve airflow to neutralize body heat to the barest minimum so you can have a deserving rest.

The pillow offers great comfort and supports you all the way whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. 

The copper infusion ensures that your sleeping area is well protected against microorganisms like fungus, germs, bacteria and viruses.


  • Great comfort and support 
  • Absorbs moisture with ease
  • Dissipates body heat
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Fights microbes like germs, fungus and bacteria 
  • It is machine washable 
  • Suited for all types of sleeping positions


  • No pillowcase

Final Words:

Whether you are looking for a copper-infused memory topper or pillow, you will find one or two products that meet your needs in the review above.

All the products are tested and trusted to provide you with exceptional comfort and support. They are all made with quality materials to ensure you sleep tight every night.    

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