What Is the Difference Between Tempur and Memory Foam? [Which Is Better?]

If you are searching for a comparison between Tempur and Memory Foam, then we assume you have all the experience of using either of these.

If not, don’t worry; we still have the best researched content describing the two. We hope the article will help you to compare the two products and make a rational decision on your selection.

To begin with, let us put it this way, nothing is perfect; everything comes with positive and negative sides. Similarly, both the products have their pros and cons.

Thus, comparing tempur and memory foam doesn’t make either one low. Regardless of what people choose, it is a personal choice.

Difference Between Tempur and Memory Foam

The best part to begin discussing is by understanding the meaning of both…

Tempur Foam

Tempur are also referred to as tempur-pedic. It is made up of viscoelastic polyurethane foam or synthetic foam. Mainly, Tempur is used in mattresses.

The objective of the material is to put pressure to relieve pain. It may sound similar, but, there are differences between memory and Tempur foam. For instance, Tempur mattresses take the shape as per the body weight.

Manufacturers also make pillows and varieties of mattresses from firm to plush with Tempur foam. These foams are also used in aircraft cushions and cushion seats.

Tempur products are known to be resistant to sagging and they distribute evenly to the body weight. They are also appreciated for their effective pressure points and quick relief.

If you have to compare these with memory foam, let us share that Tempur-pedic mattresses come with more layers compared to memory foam.

To share a secret, Tempur foam pillows are highly preferred and sold by the manufacturer due to great demand whereas memory foams enjoy great sales as mattresses. Now you know what you should look for.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam combines layers with foam and springs to give the desired support. The reason it is known as memory foam is that the foam remembers the shape even after the pressure on the foam is removed.

To share an interesting fact, memory foam was originally designed by NASA during the mid-60s. Earlier, it was also referred to as visco-elastic foam.

Memory foam mattresses are highly preferred by customers for the various benefits they carry. Memory foam remembers your body shape and usual sleep position, hence it is known as ‘Memory’ foam.

Other than mattresses, memory foam is also used to manufacture pillows, blankets, shoes, and many other related products such as medical wheelchairs, hospital bed pillows, cervical pillows, and padding, etc.,

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Now that we know their meanings and purpose, it would be wise to learn their individual advantages too. It will help you to compare these advantages between them. Let us focus on the advantages related to their major usage i.e. in mattresses.

Benefits of Tempur Mattress

1. Fast relief from pain

Tempur have been known during the mid-60s as discussed by us. The material was appreciated as it helped to control the pressure and temperature.

Thus, it was originally created by NASA. In simple words, the foam takes shape of your body and gives you support to sleep peacefully all night long. Regardless of what position you sleep in, it puts pressure on points that help to ease the pain.

2. Helps in spine alignment

The material is also known to comfort your body in every manner. It is like a comforter that hugs you all night giving comfort to your every curve.

Users who have experienced using Tempur mattresses have felt relief from spine pain and other body aches.

3. Prevents and relieves from allergy

The Temur-pedic mattress helps you to prevent allergies that are likely to happen with other harsh mattress materials.

Moreover, the increased comfort on the back and neck also helps in reducing allergic symptoms (if any). A good night sleep during the allergic season or bad weather can keep you healthy and fresh

4. Minimal motion transfer

For those who suffer from lack of sleep, Tempur mattresses are known to be the ideal mattress. It is because regardless of how many positions you shift while lying in bed; the mattress will continue to give you the same comfort.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

1. Maximum support with comfort

Memory foam helps to give proper comfort and support to the body. Better quality mattresses by manufacturers help to make you feel that the mattress is accustomed just for you.

2. Puts pressure on the exact points

Memory foam mattresses reduce pressure even from the heaviest parts of the body. That means you get relief from aches and pains as there is no disruption of blood circulation as you sleep in any position.

3. Minimizes movement transfer

Memory foam mattresses are perfect for deep sleep. It prevents movement transfer so you don’t run the risk of tossing or falling from the bed. Try it and you would know what we are discussing.

4. Resistance to dust and mite

The visco-elastic material in memory foam mattresses helps in preventing dust mites. In short, it means is there are no dust mites, thus you are less prone to allergies, itchy skin, and poor sleep patterns. 

Memory Foam Vs Tempur [Which is Better?]

Other than the advantages, let’s discuss a few factors related to Tempur and Memory Foam that will help you to choose a suitable product as per your requirement.

1. Material

One of the key differences between the two is the material used to manufacture these. As we know that memory foams contain Visco material whereas Tempur are made of Tempur material.

Another key difference is that memory foam product are built with two layers, whereas the other contains four to five support layers.

2. Warranty

In the case of memory foam, mattress experts would suggest you change it every 8 years. Tempur mattresses enjoy a 10-year warranty.

Thus, if you wish to invest one time, then Tempur will last long, however, those who wish to change their pillows and mattresses at intervals may opt for memory foam.

3. Affordability

Tempur-pedic is known to be the king of mattresses due to their extended lifetime, durability, quality, and comfort. Those with tighter budgets can certainly shift to memory foam mattresses.

4. User Feedback

Talking of customer experience, those who have used tempur would never think of shifting to any other mattress.

We cannot comment on what would be better as it is entirely customer choice and preference as we mentioned. However, Tempur has mostly enjoyed positive reviews.

Final Words:

We suggest you do not buy a product based on the price or reviews; you must set a budget of your own and your list of requirements. You cannot say one is bad and another good based on a few differences.

Both products have distinct features that you can compare and choose based on your preference. For any other confusion, manufacture or expert can also be a great support to you.

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