Can You Use Memory Foam for A Fursuit? How Thick Should Fursuit Foam Be?

Can memory foam be used to make fursuits? This is an interesting question? You will find different answers on the internet and these will leave you confused about your decision. We will help you to clarify all doubts related to this question in this post.

Foams can be of different types and fursuits can be made from many of these. One of the reasons why you will get a nod or a no on using memory foam is its density.

However, recycling old memory foam can work great on making different parts of the fursuit. Let’s begin with whether you can make a fursuit from memory foam.

Can You Use Memory Foam for A Fursuit?

It is not recommended to use memory foam for a fursuit. If your pets or kids have chewed or damaged your memory foam mattress, topper, pillow, and more you can think of DIY ideas to make some parts of fursuit with the support of memory foam.

We would not suggest you buy new memory foam to make a fursuit. We have a valid explanation for it.

Memory foam’s thick and dense quality can make the fursuit breathable. Moreover, its heating elements can add more discomfort especially if you plan to make the headwear.

You are likely to sweat more than usual with a fursuit made of memory foam. Keep these things in mind before you think of proceeding with your decision.

What Kind of Foam Do You Use for A Fursuit? Why?

Upholstery foam is the most preferred especially to make fursuit heads. Fursuit head is the critical area and making it is fun at the same time.

You just need to gather the right materials, knowledge, and process of doing it. If you are thinking of a specific animal or a character in mind from your favorite animation you may have to break down the foam accordingly to make different parts of the fursuit separately.

Thus, the material has to be chosen in accordance. The other popular materials to make fursuits are resin, plastic, and faux fur (fake fur).

Firstly, we suggest you be as resourceful as possible to understand the techniques and types of foam. Upholstery is also referred to as flexible foam, cushion foam, mattress foam, cell foam etc.,

One major reason why most people prefer upholstery foam for fursuits is its squishy, flexible, and soft features. The other types of foams including memory foam are hard and brittle at the same time.

You can check below foam options to make a Fursuit:

Can You Shape Memory Foam as Required to Make a Fursuit?

Unfortunately, it is not so easy! Memory foam is brittle and hard to cut as per the desired shape. If you still have to cut it, you need an electric carving knife.

Some people are comfortable cutting a memory as per the desired shape to make a fursuit. However, they practice and take great experience from DIY.

We do not suggest using old memory foam as there are chances of your foam carrying dust mites and bed bugs. You can check different shapes, quality, and types of memory foams online or at your nearest store to select the most apt for your requirement.

How Thick Should Fursuit Foam Be?

The thickness of your fursuit may vary as per the parts and shape of the character chosen. For instance, you may need about 1 and a half feet to 3 feet for cheeks, muzzle, and other facial features.

The suit you make must be cut or shaped in a manner that can help you move your legs and hands with comfort.

You may also need to focus on foam density especially while making small parts like ears, horns, paw pads, etc., Gladly, you get customized as well as pre-cut foams for fursuit at various stores now.

If you go for a better quality fursuit foam, it can cost you anywhere from around $1700 to $2200. You may also go for standard longer density in a good brand.

How To Prepare Memory Foam to Be Ready to Make a Fursuit?

As we discussed in the article that memory foam is not the right choice to make fursuit. But, there are ways how you can use it to prepare other parts of your fursuit.

You can make anything from memory foam except the head part. If you do so, it will result in more sweat and suffocation.

You need an electric knife to cut the desired shape from memory foam. Other tools may only break it or damage the foam quality. If you are using old foam, it would be wise to hand it over to the laundry at first.

The chemicals, pesticides, and other concerns like dust mites of bed bugs may still be there in your foam and that could be annoying to wear it for long. You may develop skin allergies, itchiness, and swelling on your skin by using old memory foam; be careful of the same.

Pros and Cons of Using Memory Foam for A Fursuit

Here are few pros and cons of using memory foam for a fursuit. We heope this will help you to in making your decision of whether you go for it or find a better alternative.


  • Memory foams are sag-free and no sinkage material. So even if you keep your fursuit in your wardrobe for long in off-seasons, its density and thickness remain the same.
  • Memory foam is also a durable material that will stay for long with you. It is no wonder why people make DIY crafts including fur suit from the old ones.
  • If you compare it with other types of foam, memory foam doesn’t build up body oils and dirt. Thus, you can comfortably wear your fursuit without fear of stinking or smelling bad.


  • Memory foam is a heavy material. It would be difficult to use the fursuit with such thick material for long.
  • Another disadvantage of using memory foam in fursuits is that these are hotter than other types of foam and materials. Thus, you feel sweaty and suffocated to wear these for a long time.
  • Memory foam is an expensive material compared to others. If you have a budget planned, this would not be a wise choice.

Final Comments:

We hope, you got a fair idea now whether you can use memory foam for fursuits or not. We recommend you to look for alternate foams available in the market to make the fursuits for the best results.

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