Goga Mat Vs Memory Foam [Which is Better Goga Mat or Memory Foam?]

When using a product, comfort and durability are all what you need! And the same works for shoes as well. Here shoes may sound a bit weird, but you obviously don’t want to walk in a pair that doesn’t put your comfort first, right?

To bring you better solace, companies have come up with numerous technologies that can aid you with better comfort and durability and a tough competition runs between Goga mat and memory foam.

To explore these two technologies further and the way they impact the quality of the product, let us move ahead with the underlying article.

Memory foam technology

Memory foam is a technology that makes use of body heat to soften and mold itself to the body shape of the user.

A memory foam records the aspects of the user laid on the foam and adjusts itself accordingly to give the desired comfort.

Goga mat technology

On the other hand, the Goga mat is the technology that works to support the user more.

The main motive behind designing the Goga mat is to furnish an all-around comfort to the user even during sports.

Key Differences between Goga Mat and Memory foam

When it comes to shoe insole technology Goga mat and memory foam are among the most trending technologies. Along with their work, there are other aspects as well that differentiate them. Have a look at the list!

1. Comfort in Sports

The Goga foam insole is designed in a way that it adjusts itself during fitness training, running, jogging, exercises, etc., and aids the feet with the unexceptional comfort to workout flexibly with more advantageous outcomes.

On the other hand, memory foam allows the feet to sink in and retain comfort in the same position. Hence memory foam insoles are not recommended for athletic chores.

2. Daily routine chores

Memory foam adapts the position of the feet and gives a soft cushion-like feel. This makes it quite adaptable to use daily.

While the Goga mat does not give such plush finish to the feet when used as an insole.

3. Heat Resistance

Memory foam tends to use body heat. This makes the use of memory foam insole quite uncomfortable as it releases extreme heat making the shoes.

Alternatively, the Goga mat does not use body heat and prevents sweating as well.

4. Odor Resistance

The memory foam tends to produce sweat which thereby causes odor.

While Goga mat is incorporated with a bamboo cover that prevents sweating and thereby controls odor.

5. Changing Positions

Where Goga mat is flexible with changing positions when we talk about shoe insoles.

Memory foam insoles are not as flexible as Goga mats. This makes the use of Memory foam unadaptable if you are about to use it where you need to change positions.

These are the factors that help to differentiate between memory foam and Goga mats when used as insoles in the shoes.

Which is better Goga Mat or Memory Foam?

When it comes to choosing the best out of two you have to look after all the pros and cons of both products to proceed towards a precise judgment. The same works for Goga Mat and Memory Foam as well.

The Goga mat is used as shoe insoles while, the use of Memory Foam is widespread across a huge range of products including mattresses, pillow, wheelchair seats, shoe insoles, etc.,

To come up with a justified result, we will narrow down the comparison to shoe insoles and identify which material is better as insoles, Goga Mat or Memory Foam.

Memory foam insole is well known for giving a soft cushion-like feel to the feet which makes it more comfortable to use.

Another important factor to make a decision about the memory foam insole is your intention of usage. It’s surely not designed for athletic chores like jumping, skipping, running, jogging, etc.,

These exercises change the position of your feet instantly and don’t leave room for the foam to adapt to the changes. 

Hence, memory foam insoles are the best for daily use that doesn’t include much physical exercises and stretches.

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Recommended Memory Foam Shoes and Slippers for Men

Whereas Goga Mats is thin-layered insoles that are designed to adjust with the flexibility of the feet. These provide comfort to the feet even in moving conditions.

The Goga mat technology used in the insole makes it more resilient and springier. This aid in providing extra support to the user while running, jogging, exercise, workouts, etc.

The resilient quality of the Goga mat gives it shock-absorbent property. While heavy running or jogging our toes and feet are prone to continual jerks and shocks which need to be handled well otherwise can cause serious injuries.

The Gog mat absorbs these shocks and makes physical exercises much easier in these insoles. The springy quality makes it flexible to adapt to the continual changes in the feet.

Therefore, the Goga mat insoles are the best if you are looking out for a workout or exercising shoes.

Recommended Goga Mat Shoes and Slippers for Women

Recommended Goga Mat Shoes and Slippers for Men

Thus, the final call to decide which insole material is better is dependent on your usage requirement.

A memory foam insole is efficient for daily routine use but isn’t preferred for the workout regime.

While the Goga Mat insole is better for physical exercises but not as effective and comfortable as memory foam in daily use.

Final Words:

Hopefully, now you are clear about what is better for you among the Goga Mats and Memory Foam. Understanding the key differences between Memory Foam and the Goga Mats, allows you to decide on what suits you better.

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