When To Replace A Memory Foam Pillow

Most people are unaware of the need to replace a pillow on a regular basis and it’s common to see pillows being used for extended time periods ranging in 5-10 years.

On an average, a person spends a third of his lifetime in bed and on close inspection that we spend more time with our pillow than with friends, in a car or at the office.

As such, anything affecting your pillow can have negative repercussions for your health and this is especially true for people suffering from neck and head issues, allergies and respiratory diseases such as asthma.

With the passage of time pillows get infested with dust mites, oils and human dead skin and this is further compounded by the common problems associated with human hairs as pillows are constantly in contact with our hair and head.

Thus, it’s necessary to replace your pillow at regular intervals once you make sure that your pillow has run its course and now it’s time to buy a new pillow.

Not doing so can have serious long term consequences for your health:

When To Replace A Memory Foam Pillow?

When To Replace A Memory Foam Pillow

The life span of your pillow largely depends on the material used in the pillow.

Natural pillows made up of feathers or down tend to last longer and it’s normal for these to have a life of 5 to 7 years.

Synthetic pillows on the other hand need to replaced earlier as most synthetic pillows don’t last longer than 2 or 3 years.

There is no exact science when it comes to replacing a pillow as there is no commonly accepted definition of a dead pillow. So, a decision to change a pillow often comes down to personal choice.

Although in most cases including that of a memory foam pillow many people use a simple fold-over test which involves folding a pillow and then see whether it comes into its original shape instantly or not.

Feather and down pillows need to be tossed immediately if the pillow hasn’t come into its original shape after removing the pressure.

This fold-test is a bit tricky when it comes to memory foam pillows. Most experts recommend placing a weight of few hundred grams (400 to 600 grams) and folding the pillow for around 5 minutes to see how much time the pillow takes to returns to its original shape, once the weight has been lifted from the pillow.

Is It Time For A New Pillow?

If it takes a long time for your memory foam pillow to return in its original shape, then it’s time to replace the pillow with a new one.

There are some other factors also which can guide you when it comes to replacing a memory foam pillow such as the elasticity and temperature sensitivity of a pillow.

Manufacturers use high quality memory foam for constructing memory foam pillows as these are considered crucial for the health of your neck and shoulders.

But, like other types of pillows, memory foam pillows will also lose their shape and other features with continued usage.

Temperature sensitivity of memory foam is also affected with time and this often serves as the perfect reminder for time when you need to change your memory foam pillow.

Most people can feel the difference when their memory foam pillow is no longer adjusting per the body contour and is not absorbing heat from the body and surroundings.

This often leads to a coldness and lack of warmth which is often associated with memory foam pillows and mattresses.

Regardless of these changes most health advisers and medical practitioners recommend changing the memory foam pillows after 2 to 3 years of continuous use.

Some memory foam pillows may last a bit longer but these are generally of very high quality and quite expensive.

Most memory foam pillows sold across the world have a life of two to three years although some companies claim a higher life even for low or average quality products.

With continued usage memory foam pillows along with mattresses and other products made of memory foam lose their ability to quickly return to their original shape and when you observe that your memory foam pillow is not returning to its original shape it means that it’s time to replace your pillow with a new one.

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