Memory Foam Nap Mat | Top 3 Nap Mats, Benefits & Comparison

Any guesses about which time of the day turns out as a beautiful break for Moms, childcare providers, Daycares, Preschools, and kindergartens? If you said, Naptime then you are bang on.

Naptime acts as a moment of tranquillity for parents and nannies and also is meant to provide healthy rest for children. After these periods of rest, a child’s performance or even for so an adult improves in terms of physical and mental activities.

For children, napping helps in developing growth hormones and stimulates sociability. Hence, it’s crucial to get a proper and regular nap. But there are scenarios where toddlers are unable to find their regular beds for taking naps.

Instances can be when traveling or away from home, like grandparents’ house, daycare centers, kindergarten, etc. In such scenarios, the savior could be an excellent comfortable, and soft nap mat.

What Is a Nap Mat?

A nap mat is lightweight, portable bedding that provides a soft place for a child to sleep in the absence of their regular bed. These mats are made out of comfy materials that are anti-allergic and supportive.

Although it’s asleep on the floor type of bedding, they act as a hygienic barrier from the ground. They come in a variety of styles, great patterns, and colors.

As per experts, a child should be trained to sleep on a nap mat from the age of one. It helps them to leave the habit of sleeping in cribs, and the growing toddler requires more space to sleep.

But as a parent, you decide that you should introduce your child to nap mats at what age. Usually, parents need nap mats as soon as their children get enrolled in a daycare or preschool.

As compulsory in the United States, a parent has to send a blanket or a sheet along with the child to the school.

Most daycares have cushioned mats made of polyester or thinner material, but they all may not be as comfortable as you want them to be.

Again, it is always better to have your nap mat as it is more hygienic and safer for use as it allows moms to clean off and sanitize it with many precautions. Having individual nap mats also prevent the spread of illnesses.

Additionally, a nap mat comes in handy while camping, traveling, or even at home while reading or resting.

The most common type of nap mats found on the market are Roll-up mats as they are lightweight and portable and comes with or without bedding.

The nap mat you choose should be comfortable and safe, but finding the best nap mats is not an easy job. 

If you want to make your child’s life much easier, select something compact, easy-to-use, and their naps more enjoyable.

Top 3 High Rated Memory Foam Nap Mats

Guide to Choose the Best Nap Mat

Before shopping for a nap mat, do consider the following factors for the right choice:

1. Material

Different types of materials and fabrics are used in manufacturing nap mats. One should choose a material that offers a plush and cozy feel to the user.

Some nap mats are only filled with cotton, vinyl, polyester blend, and microfibre materials. They are easy to clean and loaded with designs but lacks durability.

The chances of them getting flattening and worn out are relatively high. A nap mat can also be filled with foam but should be the last option as it consists of VOCs & flame retardants chemicals.

Instead, lookout for a 100% organic Certipur-US certified and non-toxic foam nap mat. Again, look for nap mats that have inner linings/ covers made of soft cotton. That is the best option as they are more durable, easier to maintain, and long-lasting too!

2. Size

As we mentioned before, United States has specific rules and regulations regarding mats sizes, structure, and cleaning in daycares. In addition to that,  there are varied rules for the state to state also.

For instance, most daycare and preschool centers across the US allow two-inch-thick nap mats. So before buying, you have to check out the directives of preschool & daycare.

Apart from the school directives, if the purchase is for personal consumption, choose the suitable thickness. One that is big enough to fit your growing toddler for a decent time.

It is advisable to take note of the product’s dimensions and then compare it to the height of your child before making any decision.

3. Portability & Easy to Move

This factor is needed to be addressed carefully. A nap mat should be lightweight and easy to carry/move, and store. Keep in mind that the preschoolers have to carry back their nap mats at regular intervals for cleaning.  

Avoid institutional mats as they don’t collapse easily. Instead, it gives a semi-permanent fixture look in your home.

4. Cleaning and Caring

Go for an easy-to-clean nap mat that is washable and non-absorbent, especially for a toddler who still is under potty-training age. Waterproof and non-absorbent mats can be easily wiped cleaned.

Moreover, picking a nap mat that can be thrown in the washing machine for cleaning is more comfortable as it saves you from hassles of scrubbing.

5. Comfort

Kindergarten or preschools offer about 30- 45 minutes of nap time. So, until the mat is cozy, soft, and comfortable, the kids may have trouble sleeping quickly. It has to be very calm.

The nap mats should have these three vital- built-in (removable) pillows, a soft filling just like memory foam, and a relaxing design with an attached blanket.

6. Easy to Fold

the nap mats should be easily foldable. That’s the reason roll-up mats are so popular among preschoolers and toddlers. The children should be able to roll their mats easily with minimal effort.  

