Are Memory Foam Earbud Tips Good? [5 Best Memory Foam Earbud Tips]

Are you looking for information to know more about memory foam earbud tips? Congratulations, you are at the right place.

Let’s first understand the popular type of material used to make earbud tips:

The ideal earbud tips are the ones that fit your ears perfectly and comfortably. However, it is the type of material that is used in making them that would determine how comfortable they would be. 

For instance, some earbud tips are made with silicone while others are made with memory foam.

Some of the silicone earbud tips are durable but they don’t fit people with smaller ear canals and they hurt the ears too while the ones with memory foam can be pressed into shape to fit your ears without any discomforts.

They are usually round or spherical and extremely comfortable because of the memory foam softness.

All types of ear sizes can benefit from using memory foam earbud tips because the foam can expand to offer noise cancellation, enhanced sound quality and increased comfort.

It must also be noted that it is not all earbud tip sizes that can fit all ears. This is why most of the models come in a mix of small, medium and large sizes so you can find the right fit. 

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right earbud tips, you don’t have to worry because I will be discussing all that you need to know about memory foam earbud tips in this post.

Are Memory Foam Ear Tips Good? 

Yes, memory earbud tips are good for many reasons including comfort, quality of sound, noise isolation and many more. All these make them better than silicon earbud tips. Below are few important elements that make memory foam ear tips worth.

1. Comfort and fit

In general, memory foam earbud tips are comfortable. You can squeeze the foam before they are inserted into your ear. They expand in your ears to give you a great fit.

On the other hand, silicone ear tips are not comfortable and can drop off your ear when you are running or exercising. This is not the case with memory foam earbud tips. They stay firm in the ears and don’t slide out easily. 

2. Quality of sound

Apart from giving you a better fitting and comfort, memory foam earbud tips have crystal-clear sound with excellent bass. However, silicone earbud tips don’t have outstanding sound.

The bass usually has an alteration. So, if you love listening to music or podcast, memory foam ear tips would give a joyful sound that touches your soul. 

3. Noise cancellation

Memory foam earbud tips help to isolate noise. This means unwanted external noise is blocked and stopped from interfering with the sweet sound of the music or podcast you are listening to.

This is because memory foam provides a snug fit which is the opposite of silicone earbud tips that allow noise to interfere with the sound.

Top 5 Memory Foam Earbud Tips

How To Choose the Best Memory Foam Earbud Tips?

Choosing a pair of memory foam earbud tips is not like picking books off the shelf. There are important factors to consider when selecting them. Follow the buying guide below to make an informed choice:

1. Durability

Memory foam ear tips wear out with time. This is why you have to choose the ones that last for a long time. Apart from the memory foam, you also have to ensure that the items are made of quality materials. Doing this will greatly help to increase their productivity.

2. Positioning

How are the earbud tips positioned? Answering this question will help you choose the ones that can fit your ears perfectly. This also determines the sound quality.

Check well to ensure they are deeply penetrating so as to fit your ear canals. Go for the larger size if the smaller size doesn’t fit snugly. 

3. Comfortable fit

Hurting earbud tips or the ones that fall off easily can be very embarrassing. Look for an option that stays intact whether you running, cycling or hiking. The memory foam should be able to expand to give you a comfortable fit.   

4. Style

If you are a person of style, you have to take your time to choose memory foam earbud tips that are classy and trendy. Whilst you are choosing something stylish, ensure that you don’t ignore the other factors. Don’t sacrifice other factors because of style and class. 

5. Ergonomic design

Ergonomically-designed memory foam earbud tips increase your comfort. They are easy to handle. They are not fragile and won’t break or get damaged while trying to fix them into your ears.   

6. Ease of cleaning

Memory foam earbud tips can magnet a lot of dirt easily. The dirt gathers around the foam. So, to avoid ear infections, you have to clean them regularly.

If you choose an option that is difficult to clean, it means you will spend a lot of money buying replacements frequently. Always look out for options that are easy to clean and maintain.

Some of them are even washable. But I will advise you to purchase cleaning kits if you cannot find an option that is easy to clean.  

7. Prevention of sweat

Sweat can affect the performance of your earbud tips. So, to avoid this, you have to look for a product that is sweat-resistant. Your option should also be able to prevent earwax and debris.      

8. Multiple sizes

If you are not sure of the size of your ear canal, you must choose a pair of earbud tips that come in multiple sizes of small, medium and large. Doing this means you are sure of having a size that fits your ear perfectly. 

9. Customer reviews

Don’t overlook customer reviews if you are purchasing the items online. Seeing the reviews of people who have used the product will point you in the right direction. 

Top 5 Best Memory Foam Earbud Tips

1. COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips 

Value for Money

Although the COMPLY Foam earbud tips are a bit pricey, they nonetheless provide great value for money spent. With these earbud tips, you can perfectly hear every beat and melody.

They have a studio-like sound quality that makes your listening session a rewarding one. They have an unshakable fit with the ear-conforming memory foam that provides you with all-day comfort. 

The extremely soft memory foam expands to fit your ear and provides you with pure quality sound. With the noise-canceling feature, noise disturbances are blocked out for improved bass and a great audio experience. 

They stay put perfectly to eliminate the fear of slipping off or falling off. These earbud tips won’t give you any ear pain because the memory foam gives your ear some soothing relief so you don’t experience any ear fatigue.

These earbud tips charge perfectly without interference because they are designed to fit most of the wireless charging cases like that of Apple AirPods Pro 2.0. 


