How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs from Memory Foam Mattress & Memory Foam Pillow?

Pillows, blankets, or takeovers, the fear of bed bugs moving around keeps lurking in the mind all night long. You can only get over the fear once you know everything about their presence and ways to get rid of these.

Bed bugs are tiny and nasty; they can hide anywhere in the blankets, sheets mattresses, pillows, and any other foam products as well.

In short, we can say that bed bugs are a common problem and it doesn’t matter whether you are using memory foam or any other foam products.

Firstly, we urge you to calm your mind on the bed bugs theory and read this article with a positive mind. We have all the possible solutions that will be helpful for getting rid of bed bugs, especially from memory foam beddings.

Let’s get started with one of the most researched topics on the internet related to bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs Get in Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses are one of the favorite places for bed bugs to hide. These bugs more commonly hide on the underside of the mattress.

It is very unlikely that they reside inside the mattress unless they find an opening to get through. It doesn’t matter whether your mattress is made of memory foam or any other foam; people have the same concerns related to bed bugs.

Some more common places where bed bugs make their stay:

  • Around and underneath the buttons on the outside of memory foam mattresses
  • Underside of the mattress where there is no light
  • Fabric creases in the mattress cover, mattress edges, and underside of the mattress

Bed bugs may stay close to the areas of your memory foam where they can easily reach you. Thus, the sides and undersides are two proper places for mattresses to stay.

The only reason why people prefer to buy memory foam over other mattresses is to prevent bed bugs from walking over the surface of memory foam.

However, it doesn’t mean that bed bugs won’t stay in your memory foam mattresses. Another benefit of buying memory foam products is if you choose a manufacturer that uses pesticides to protect you from bed bugs.

Do Bed Bugs Like Memory Foam Mattresses the Same as Regular Mattresses?

If you compare with other mattresses, bed bugs in memory foam don’t burrow. Moreover, it is difficult for them to roam around on the mattress due to its smooth surface.

Bed bugs cannot be prevented regardless of the quality and type of foam, however; there are ways of stopping them and lurking around.

We shall discuss all the possible ways to stop bed bugs in this article. Let’s first understand how commonly these creatures disturb your sleeping lifestyle.

You must know no matter how expensive mattress you buy or how pristine is your environment; bed bugs can still be your neighbors in bed. These can reside anywhere in the mattress that is easily reachable to you.

In fact, these can live in memory foam toppers too! However, these cannot reach or won’t live under foam mattresses or under toppers.

One great feature about memory foam mattresses is that the bodyweight evenly spreads on the foam and that makes it difficult for bed bugs to survive. They can get close to you through gaps and creases in the mattress.

Can Bed Bugs Infest Memory Foam?

Let’s begin with the harsh fact; memory foam cannot protect your mattress from an infestation unless you follow certain ways to prevent those. Thus, if you think just buying a good memory foam mattress will protect you from infestation, we are afraid it won’t work.

The only place where beg bugs won’t infest or won’t survive are in smooth plastic products. Sealed heavy-duty bags and plastic bags can keep bed bugs from infesting.

In simple words, all mattresses have the same concern as far as bed bugs are concerned. Bed bugs infestation can make it difficult to remove them permanently unless you try a few DIY methods frequently or replace the mattress and topper with new ones.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Memory Foam Mattress?

If you wish to know if bed bugs live in memory foam mattresses, then you must at first check the signs whether they are there. Check these signs to confirm whether bed bugs live with you in your memory foam mattress:

  • Does your skin has any recent mall and red bites that are itchy?
  • The bites may be painless but the itching is annoying most times. Do you feel continuous itching?
  • Look for any blood stains, dark or reddish-brown spots, eggshells, musty odor, orange shed skin, and stained sheet.

All the above signs indicate that you have bed bugs or bed bugs infestation. Perhaps, it is time to begin the DIY methods to get rid of these as soon as possible.

You just need to know that bed bugs cannot enter inside the memory foam mattress; they only lurk on the surface, sides, mattress creases, piping, and underside of the memory foam mattress. Ignoring these can only allow them to infest.

How to Get rid of Bed bugs from Memory Foam Mattress?

One thing that can immediately kill the bed bugs in your memory foam mattress is temperature. When exposed to heat, these can die.

Thus, most people put their mattress to dry under the sun for a few hours from using it. Summer heat is a good and natural way to treat your memory foam mattress from bed bugs.

5 Effective Methods to Get rid of bed bugs from memory foam mattresses (DIY)

  1. Wash them off
  2. Vacuum them
  3. Use Protectors
  4. Herbal Solution
  5. Silica Gel Method

1. Wash them off!

Required Material:


Washing your memory foam mattress in hot water for 30 minutes in wash cycle work! Dry the mattress in the dryer on highest heat setting for another 30 minutes.

As an alternative to this DIY, you can also freeze your mattress to 0-degree Fahrenheit. Keep it in the freezer for 3 to 4 days to kill the dead bugs.

