Effective Ways to Wash Memory Foam Bath Mat [With Required Items]

Bath mats are not only meant to beautify the bathroom interiors, these mats also act as key factors for bathroom safety. Also, these foam bath mats are excellent to add comfort for kids and senior citizens. From small to large, these are available in various sizes.

Memory foam bath mats are used in the bathroom area, in the bathtub, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and similar places.

As these are placed in the bathroom, the dirty feet and soapy water make it essential to wash the mat. Memory foam mates are not only installed in bathrooms; these fit well in the other rooms too to add comfort and relieve foot fatigue.

These foams are great for children and their toys. The best part about these foams is the various sizes and varieties they are available in. Moreover, they are easy to clean and the cleaning can be done in various ways.

Before we begin with the cleaning methods, you need to remember that you cannot dry clean the rug and or use bleach-based harsh chemicals.

Memory foam mates are made up of synthetic material; dry cleaning or harsh chemicals will only spoil the quality of the mat.

How often should you wash memory foam bath mat?

Technically, bathroom mats are suggested to be washed every 3 to 5 days or in 3 to 4 weeks as per the usage. If you have your private bathroom, washing in 10 days or 3 weeks is ideal.

However, if you have a common bathroom where many people are stepping on these memory foam mates, then cleaning every 5 days is ideal.

Most memory foam manufacturers recommend washing the foam mat once a week. There are certain ways and precautions that you must follow while washing these.

Following the instructions can extend the lifespan of your bath mats and may also make you skip washing for once or so.

Two Effective Methods to Wash Memory Foam Bath Mat

To make things simple, we have divided the various methods and mentioned the common ingredients in the table. These will come in handy for you and act as an easy reference.

1. Wash using Washing Machine

Vacuum the rug before you put it in the washing machine. This will help take off any debris, dust, and loose dirt. If you don’t wish to use a vacuum cleaner, you may brush it off.

After the brushing is over, put the memory foam bath mat in the wash section of your washing machine. Always use a mild detergent to wash the mat. Use cold water and as we suggested earlier, avoid using bleaching agents and harsh chemicals.

2. Dry Wash

You can simply put the mat in the dryer of your washing machine. Don’t miss checking the user manual for drying instructions.

Some memory foam mat brands will suggest you keep the machine on low or ask you to take out the mat when it is a little damp.

Taking the mat out when damp helps the air-drying method to run smoothly without the risks of peeled backing. Some will recommend you to put the rug flat on the ground and let it dry naturally or hang it with the support of the loops.

Remember, memory foam mats hold water and thus may need more time to dry. You may sundry the mat after washing and drying it in the washing machine.

The essentials required to clean memory foam bath mat:

S. NoItem NamePurposeRecommended Product
1Mild DetergentTo soak the moisture and absorb the dirt.Gentle Laundry Detergent by Tide    
2Vacuum Cleaner or BroomTo brush off the dust, dirt, and debris.Cleaning brush by Mothers      
3White VinegarTo remove bad odor/smell from the mat.Natural Distilled White Vinegar by Lucy’s    
4Baking SodaTo remove bad odor/smell from the mat.Arm and Hammer’s Pure Baking Soda  

How do you get the smell out of the memory foam bath mat?

Follow below-listed steps to get rid of the smell from your memory foam bath mat .

  • In a bowl, take two caps of white vinegar. Place it in the room to help remove all the bad smell out of the mat and the room. You can also occasionally spray white vinegar on the mat to prevent bacteria, bad smell, and mildew from entering the bath mats.
  • Another way of clearing the bad smell is by pouring a cup of distilled white vinegar into the wash cycle. You don’t have to add the detergent along. Simply wash the bath mat in warm water and check if the smell has faded. If you feel the mat smells bad, switch to the third method.
  • Baking soda is the best solution with white vinegar. Take three tablespoons of baking soda and white vinegar each. Mix well to form a paste. The paste should not be runny but, you should be able to hold it in your hands. Spread the paste on the mat. Spread the paste evenly and scrub off the dirt in a circular motion.
  • Wash the mat under running water. Do not use warm water in this case. The strong vinegar is enough to rub off the dirt and get rid of the smell from the mat.
  • Dry it under the sun and let it soak all the excess water. The natural air and sun will make it smell good and let it dry completely and naturally. Your mat will look fresh as new.

*Some people also use dish soap to prevent bad smells from memory foam bath mats.


1. Does memory foam bath mat absorb water?

Yes, the memory foam bath mats are highly absorbent. The synthetic material helps to absorb water and dry the material quickly. If you go for good quality mats, these prevent mildew and mold formation as well.

2. Do memory foam bath mats dry quickly?

Yes! The materials of these mats help to dry quickly. For better results, you must choose plush quality memory rugs such as microfiber-based memory foam bath mats that dry very quickly.

3. Can you machine wash memory foam bath mat?

Yes, you can gently machine wash memory foam bath mat. All you need to follow is the instructions and wash tag mentioned on the bath mat. We have shared the basics of how to wash memory foam bath mats in the washing machine.

4. Do memory foam bath mats dry quickly?

The microfiber-based memory foam mat dries quickly. Most memory foam mats have synthetic material and thus, these have the water-absorbent quality that helps in quick drying.

5. Can memory foam bath mats get wet?

Memory foam bath mats do not get wet that easily. Thanks to the waterproof backing! Although the material is water-resistant, you must avoid too much contact with water. The only benefit is, you will not experience too much water dripping from these memory foam bath mats.

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