  • Reduces outside noise
  • Provides great quality sound 
  • Fits your ear perfectly
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Charges with ease
  • Prevents sweat, debris and earwax
  • Super easy to use


  • It is a bit pricey 

2. KLIM Earphone Memory Foam Earbud Tips

Best for Comfort

If comfort matters a lot to you, then the KLIM memory foam earbud tips are designed for you. They are made with soft memory foam that magnet your ears to give you a close-fitting. The foam pushes out outside noise to deliver great sound for your listening pleasure.

With the memory foam, the earbud tips are capable of moulding into the shape of your ears to stop them from sliding out or falling off. 

One interesting thing about these earbud tips is that you can use them with your PC since they come with an adapter. The audio quality is outstanding with exceptional bass. 

You are spoilt for options because the product comes in 6 pairs and 4 colors of blue, green, red and black. These earbud tips are compatible with more than 90% of earphones out there. 


  • An unbeatable memory foam comfort 
  • Unparalleled compatibility with many earphones
  • Moulds to fit your inner ear
  • Neutralizes outside noise
  • High-quality audio with solid bass
  • Comes with an adapter for PC use
  • 5 years warranty 


  • They get dirty quite easily 

3. RIYO Premium 12-Pieces Memory Foam Earbud Tips

Best for Budget

If you are on a budget and looking for a pair of memory foam earbud tips, the RIYO Premium Memory Foam Earbud Tips are highly recommended.

The patented viscoelastic memory foam is 30 times softer than silicone to give you unbeatable comfort whether at home or work. 

The memory foam also provides you with a superior audio experience with quality bass to increase your enjoyment.

It can adjust to your body temperature to fit any type of ear canal. Noise from outside is perfectly blocked to ensure there is no interference or disturbance. 

They are ergonomically designed to fit your ears like gloves in your hands without dropping off or sliding out.

Sweat is prevented from finding its way into the earbud tips due to the spongy and polymer material that complement the memory foam effectively. They come in 12 pieces and different sizes so you can find the right fit. 


  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Improved sound quality with excellent bass
  • Fits perfectly without dropping or sliding out 
  • Cancels external noise 
  • It is very affordable 
  • Extremely soft memory foam 


  • They may not fit some charging cases 

4. Foam Masters Memory Foam Earbud Tips for AirPods Pro 

Best for Sound Quality

Apart from having premium memory foam that conforms to the shape of your ear, the earbud tips are also known for unparalleled sound quality.

The bass response can easily be increased without affecting its clarity. You can use the Foam Masters earbud tips to listen to music, podcasts, phone calls and videoconferences. With the noise cancellation feature, you won’t feel irritated by external noise interference.  

They come with an earwax filter and are also sweat-resistant to increase their durability. The memory foam soothes your ears excellently and reduces ear pain.

These earbud tips offer superior fitment to ensure that they don’t fall off during an intense exercise or work out at the gym. 

The Foam Masters earbud tips are the perfect choice for AirPods Pro users. They can easily fit into the charging case without trying to tuck in the foam or compress it.

This ensures that the lid is conveniently closed. Since everyone is unique, the earbud tips come in 3 sizes to perfectly fit different ear sizes.  


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Noise cancellation 
  • Unshakable ear fitment 
  • Great performance
  • Durable and sweat-resistant 
  • Easy to use and clean 
  • Built with adapter brackets  


  • Not waterproof 

5. Luckvan Memory Foam Earbud Tips  

Best for Compatibility

The Luckvan memory foam earbud tips are designed with compatibility in mind. They are a perfect fit for different brands of earphones. These earbud tips are ideal for 5mm to 7mm wired and wireless earphones.

The memory foam alongside the polyurethane foam is very soft to offer great comfort while listening to music or podcast. They isolate noise and enhance the sound quality with improved bass.

With the anti-slip feature, the earbud tips stay plugged to your ears without slipping off when exercising. The memory foam has a way of adjusting to fit into your ear canal. They are also great for long-wearing and won’t make you experience ear pain or ear fatigue. 

Another interesting thing about these earbud tips is that they are non-toxic, safe and washable. The ease of cleaning them helps you to avoid contracting any kind of ear infection.

They come with a storage box to make them stay compact. They are available in 3 sizes to ensure you have the right fit.  


  • Provides all-day comfort
  • Blocks out external noise
  • Quality sound with great bass
  • Washable and non-toxic 
  • Stays in place without falling off
  • Perfect for long-wearing
  • Affordable and compatible with many brands of earphones     


  • No other available color except black 

Comparison of Above Listed Memory Foam Earbud Tips

ProductBest For Available ColorsSizesItem WeightDimension 
COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips  Value for MoneyBlack3 – small, medium & large0.1 ounces0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
KLIM Earphone Memory Foam Earbud Tips  Best for ComfortRed, Black, Blue & Green2 – small & medium0.128 ounces2.6 x 0.83 x 5 inches
RIYO Premium 12-Pieces Memory Foam Earbud Tips  Best for BudgetBlack3 – small, medium & large0.81 ounces2.8 x 2.2 x 0.7 inches
Foam Masters Memory Foam Earbud Tips for AirPods Pro  Best for Sound QualityBlack3 – small, medium & large0.317 ounces4 x 4 x 1 inches
Luckvan Memory Foam Earbud Tips    Best for CompatibilityBlack3 – small, medium & large0.317 ounces4 x 3 x 0.5 inches

Final Words:

We have come to the end of the review. My advice is to ensure that you pay close attention to every part of the earbud tips you want to choose if you want an option that can deliver great quality sound. Your earbud tips type and quality can affect your listening experience.

We assure you that our 5 recommended memory foam earbud tips won’t disappoint you since they were carefully selected based on sound quality, excellent fitment, durability and performance.

All the products are very comfortable because of their soft memory foam. Any of these products will surely meet your needs.

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