Top 3 Memory Foam Nap Mats 

1. My First Nap Mat, Memory Foam Nap Mat Pad, Attached Removable Pillow

Best Price

My First Nap Mat memory foam nap mat pad Made with premium and Certipur US certified soft memory foam, this nap from My First store stands out as the best kids’ nap mat.

This comfortable all-in-one nap mat with a built-in and removable pillow is lightweight and portable. It is filled with a cooling gel foam to absorb pressure and excess heat; it helps your child sleep cool.

To add to its features are its design and material. The nap mat is totally toxin-free and hypoallergenic.

Also, it comes with a soft velour microfiber and removable cover that’s machine-washable. There is a velcro strap for securing the rollup mat for easy transportation.

Talking about its dimensions, the nap on being unrolled is sized as 41″ x 21″ x 1″ and weighs only 1.75 pounds.

It is the perfect solution for preschool, daycare, kindergarten, traveling, and other versatile activities where your little ones can rest and enjoy their own sweet time.

Ideal to be used for children above one year. However, it doesn’t come with a blanket and is not waterproof.

Key Benefits (What We liked)

  • Incredibly cushioned comfort on hard floors 
  • Prevent excessive heat build-up 
  • Extra head support 
  • Easily rolls up
  • It comes with a Velcro closures and a carry handle. 

Drawbacks we Noticed

  • Only a half-inch thick
  • The rear skid Sometimes. Not Suitable for Big children

2. Milliard Fabric Memory Foam Nap Mat Roll Stars with Fuzzy Blanket

Value for Money

Another top-class nap mat model from brand Milliard. There will be no more tossing and turning of toddlers with this product as it offers a super comfortable feeling.

The nap mat comes with a hypoallergenic, removable, and machine washable cover to ease your cleaning hassles. Plus its is perfectly ventilated for optimal cooling.

The product is many attractive features. The all-in-one nap mat comes with a pillow, a blanket, and a thick, cozy sheet. The textured non-slip bottom keeps the mat in its place.

The ergonomic design (white and gray stars) makes it very popular among kids. The memory foam provides the desired softness and comfort.

Also, the easy to roll-up mat has an attached hook-n-loop fastener. The carry handle makes it portable. The mat weight of about 3.7 pounds and can be carried by any toddler. The rolled-out mat is about 44 inches long.

Key Benefits (What We liked)

  • An extra-wide blanket is attached 
  • It is machine washable.
  • It’s durable, easy to move
  • Superior sleep comfort

Drawbacks we Noticed

  • It will take time for children to roll the product appropriately.

3. Milliard Toddler Nap Mat Tri Folding Mattress with Washable

Best Comfort

The most trusted brand among parents and childcare centers. Milliard offers a wide variety of toddler roll-up type nap mats for optimal coziness.

Made from soft combinations of materials, the trifold design nap mat comes with an ultra-soft non-slip bamboo cover that is removable and machine washable. This three-inch-thick soft and cozy memory foam mattress gets assembles in no time. 

The nap mat is made from quality Certi-PUR foam. Free from any flame retardants and low VOCs, it provides complete safety to your child. You are at peace of mind as you know your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals while sleeping.

The high-density memory foam has a plush firmness, and so it will offer extra comfort to your little ones. Again, the high density ensures your durability.

Extensive usage will not have any effect on its internal structure. The foam will not compress and lose its shape over time.

The rolled-out nap mat measures 58in.x24in.x3in, and in the folded form, its dimension gets reduced to 24in.x19in.x9in.

Key Benefits (What We liked)

  • The thickness is suitable.
  • Comes with a fitted sheet.
  • It is Certi-Pur US certified
  • It can be used for a big child as it’s quite long (58 inches).

Drawbacks we Noticed

  • The cover is not waterproof.
  • It’s a bit heavy to be carried outside the house.

Comparison of Above Listed Memory Foam Nap Mats

 Milliard Memory Foam- Nap Mat Roll StarsMy First Nap MatMilliard Toddler Nap Mat
Rolled out length44 inches long41 inches58inches
Age rangeyrs1-5yrs3-10 yrs
Weight3.7 pound1.75 pounds8.98 pounds

Final Words:

There are varieties of nap mat that comes in much different material and corresponding prices. Choosing premium and memory foam gives extra cushioning to the floor. The bonus is the comfort as a parent you get is the ease of maintenance and care.

Most of the nap mats are constructed to be rolled up and have built-in convenient carrying handles so they can be carried by children themselves as needed.

A few nap mats have extra features such as attached blankets, sheets, or pillows. However, when you search, don’t forget to look for the most important of all the characteristics – safety and comfortability for your little one.

We have already searched out the top picks for you. Just go through them, compare them with your needs, and provide a good nap time to your children.

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