17 Disadvantages of a Memory Foam Mattress

We often talk about the benefits of buying (and owning) a memory foam mattress, but what about the disadvantages?

What we’re trying to do here is provide you with fair and unbiased information about memory foam to help you make an educated purchase, thus;

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to explain some of the “negatives” of using memory foam.


17 Disadvantages of a Memory Foam Mattress

1. Health Issues

Some memory foam mattresses contain carcinogens off-gassing, which pose a risk to humans such as Benzene, a harmful product that is a chemical known to cause cancer (according to the American Cancer Society).

2. Comfort Issues

Most customers complain of (low-quality) memory foam mattresses having severe sags and dips, and don’t bounce back afterward.

As a result, such sinking makes the back and body muscles grow tense and be in pain as you don’t get the support required.

3. Hot Sleep

A memory foam mattress will trap your body heat and end up causing a sweaty hot sleep.

It can be an advantage in cold nights or during winter. But in a warm environment, sleeping in, a memory foam mattress can be very uncomfortable.

4. Quite Heavy

If you need to move your memory foam mattress, you’ll need an extra set of hands as it is heavy to carry on your own and not the best choice to pick if you need one to turn around after some time.

5. Odor

If not appropriately aired, a memory foam mattress develops an irritating smell, affecting your health, and this also means it requires higher hygienic standards to maintain. A bad odor from such a mattress also indicates that it’s low-quality.

6. Low Quality

Some memory foam mattresses may disappoint you big time, as compared with other varieties on the market, some don’t last long. They come with supporting and underlying materials of inferior quality.

Before buying a memory foam mattress, insist on knowing its specifications first. Know the mattress’s certifications, density, variety of materials used, etc., to avoid disappointments, and being shortchanged.

7. Change with Climate

In the hot seasons, memory foam mattresses become softer than usual and harder than expected in cold climates.

Hence, they may not offer the required comfort unless you have a reliable heating and cooling system to maintain the right temperature for the mattress.

8. Not Waterproof

Memory foam mattresses don’t do well in extremely humid places. When exposed to moisture, it degenerates faster and makes it hard to clean. If around humidity, the mattress’s life will be short.

When using this type of mattress, it’s advisable to use a waterproof mattress cover to safeguard it which comes at an extra cost.

9. Slow in Adjusting to Different Positions

If you love rolling around while you sleep, a memory foam mattress may not be your best kind of bed. Every time you change your position, it will take time to adjust to your next one.

Memory foam mattresses lack springiness, though some modern brands have rectified this problem.

10. Costly

Good memory foam mattresses are known for their high prices. If you need one, you have to come up with a payment plan for it. Also, consider whether it’s worth buying a memory foam mattress for the stated price. Some may be pricey but of poor quality.

If you have to obtain a memory foam mattress for a high price, ensure you enjoy value for money.

11. Inaccessible

Manufacturers make most of the best memory foam mattresses in developed countries.

If you want such a high-quality mattress, it may take you days to order and have it shipped to your door, and the wait may be long as such are not readily available when you need them, which is very inconvenient.

12. Unattractive

If you go for the traditional memory foam mattresses, you may not like their appearance. Some consist of basic designs that do not improve your bedroom’s look.

You may end up with a memory foam mattress with dull colors, plain shades, and styles that don’t please your eyes. You can only enjoy well-designed and fashionable memory foam mattresses from their latest designs.

13. Not Ideal for Children

According to Dr. Gromer, any product made from memory foam is not fully safe for kids.

Based on his explanation, Carbon Dioxide gets trapped by soft beddings, which may cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS).

It means a different kind of mattress for various members of the family, more spending, and more time shopping.

14. Creates a Different Feeling

If you sleep on a high-quality memory foam mattress, you tend to prefer that over any other; as a result, you may not feel comfortable sleeping on another type, a fact that may cause you Insomnia.

Moreover, when you have a sleeping experience with a low-quality memory foam mattress, you may dislike all memory foam mattresses.

Your first experience with a memory foam mattress may create a different feeling.

15. It Sinks Severely Overweight People

Memory foam mattresses suck people in, making you sink deeper if you are overweight.

The experience is awful, and you may end up having back pain. Waking or arising from such a mattress can be quite tasking, making memory foam mattresses discriminative. Only lightweight people feel comfy on these mattresses.

16. No Motion Transfer

Unlike other mattress types, any movement on these is undetectable. It cuts down on any motion transfer, and hence if you’re used to having company when you sleep, you may keep being on the lookout for your partner’s presence.

17. Fillers Used

Sometimes, you’ll find a memory foam mattress is added fillers such as materials that aim at increasing fire retardancy while others are to make the mattress not become too costly.

Sometimes, these fillers will make your mattress deteriorate much faster and end up not having a comfortable mattress anymore. Some of these fillers used are silica and calcium carbonate.

With that said, I would still say a memory foam mattress is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your sleep.

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