Can You Cut a Memory Foam Mattress? How Easy Is It to Cut Memory Foam?

Are you looking for information related to DIYs with memory foam, and not sure if you can cut your old memory foam mattress or not? Now that you have made up your mind to make some use of your memory foam mattress, the answer is yes!

Memory foam mattresses can be cut to desired shape and size. You just need to know the right way of doing it. Don’t worry; we will help you with all the possible information.

Understand the tools, techniques, and precautions along with all the other details before you begin cutting memory foam mattresses. Read on.

Can Memory Foam Be Cut to Fit?

You need a list of tools and materials to get the desired cut to fit memory foam perfectly in your place. Before you begin to cut, one of the essential things to check is whether your memory foam is made of fiberglass.

If you cut a memory foam that contains fiberglass, its particles will scatter in your room leaving unhealthy circumstances.

You must read the manufacturer’s description for the same. Fiberglass memory foam mattresses are not recommended for cutting. Thus, you may have to consider some good-quality memory foam mattresses without fiberglass.

How Easy Is It to Cut Memory Foam?

With the support of a sharp knife, you can easily get a smooth cut on your memory foam. The edges may be rough or ragged and thus, you may have to look for sawing options.

You need to have the patience to make it a smooth task. Memory foam products are stiffer and harder compared to other materials and so they provide a smooth surface to sleep on.

Fiberglass memory foam mattresses are harder to cut than normal memory foam mattresses. The same challenge is with gel-based mattresses too. You need a proper cutting tool, marking pen, and measuring tape to complete the task.

Before we begin discussing the various ways of cutting memory foam, it would be wise to understand the reason why people cut it.

Why Do You Need to Cut a Memory Foam Mattress?

1. To trim or change the size and shape of memory foam mattress

People cut old memory foam mattresses to renovate their couch, sofa, or daybed. Furniture have different size and shape, thus you may have to make a custom-sized mattress for the same. Cutting is the best solution in these scenarios.

2. To split a large the king-sized mattress into two

Large-sized memory foam mattresses are also cut and split into two to share with a partner. Families with kids do the same to get a standard size for all children. This can save a lot of money rather than buying new from the store.

3. To shape up pet’s memory foam bed

You can cut your old memory foam mattress to make a customized bed for your pet. Spread it on the chair or couch and let them be in their bed all the time. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to get a portable bed for your fur baby.

4. To give a new look to your existing memory foam mattress

Old memory foam mattresses can be used in many ways to give a new life. For instance, you can make a laptop pad, mouse pad, seat cushions, neck pillows, back cushion support, bench cover, garden chair cushion, camping bags, sleeping adventure bag, and more…

5. To make memory foam mattress thinner

Sofa, couch, and foldable cots need a thin mattress. Memory foam mattresses can be cut thinner to fit in the right density, shape, and size. If you cut it like a DIY expert, your mattress quality won’t be affected at all. Thin mattresses are also space-saving.

6. To protect memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses can be cut and saved for future purposes in case the current is damaged. Rather than spoiling the entire mattress with pets or kids around, it would be wise to cut it into different pieces and use it as required.

Can You Cut Memory Foam with A Hot Wire?

You can use a hot wire to cut memory foam if it is small in size. Hot wire is also useful to cut memory foam with higher density. However, most DIY experts will recommend you to use a sharp knife to cut memory foam mattresses and covers.

Hotwire is also a great option to carve intricate shapes. You just need to be very patient and careful while using it. If you stop in the middle, it will melt the foam in one spot and make it look messy.

How to cut memory foam with hot wire?

Hot wire is essential to cut the memory foam with the desired shape, especially the edges.

You would need the following materials to complete the task:

  • A-Frame or PVC pipe
  • Power Supply (preferably 12-volt power supply)
  • Nichrome wire to heat the element
  • A switch, wire, and hardware for the process

Process to Cut memory foam with hot wire:

  1. Make a frame with a PVC pipe: Use PVC cement to attach the pipe into a C shape.
  2. Begin cutting the wire: Cut the right measure of wire. You need to check the detailed process from a DIY expert.
  3. Attach the wire and frame: If you have connectors for the wires, it would be great. You need to attach one end and compress the frame to attach the other. Once you release the frame, it will be connected tightly and properly.
  4. Start cutting the mattress: Measure the desired area that you want to cut and mark lines using a marker or pen. A wire cutter cuts a straight perfect line.
  5. Begin with the upper foam layer: You cannot cut the whole mattress with wire at once. You will have to cut the upper foam layer at first.
  6. Cover your mattress with cotton or organic fabric to prevent dust and dirt: Cover your mattress with a cover to avoid dust and pet hair. You can fold the excess fabric from the side of the memory foam.