Recommended Detergents:

2. Vacuum

Required Material:

  • Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuuming can help you get rid of bed bugs and bed bugs infestation. You must use a vacuum that has a sturdy hose attachment. Following this cleaning method weekly can keep your mattress soft, clean, hygienic, and free from bed bugs.

Avoid using the same bags for cleaning other areas; get rid of the waste bag from your vacuum cleaner after vacuuming your mattress.

Recommended Vacuum Cleaner Hose Set:

3. Using Protectors

Required Material:


Mattress encasements can help you live an easy life from beg bugs. You can buy these with zippers that help you cover the mattress completely. As the bed bugs do not get room to move around and feed on your skin, these will die inside and not infest.

Recommended Protector:

4. Go the herbal way!

Required Material:

Choose anything that you find natural or herbal. A few examples include tea tree oil, baking soda, alcohol, vinegar, bean leaves, Indian Lilac, thyme, clove, peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, lemongrass, etc.,


All the above ingredients are known to be less toxic even if you sleep with these on your mattress. Rubbing these in your bed or using them while washing the memory foam mattress can help you have a peaceful sleep free from bed bugs.

5. Silica Gel Method

Required Material:


You must have noticed small packets in your shoe box, food products, or in some new products that you buy. It is actually silica gel to keep things dry and prevent insects. Silica gel can come handy for you in eradicating bed bugs from memory foam mattress too!

Recommended Silica Gel:

Can Bed Bugs Live in Memory Foam Pillows?

It is unlikely that bed bugs can make home in memory foam pillows, however; you cannot be totally ignorant too.

If there is a chance to get access to memory foam pillows, bed bugs may enter to harass you.

For instance, some memory foam pillows are built with a quilted design that gives space and surface for bed bugs to enter.

In some cases, pillows are prone to bed bugs too. They may hide, breed, and store eggs in the pillow too.

You need to make a routine cleaning to ensure no bed bugs on your memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs from Memory Foam Pillows?

Bed bugs can harbor on and in the seams of your memory foam pillow covers. Although it is not common for bed bugs to stay on memory foam pillows, you can still take precautions to make them stay away.

There are two main methods to kill bed bugs in memory foam pillows. The others haven’t proved to be that effective as these so we may just focus on the most common and preferred methods for memory foam pillows.

Two Effective Methods to Get rid of Bed Bugs from Memory Foam Pillows

  1. Limit their chance to lurk or escape with proper sanitization
  2. Use heating and washing method

1. Limit bed bug’s chance to lurk or escape with proper sanitization

Stop the infestation and do not allow them to capture the surfaces of your bed and other areas where you sleep.

You can wash them regularly, dry them under the sun, and sanitize them well to keep them intact and fresh all the time.

It is one of the most natural ways of treating bed bugs from your memory foam pillows.

2. Use heating and washing method:

Laundry service is highly essential to keep bed bugs away from memory foam pillows and pillow covers.

Washing in hot water, drying them properly, and using pesticides work highly to keep away memory foam pillows from bed bugs! Y

ou may also use pesticides and insecticides to stay away from these bugs. Don’t forget to check the washing instructions as stated by the manufacturer on the label.  

Can Bed Bugs Live in Memory Foam Toppers?

It is possible that bed bugs may live in memory foam toppers but, they more commonly reside under a memory foam mattress. It is because the topper is usually exposed to light and heat.

Thus, it is unlikely that bed bugs may live on memory foam toppers. Here are a few ways to get rid of them. These along with other DIYs help you to keep your memory foam toppers clean and dry all the time.

In case of any large holes, openings, or gaps between the zippers, bed bugs may make their way to the toppers at night. The best part is, bed bugs cannot dig or burrow. Thus, unless they see an opening, they cannot crawl just about anywhere.

We would not discuss the various methods of killing bed bugs from memory foam toppers.

As we discussed, it is not possible for them to stay. In case you still find or suspect them, you must follow the same way of cleaning them as you would for memory foam pillows.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Memory Foam Mattress Pad?

The good news is No! Memory foam mattress pads are safe from bed bugs. Mattress encasements and pads can help you protect from other similar concerns such as dust mites, allergens, and other pests.

One major reason why bed bugs stay away from memory foam pads is due to their smooth surface and base.

If the thought of it still scares you, you can sprinkle some baking soda at intervals and put it to dry frequently. These tricks will also help you keep your memory foam mattress ad fresh and clean for long.

To share a fact, people buy memory foam mattress pads to stay safe from any sort of dust mites and bed bugs. Thus, you must choose good quality ones to stay protected.

Final Words:

Bed bugs are one of the most common issues in the United States. These provide a lot of discomfort in the routine and lifestyle.

Bed bugs can multiply quickly and you must take all precautions to get rid of these at no further delay. It would be wise to also check with a pesticide contractor and laundry service to give you regular cleaning services.

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