Things to remember while using hot wire to cut memory foam:

  • Your memory foam mustn’t be flammable and you should not touch the hot wire.
  • Have some skilled person around who has experienced this process before.
  • To cut the memory foam, your wire must be heated up to 200° C (392F).
  • The heat produced while cutting the material may expand and release toxic fumes that could be bad for your health. Thus, it would be wise to do this with someone who has experience in it.

Hotwire Recommendations:

Can You Cut Memory Foam with A Jigsaw?

Jigsaw blades are designed to cut tough and dense foams that come with fiberglass insulation. Jigsaw helps to cut large-sized foams. We don’t recommend that you do this on your own if you lack experience or you will mess up the memory foam.

Memory foam mattresses are highly known for support and density. Thus, for denser and thicker quality in big sizes, a jigsaw is a wiser option.

How to cut memory foam with jigsaw?

Jigsaw is also useful to cut wood, thick cardboard, and other types of foam as well.

You may need the following materials to begin the process:

  • Jigsaw (preferably electric)
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Marking pen

Process to cut memory foam with jigsaw:

  1. Plan: Decide and measure the size as well as the dimensions of the memory foam mattress that you wish to cut.
  2. Uncover: Remove the mattress from the cover.
  3. Measure: Measure the mattress with a ruler, marker pen and also check the size of your jigsaw blade.
  4. Begin cutting: Cut the mattress carefully by placing it on a flat surface. Do not compress it.
  5. Trim the unwanted pieces or areas: Trim the unwanted area as smoothly as you can to give a perfect finish.

Recommended Jigsaws:

Can You Cut Memory Foam with Scissors?

Regardless of what option you choose to cut your memory foam mattress, you must remember that cutting it will void your manufacturer’s warranty.

To cut a foam mattress with a knife, you need the following tools:

  • Ruler
  • Marking pen
  • Sharp knife (regular or electric)

Process to cut memory foam with Scissors:

  1. Measure: Measure the dimensions of memory foam mattress first.
  2. Place the mattress: Put the memory foam on the flattened surface or a flat ground.
  3. Overlay: It would be better to overlay medium density on top of a high-density memory foam mattress. That will ensure comfortable cutting.
  4. Avoid compressing: Do not compress the mattress while cutting.
  5. Follow the line: Follow the line that you have marked and begin the cutting process patiently

Things to remember while cutting memory foam using Scissors:

You can use a serrated or non-serrate knife to cut memory foam mattresses. For a thin mattress, use heavy scissors or shears. Sharp craft knives also come in handy to cut smoothly.

Recommended Scissors:

What Is the Best Way to Cut Memory Foam?

In addition to the above discussion, there are many ways as shared by DIY experts to cut memory foam mattresses.

Below are the highly recommended tools:

  • Electric carving knife
  • Serrated bread knife
  • A hack saw
  • Hedge clippers
  • Saber saw

You must also know some more basics to make the memory foam mattress cut easy.

Let’s discuss these in short as explained by DIY experts.

  • Begin by making a small hole to find out whether your memory foam contains fiberglass.
  • Check the tag of the mattress by the manufacturer. It will display the size, density, and other special features of your mattress.
  • Do some online research to get answers to your doubts.
  • Do not forget to remove the mattress from the topper or cover.
  • Always put the mattress on flat ground or a flat surface.
  • Draw straight lines and recheck twice.
  • Have support by your side if you are a beginner.

Final Words:

We hope you are clear that cutting memory foam mattresses is not rocket science. With the right aid and techniques, you can cut any dimensions of memory foam.

You will get accurate results without affecting the quality of memory foam mattresses. Lastly, we advise you to learn everything and all the possibilities before beginning the cutting.

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